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*'''Notable physical traits:''' (For example: hibernation or natural immunity to poisons.)
*'''Notable physical traits:''' (For example: hibernation or natural immunity to poisons.)

*'''Gender and population diversity:'''  
*'''Gender and population diversity:''' (Self explanatory.)

*'''Life span, development, and common health issues:'''  
*'''Life span, development, and common health issues:''' (Self explanatory.)

==Mental Characteristics==
==Mental Characteristics==

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Note: Every section should be 1 paragraph (250 words max) with a link for expansion should people wish to do further reading.
Race Page
Pronunciation: x.
Common Nicknames: x.
Classification: (Human, Naylar, etc.).
Max Age: See Racial Ages.
Naming Customs: See Naming Customs.
Languages: Languages here.
  • Subraces here.

Introductory paragraph.


(Brief summary of history, from the beginning till now. 1-2 paragraphs)


(Intro, 1-2 paragraphs)


  • Government Structure: (Do they typically prefer a monarchy? Communism?)
  • Social Classes:
  • Centralization: (Is their government centralized or decentralized?)

More on Politics


  • Social Norms: (List a few things that are very typical for people within the main culture)
  • Gender Roles: (How are men and women seen as different or similar, if at all?)
  • Cuisine: (What kind of food do they eat?)
  • Education and Technology: (How do they educate their young, and how technologically advanced are they?)
  • Art and Recreation: (What's distinct about their art? How do they recreate?)
  • Fashion: (How do they dress?)
  • Subcultures: (Mention a few other cultures that aren't the majority)


  • Most popular religion: (Self explanatory.)
  • Lesser popular religions: (Self explanatory.)
  • Cults/sects: (Outcast religions and cults outside of the popular religions.)


  • Mercantilism versus Bartering: (Do they maintain an economic system? How does it work?)
  • Primary production line versus crafts: (Is domestic manufacturing present in these people? Do they have an organized system of production? If not, what do they have?)
  • Efficiency and unique factors: (Do they happen to produce specific products? ARe there monopolies of a sort? Do they possess any curios in their economic system?)

Combat and Warfare

  • Primary Military doctrine: (What's the general strategy that this race shares in combat? What's the shared philosophy?)
  • Warfare Behavior: (Frequency of behavior in wars. Are they aggressive or passive? Do they take prisoners?)
  • Major Conflicts: (Self explanatory. Major conflicts in the past and present)

Physical Characteristics

  • Physical overview: (Include what is most important. This may include some or all of the following: size, strength, build, coloration, proportions.)
  • Notable physical traits: (For example: hibernation or natural immunity to poisons.)
  • Gender and population diversity: (Self explanatory.)
  • Life span, development, and common health issues: (Self explanatory.)

Mental Characteristics

  • Mental overview: (May include properties such as: lack of self-control, intense curiosity, cooperative bias.)
  • Creativity and intelligence: (How do they excel or fall behind compared to other races. May include: conceptualization, processing power, attention span.)
  • Mental health, population diversity, or any notable age-related differences: (Self explanatory.)


  • One
  • Two
Subrace Image Physical Traits Mental Traits
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