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Mundane Techniques

Ability Name Ability Type Ability Range Ability Description
Unarmed Dodge Unarmed Technique Emote Range Unarmed Dodge allows the user to have 1 guaranteed Dodge Counter. A Dodge Counter can be consumed to avoid a Melee attack (Not a Melee Mundane Technique!) or Mundane Technique from the Ranged Weapon Point Buy Category. The 1 Dodge Counter refreshes at Server restart, but cannot refresh mid Combat Roleplay.
Technique Parry Mundane Technique Melee Range Technique Parry allows the user to Counter an incoming Mundane Technique used on them from the Weapon Point Buy Category. This Mundane Technique has a 60 minute cooldown.
Knockback Sweep Mundane Technique Melee Range Knockback Sweep allows the user to make a wide arch-swing. Anyone within Melee Range on either side or in front of the user must decide to dodge back by 5 blocks, or take the guaranteed hit. This Mundane Technique has a 30 minute cooldown.
Crippling Strike Mundane Technique Melee Range Crippling Strike allows the user to land an extremely pinpoint strike that provides a Crippled debuff to the Target. This Debuff prevents them from using any Channel based Abilities or Channel based Mundane Techniques for 10 minutes. This Mundane Technique has a 30 minute cooldown.
Pinning Throw Mundane Technique Emote Range Pinning Throw allows the user to throw a Short Blade (it does not have to be their main hand weapon, it can also be a pocket knife) to pin a person against a wall or floor surface for long enough to allow the user to chain up another Mundane Technique or attack Emote. Note, this does not Stun the Target, they are still able to fight back, just not dodge or escape. This Mundane Technique has a 30 minute cooldown.
Counter Rage Mundane Technique Melee Range Counter Rage allows the user to roll a dice (/dice 1 3) for every successful hit or Mundane Technique that an opponent lands on them from Melee Range. If the dice rolls 1, the user gets an auto-guaranteed hit with their weapon on the opponent as a revenge strike.
Polearm Leap Mundane Technique 12 Blocks Polearm Leap allows the user to rapidly displace on the battlefield, regardless of how surrounded they are. The user may choose a new location within 12 blocks of their previous location and relocate there. This Mundane Technique cannot be used to scale walls or reach higher positions that the user could not reasonably leap or walk to, but can vault over smaller obstacles or people. This Mundane Technique does not grant initiative if landing near someone, leaving the user open to attack. This Mundane Technique has a 15 Minute Cooldown.
Barrier Smash Mundane Technique Melee Range Barrier Smash does two things. First, this is an attack with such ferocity that the user is able to destroy any Magical Barrier or Shield Ability instantly by shattering it on impact. Secondly, this Mundane Technique allows the user to smash through Gates (represented as either wooden doors, Iron Bars, or Fence Gates in Minecraft).
Leaping Charge Mundane Technique Emote Range Leaping Charge allows the user to instantly leap to a Target person in Emote Range. This Mundane Technique lands the user with the same relative positioning they were prior to using it, for example, if used in front of a Target, the user will land in front, not behind them. This Mundane Technique grants initiative, meaning the user is allowed to immediately chain up the use of this Mundane Technique with an attack. This Mundane Technique has a 30 Minute Cooldown.
Chuck and Run Mundane Technique Emote Range Chuck and Run allows the user to instantly toss their improvised weapon as a distraction or obstacle against opponents, and then make a run for it. This Mundane Technique only works if the user is up against 2 opponents, if any more opponents are present, the user is unable to guaranteed run away. If however no more than 2 are present in a fight against the user, and this Mundane Technique is used, they escape guaranteed. When using this Mundane Technique, the user must run away and cannot turn back into conflict. This Mundane Technique has a 24 hour Cooldown.