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|title = [[Ailor]]
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|text = There are few corners of the world that are not populated by Ailor. From the warm coastlines of Daendroc to the icy mountains of Ellador, they are the single most numerous people on Aloria, and come in all shapes and sizes. Known for their great ability to conquer and their overwhelming tendency to feud with one another, the Ailor Humans are masters of statecraft and intrigue, but also jacks of all trades, the most diverse of any people. There is an Ailor for everything, and their varied disciplines, beliefs, and heritages are both their greatest strength, and their greatest weakness. Because while the Ailor Regalian Empire is the strongest state of the modern day, the Ailor are not given to cooperation. On the contrary, moreso than anyone else, it is the Ailor who tear down each others' ambitions and countermand each others' goals, but this does not stop them from being large in numbers and great in success. Resourceful and aggressive, Ailor have conquered much of the known world under the banner of their various realms, and all signs point to the fact that they will very well continue to do so for quite some time.
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