Tocha Isseo

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Tocha Isseo
Appearance A pale to normal-colored yellow liquid with a thick consistency, or a normal to darker yellow with an average consistency akin to bread when solid.
Difficulty 3/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Unknown
Class Lower Class
  • ⅓ parts corn flour
  • ⅓ parts butter
  • ⅓ parts cheese
  • Water (amount varies)

Tocha Isseo is a special regional polenta made with equal parts of corn flour, butter, and cheese; a very difficult to master and rich-tasting dish. It is made by the lower classes surrounding Lake Isseo, well known to the Dressolini for its ties to folklore about Dragons, and remains consumed by them alone as a hearty, regional meal for fishermen and laborers.


Tocha Isseo was created by Dressolini peasants living in the region around Lake Isseo, a large body of water, with two banks straddling Montania and the remaining one bordering Vulturo. This region originally had a particularly prominent Daendroque presence, though this weakened as the Dressolini emerged. As a remnant of this time as Daendroque, corn flour was used extensively by the locals. From this, the locals created their own variety of polenta, soon called Tocha Isseo. Very rich and hardy, and highly useful for the fishermen of the region who were out daily and sometimes even gone for a solid week, Tocha Isseo spread to cover the rural regions around Lake Isseo. However, it did not spread much further and hasn’t to this day. It is seen by most Dressolini as very low-class food, which makes sense as it is eaten almost exclusively by peasants.


Tocha Isseo is simple to create, though difficult to master. The three ingredients, corn flour, butter, and cheese, are placed together in water up to five times the volume of the aforementioned mixture.The substance must be kept simmering over heat for up to 45 minutes, and stirred constantly throughout this process. The dish has two serving methods; it can be served hot as a porridge, or it can be left to cool and solidify into a loaf for consumption in a variety of other ways. Many beginners seek to create loafs, until they master the right combinations of ingredients with the amount of water to form an effective porridge.


  • Tocha Isseo appears, when in a porridge form, as a pale to normal-colored yellow liquid with a thick consistency. When made into a solidified loaf, the coloration remains, though a bit darker, with an average consistency akin to bread.
  • Tocha Isseo has a light starchy aroma thanks to the corn wheat used in its creation, but also cheese.
  • Tocha Isseo has a very rich flavor thanks to the butter and cheese used in its creation.


  • Tocha Isseo is assumed incorrectly by some to have fish, given the nature of Lake Isseo and its use in the dish’s name.
  • Other varieties of polenta across Dressolini territory more commonly use buckwheat, millet, or a mixture of all three flour types.

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