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((This Page is a WIP and only being used for Testing Purposes)) The Regalian Government is the vast judicial, bureaucratic and executive apparatus that runs the Regalian Empire, and the Regalian Commonwealth at large. The Regalian Empire is, surface and population wise, the largest Empire known on Aloria proper, while also maintaining the largest known government system to run the entire Empire into the smallest detail. With the succession of Cedromar I and through the continuing rule of Alexander I, the government was restyled into what was referred to as The New Model Government. This reform was initiated due to the ever failing bureaucracy centered around State Councils, an ancient tradition left behind from centuries ago and dating all the way back to the Regalian Kingdom. The Regalian Government features four primary Curias, or Courts in Proto-Regalian. These Curias have authority and power within their own jurisdiction, and are all integral parts that make up the greater whole of the the Regalian Government.

The State, currently led by the Bancroft Chancellery is a group of offices established by Lord Chancellor Jared I during his tenure, itself a continuation of the New Model style of Government used by Dietrich I. The Chancellory is the civilian government of the Empire, a culmination of the Ministers and the Bureaucracy that run the various sectors of the Empire as a whole, both internally and externally. The Cabinet itself is made up of a mix of Advisors (In Proto-Regalian, Kanzlerrat) and Ministers (In Proto-Regalian, Reichsrat). All Ministerial positions are created and appointed by the Lord Chancellor or the Emperor. All government positions are beholden to the Lord Chancellor, and Ministers can be removed at any time, for any reason. Every office (except the Kanzlerrat) may appoint their own unofficially registered assistants, clerks and stewards, but these will not be officially recorded or given official power.

Finance Minister

Baroness Madelyn de Azcoissia

The Financial Ministry oversees the allocation of finances, as well as the set levels of taxes and other financial incomes or expenses of the Regalian Empire as a whole. They set the budgets for the other ministries, and provides finances for carrying out government missions. A list of the Finance Ministry’s full rights and responsibilities are as follows.

  • The right to allocate government finances on behalf of the State
  • The right to set taxation levels for the State
  • The right to maintain the State budget
  • The right to carry a weapon for ceremonial and self-defense scenarios

Logistics Minister

Sir Ardige Viduggla

The Logistics Minister is charged with managing the logistics that directly relate to the military and state-controlled assets. A list of the Logistics Ministries full rights and responsibilities are as follows.

  • Dictates the forced conscription of soldiers within the Regalian Archipelago.
  • Dictates the allocation of troops, ships, and additional logistics to the Regalian Military.
  • The duty to maintain a ledger of state agents for specific roles, with their noted skillset.
    • As an example, this would record an Allar with knowledge of Hadar's geography.

Foreign Minister

Amelina Peirgarten

The Foreign Ministry largely involves itself with making deals and contracts with foreign nations, as well as suzerain states such as the Ithanian Sovereignty, Kingdom of Nordskag, or other smaller clients. They would arrange safe passage for armies through neutral states during wartime, and negotiate peace treaties on behalf of the State. The Foreign Ministry operates with an interior Diplomacy Core, often being sent out on diplomatic missions abroad, and are rumored to also be tasked with organizing less than savory government missions. A list of the Foreign Reichsrat's full rights and responsibilities are as follows:

  • The right to create and send diplomatic missions on behalf of the Regalian State, provided they have funding from the government
  • The right to negotiate with foreign nations on behalf of the Regalian State
  • The right to carry a weapon for ceremonial and self-defense scenarios
  • The right to create ad hoc committees focused on a specific diplomatic mission

Arcane Minister

Countess Vivana Avalorn

The Arcane Minster is responsible for overseeing and managing the supernatural activities of the Regalian State. While focused mostly on the Crown Isle, the Minister does have some duties that go beyond the borders of the Regalian Capital.

  • The right to investigate Occult events on the Crown Isle on behalf of the State
  • The right to safely secure Occult objects on behalf of the State
  • The right to register all Noble Court Mages
  • The right to grant White Status permits to Occult Persona on the Crown Isle.
  • The right to declare Black Status on Occult Persona on the Crown Isle with adequate and presented proof of severe Occult-related crimes against the Regalian Empire.
  • The right to declare a public area of the Crown Isle permissible for Occult Ability usage.

Whip Minister

Baron Klaus Typhonus

The Whip Minister is the successor of the old Government Whip position, inheriting a heavily altered list of responsibilities and rights to fit the needs of the new model of government. A list of the Whip Reichsrat Minister's full rights and responsibilities are as follows.

  • The right to dictate the performance of an Imperial Summons. This is a 1 on 1 accusation inquest by the Whip in front of the Chancellor, wherein the Whip singles out a Minister or state agent they believe should be fired or disciplined, and try to convince the Chancellor by performing an accusation in front of him at the Regalian Senate Hall.
  • The right to dictate search warrants on Noble Estate to the Old Guard Charter.
  • The right to call noble titleholders to answer for their actions where the Regalian State has an interest.
  • The right to call for a Diet of the Nobility without the consent of the nobility, provided that a justification can be provided in the interests of the State. As an aside note, this still requires three days notice to be given ahead of time.
  • The right to assemble ad hoc committees and tribunals to handle minor matters in the Regalian Capital.

Belliard Representative

Grand Duke Dietrich von Drachenburg

The Belliard Representative is responsible for the regulation of Puretek on the Crown Isle. The position must always be held by a member of the Guilds of Saint Belliard, be that honorific or otherwise. A list of the Belliard Representative's full rights and responsibilities are as follows:

  • The right to issue Puretek Permits on the Crown Isle
  • The right to keep a private registry of all registered Puretek users and owners
  • The right to carry a weapon for ceremonial and self-defense scenarios
  • The right to carry and use Puretek on the Crown Isle