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Language Table

The Language table is not a Pack, just an easy way to see how all languages relate to one another. Ancient Languages are not gained without the Ancient Language Pack, even if someone has all three of their "derivative" languages. This is just to give some lore context as to where these languages came from.

Language (Inspiration) Description Ancient Language Description
Calem (German) Spoken by most Wirtem. Issisch (Alemannic) A dead language once spoken in the Wirtemcaller Kingdom.
Öbern (Swabish German) Spoken by the Calderliga and Genevaud Wirtem.
Wälder (Bavarian German) Spoken on the Wirtem front line with the Velheim.
Skodje (Norwegian) Spoken by most Velheim, and Fridurfolk. Gamvelsk (Icelandic) A mostly dead language once spoken by the proto-Velheim.
Forsk (Danish) Spoken by Velheim from Hedryll and Torse.
Nytalsk (Swedish) Spoken by Velheim from Tryllejag and Nordskag.
Common (English) The language of global communication. Old-Dyllic (Anglo-Saxon) A dead language from the Old Ceardian continent.
Fordic (Early Modern English) Spoken by Ceardians from Talamoor and Carrhen.
Thalic (Middle English) Spoken by Ceardians from Gallovia and Arlora, an the Old Ceardian Diaspora.
Etos (Modern Greek) Spoken by Etosians from Etosil itself. Vristos (Ancient Greek) The original Etosian holy-manuscript language.
Hellas (Cypriot Greek) Spoken by Etosians in the Regalian Archipelago.
Varsivas (Georgian) Spoken by the Tsaiqvanes and Krakimardik.
Lëtz (Luxembourgish) Spoken by the Leutz-Vixe. None None
d'Ithanie (French) Spoken by Ithanians and Toulonne.
Burdi (Walloon) Spoken by the Burdigala.
Dressalo (Italian) Spoken by the Dressolini. None None
Chiari (Sicillian) Spoken by the Azzizzari.
Monta (Sardinian) Spoken by the Montanian people.
Daendroque (Spanish) Spoken by most Daendroquin. Estallorn-Droque (Latin) The creole language spoken by enslaved Ailor under the Allorn Empire.
Braggan (Portuguese) Spoken by the Bragacao.
Girobaldan (Catalan) Spoken by Daendroque from the Regalian Archipelago.
High-Anglian (Modern Dutch) Spoken by urban Anglians. Ald-Ang (Unique) Anglian as spoken before the rise of the Regalian Empire.
East-Anglian (Flemish) Spoken by Anglians from the Doorin region.
West-Anglian (Frisian) Spoken by Anglians from Verreland and the isles.
Breizh (Breton) Spoken by the Breizh. Pach (Unique) Once a common tongue between the north tribes of the Regalian Archipelago.
Goedlaic (Scottish Gaelic) Spoken by the Caeren.
Aontaithe (Irish Gaelic) Spoken by the Aontaithe.
Kriv (Ukrainian) Spoken by the Krainivaya. Prichna (Old Slavonic) Spoken by the Krainivaya before they left Essalonia.
Clavna (Polish) Spoken by the Wraclav.
Dvalan (Serbo-Croatian) Spoken by the Dvala and Byala.
Altalar (High Elven) Spoken by the Altalar. Ancient Altalar An extinct language dating back to the founding days of the Allorn Empire.
Allorn (Unique) Spoken by the Allorn Altalar and a few holdouts.
Suvial (Elven Hindi) Spoken by the Suvial.
Sulvaley (Elven Arabic) Spoken by the Isldar. Samhal Spoken by Samhal, a mysterious Allorn principality of Altalar Mages.
Sinnayed (Unique) Spoken by the Sihndar.
Saan (Nahuatl) Spoken by the Maquixtl and Yanar.
Réginyelv (Hungarian) Spoken by the Szabadok. None None
Ânian (Romanian) Spoken by the Ânian people.
Emänkeel (Estonian/Finnish) Spoken by the Tarkkin.
Dwarvish (Old Norse) Spoken by the Dwarves.
Faraddi (Arabic) Spoken by the Qadir.
Katharic/Pannarokh (Dark Elven) Spoken by the Kathar.
Sofaal (Malian) Spoken by the Songaskia.
Wai-lan (Middle Chinese) Spoken by the Sihai.
Talumpati (Tagalog) Spoken by the Balantagi.
Shalota (Unique) Spoken by the Maraya.
Pidato (Indonesian) Spoken by the Allar.
Zoram (Sanskrit) Spoken by the Slizzar.
Ibeth (Ancient Egyptian) Spoken by the Asha.
Vasar (Sumerian) Spoken by the Eronidas.