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| data5      = {{{nicknames|}}}
| data5      = {{{nicknames|}}}

| label6      = Languages
| label6      = [[Languages]]
| data6      = {{{languages|}}}
| data6      = {{{languages|}}}

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| data10      = {{{maxage|}}}
| data10      = {{{maxage|}}}

| label11      = Body Types
| label11      = [[Body Types]]
| data11      = {{{body|}}}
| data11      = {{{body|}}}

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Info races
Pronunciation Ayy-Lore
Classification Human
Subraces Ayyyyy-Lore
Common Nicknames Humies
Languages Common
Racial Traits
Distinctions Basic
Maximum Age 60 something
Body Types average
Height 6'5"
Weight 200
Eye Colors Brown, Blue, Green, Grey
Hair Colors Blonde, Brown, Black, Ginger,
Skin Tones Fair
Significant Demographics

While this doesn't mean your character has to come from one of these places, it's recommended they do.

Using "Races"

Putting the races box on your page (see left) is super simple. Just type in the following:

{{Info races
|pronunciation = Pro-nun-cee-ayy-shun
|classification = The classification (ex: Ailor = Human, Altalar = Nelfin)
|subraces = Any subraces the main race may have.
|nicknames = Any nicknames the races may have (ex: Altalar = Elf)
|languages = Any languages spoken by the race
|naming = 

|distinction = Any racial distinctions that make them stand out from all the others.
|maxage = The maximum age for the race.
|body = All bodytypes the race may have.
|height = The minimum-maximum height range.
|weight = The minimum-maximum weight range.
|eye = All eye colors possible for this race.
|hair = All hair colors possible for this race.
|skin = All skin colors possible for this race. 
  • The name of the person will appear at the very top, where it says "Info people." For reference, it takes the name of the article. If the article is named after the person, it will display as their name.
  • You can delete a line or leave it blank if it isn't applicable. For example, if there are no subraces, delete that line.
    • The exception to this is the title in the colored bar.