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Info afflictions
Affected Races All.
Contraction Eating cabbage.
Mortality Rate 25%
Origins Rotten, pickled cabbage.
  • State the first symptoms of the illness.
  • Can be more than one.
Treatment Sacrifice 3 goats.

Using "Afflictions"

Putting the Afflictions box on your page (see left) is super simple. Just type in the following:

{{Info afflictions
|image       = img.png (Delete this line if there's no image)
|races       = Affected races/All.
|contraction = How does one contract it?
|mortality   = Mortality rate (x%)
|origins     = Where/how did it originate?
|symptoms    =
|treatment   = Main treatment.
  • The name of the illness will appear at the very top, where it says "Info afflictions." For reference, it takes the name of the article. If the article is named after the illness, it will display as their name.
  • All fields are optional. If something doesn't apply to your article (government, population, etc), remove that line.