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If you're going to steal code, at least do it well. :P
{{Info races
{{Info races
|pronunciation = Pro-nun-see-ate-on
|pronunciation = Pro-nun-see-ate-on

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Info races
Pronunciation Pro-nun-see-ate-on
Common Nicknames Fish People, Dark Elves.
Classification Naylar.
Max Age 100 years.
Naming Customs [wiki.massivecraft.com English] names.
Languages Daendroquin, Tatsugo.
Subraces Q'urebo.
Significant Demographics

While this doesn't mean your character has to come from one of these places, it's recommended they do.

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Using "Races"

Putting the races box on your page (see left) is super simple. Just type in the following:

{{Info races
|image = img.png (Delete this line if there's no image)
|pronunciation = Pronunciation (No period)
|nicknames = Common Nicknames.
|classification = Racial Classification (Human, Dargon, etc.)
|maxage = Max Age.
|naming = Naming Customs.
|languages = Common Languages.
|subraces = Subraces (leave blank if not applicable)
  • The name of the person will appear at the very top, where it says "Info people." For reference, it takes the name of the article. If the article is named after the person, it will display as their name.
  • You can delete a line or leave it blank if it isn't applicable. For example, if there are no subraces, delete that line.
    • The exception to this is the title in the colored bar.