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Race Page
Pronunciation: x.
Common Nicknames: x.
Classification: (Human, Naylar, etc.).
Max Age: See Racial Ages.
Naming Customs: See Naming Customs.
  • Subraces here.

Introductory paragraph.


(From where does the flora originate? Did it evolve or is it a recent thing? Was it artificially created? Naturally? Magically?)


(How has its names changed over time? Is it called something different in different regions?)

Primary Use

(Medicine, relaxation when smoked, tastes great in a salad, poison, numbing, salves, etc. Bullet point specific effects that should be noted. Are these consistent with all races?)

  • Effect One: Under what circumstances does this effect happen?
  • Effect Two: How was this effect discovered?
  • Effect Three: Does this affect other races or species differently? Any effect on certain conditions, such as magic, vampirism, and undeadism?


  • Written by Name.
  • Processed by Name1 and Name2.