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This page compares the individual Unionist Schisms with Dogmatic Unionism and each other. It is important that any person has a decent understanding of the [Unionism] page before reading this one, as it presumes the reader knows the standard Dogmatic Unionist tendencies for contrast.

Dogmatic Unionism

Dogmatic Unionism is the most standard vanilla version of Unionism, and also the major religious community that still stays strong and in the majority, despite all the schisms. Dogmatic Unionism is not explained on this page, as Unionism itself contains all the standard practices of Dogmatic Unionism. Note, the Diviner Sect is universally illegal across all Schisms. Because it is currently destroyed, it will not be mentioned on this page.

Evintarian Unionism

Vintarian Unionists primarily see themselves as the most pious and most dedicated to the Emperor’s word, seeing the Emperor’s word as absolute law. The other Schisms consider that the Emperor can say things in a divine sense, when he alters The Creed, or in a secular sense, when he does not. The Evintarian Unionist community rejects this, and states that anything the Emperor says is always divine even if he did not record it in The Creed. Inversely, they are called fanatical and narrow minded by the other Schismatic communities, unable to act without constantly waiting for the Emperor to speak. The Evintarian Unionist Community also has some very dated opinions on women and other Races. There are some additional things they do differently:

  • Evintarians are very harsh on non-Ailor admission into their Divine College on Etosil. It is definitely possible for non-Ailor to become Evintarian priests, however they are often forced to go through much harsher training regiments with a lot of physical and mental abuse by older priests.
  • The Evintarian Schism has excellent relations with the Horopadosi Sect, the Vierzehn Sect, and the Thyemic Sect, but permits all in general.
  • Evintarians are great supporters of Holy War, and argue for a Holy War any time any particular group causes direct offense to the Everwatcher or Unionism as a whole by for example destroying a Temple or murdering a priest.
  • Evintarians still believe non-Ailor races have a place in the Great Way. They are however a little less nuanced about the AIlor privilege. While non-Ailor are welcome, they still outwardly state “It is better to be Ailor than not to be Ailor”, which is something the other Schisms do not say.
  • Evintarians reject the idea of purchasing absolution from sin through anything but military service. Donations to a religious entity does not result in freedom from sin.
  • Evintarians raise priests above nobility. Nobility should always obey the word of priests and should not question directives sent by the Primae-Celate of Etosil, who leads their community.
  • Evintarians are non anti-same-sex, but fo enforce the “child policy”, meaning that all same-sex couples must either adopt children, or produce offspring through surrogate relations before they are allowed to live their life as same-sex.

Dogartan Unionism

Dogartan Unionists primarily see themselves as the un-corrupted priesthood in comparison to the other Schismatic communities, as these groups still levy taxes through Celates on the lay-masses, and accept alms for personal enrichment. Dogartans instead reject all wealth, and any money they should acquire is instantly given away to charity. Dogartan Unionists reject excess wealth and art and splendor as unnecessary and vain, prone to pride and greed. Inversely, other Unionist Schisms refer top them as ineffective, sanctimonious or downright naive, busy with micro-incremental activities that do not hurry up the achieving of the Great Way. There are some additional things they do differently:

  • The Dogartan Schism has no specific excellent relation with any Sect, but still permits them all.
  • The Dogartan is ambivalent about the idea of Holy Wars. Generally they are against it, but fight in them all the same for duty.
  • In Dogartan Unionism, there is no such thing as the Divine College, and any person is by default a lay-priest. Any lay-priest can function for 4 years as a lay-priest after which they become a Celate. Celates do not own any territory, cannot levy taxes, and there are no Arch-Celates, only one Primae-Celate who is the oldest Kade present in the Thousand Blades Cloister in Axford, Anglia.
  • Most Dogartans are hedge knights or some form of traveling warrior. Any earnings they make are given to Alms.

Vultragon Unionism

Vultragon Unionists primarily see themselves as the most critical and deep-thinking Unionists, calling all others dogmatic and narrow minded, and unable to change with the changing times, or simply unable to see the glory and dangers that exist elsewhere in the world. Generally speaking, the Vultragon Unionist community is the most freethinking and progressive of all the Schisms, as it constantly challenges everyone to think critically about every aspect of life, even spirituality and the Everwatcher’s actions. Inversely, other Schisms call the Vultragon Unionist Schism ungrateful and unfaithful, like a rebellious teen that refuses to accept the holy word of the Everwatcher as is, and continues to challenge his divine will if it is not exactly handed to them on a platter. There are some additional things they do differently:

  • Vultragon Unionists believe that the Everwatcher was not the origin of all creation, but rather something created by an even greater divine existence. This divine existence does not warrant any worship however, as they proclaim it to be un-sentient, and proclaim the Everwatcher to be the first true sentience.
  • The Vultragon Unionist Schism has excellent relations with the Horopadosi Sect, the Minoth Sect, and the Silverhroud Sect, but permits all other Sects except the Vierzehn Sect, which is illegal in the Vultragon community.
  • Vultragon Unionism rejects the idea of Holy Wars and rejects conversion by the sword. Conversion must only ever be done willingly.
  • Vultragons do not believe in the Ailor privileged status. They do believe that the Emperor can only ever be an Ailor, but they believe that all races work together to form the Unionist Community and that there is nothing uniquely special about being an Ailor.
  • Magic is nearly fully legal in Vultragon Holy Law. The only exception is made for Vampires, Werebeasts, and other harmful occult elements that only cause harm to others.
  • Vultragons do not behead and burn the dead, believing Undeadism is not specifically unwanted, and instead have Waymenders in their crypts that ensure that mindless undead are slain, and sentient Undead are given a way out to prove their sentience before they are given some means to establish themselves and send them on their way to the Thyemic Sect in Regalia.
  • The Vultragon has some fairly radical ideas about the God Emperors and Empresses. Firstly, they believe Juvin was actually Half-Altalar Half-Ailor. Secondly, they believe Allest was in a same-sex relation with Arch-Chancellor Alexander, and his wife Elia was in a same-sex relation with Arch-Chancellor Alexander’s wife, and both continued the legacy of each other’s spouse as homage to their true lovers. Lastly, they believe that Vess actually frequently changed gender through the use of Magic, and was self-styled non-binary gendered. These depictions are all legal within their faith, even if the other Schisms do not like them and sometimes destroy them when they are made in art.

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