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* The Character can optionally gain more body hair also, growing fur on the outsides of their arms and chest and upper legs.
* The Character can optionally gain more body hair also, growing fur on the outsides of their arms and chest and upper legs.
* The Character’s mind is dulled, meaning any type of urge or suggestion Ability (Like [[Alais]] [[Crimson Guiding]] or [[Slizzar]] [[Sensation Surge]]) becomes as strong as a Control Power Ability, and is no longer suggestive but actually mind-controlling.
* The Character’s mind is dulled, meaning any type of urge or suggestion Ability (Like [[Alais]] [[Crimson Guiding]] or [[Slizzar]] [[Sensation Surge]]) becomes as strong as a Control Power Ability, and is no longer suggestive but actually mind-controlling.
| The Gore Form can be activated by channeling Feral Essence for 10 seconds without being interrupted, during which the musculature of the Url increases and their body grows heavier, and other parts grow. The Gore Form can be maintained indefinitely. In order to change from the Shatter Form to the Gore Form, an Url must seek outside help. It is not possible to stop the Oorl Gland from overproducing to that degree by themselves. They must have another Url help them seek out medical assistance, where a dose of [[Alchemy|Gardu Intensoid]] Alchemy is administered to temporarily paralyze the Oorl Gland into stopping production of Feral Essence. Without the Gardu, the Url would need to hibernate for a full week to return back to the Gore Form, sleeping all the while.
| The Gore Form can be activated by channeling Feral Essence for 10 seconds without being interrupted, during which the musculature of the Url increases and their body grows heavier, and other parts grow. The Gore Form can be maintained indefinitely. In order to change from the Shatter Form to the Gore Form, an Url must seek outside help. It is not possible to stop the Oorl Gland from overproducing to that degree by themselves. They must have another Url help them seek out medical assistance, where a dose of [[Alchemy|Saharfaki Intensoid]] Alchemy is administered to temporarily paralyze the Oorl Gland into stopping production of Feral Essence. Without the Saharfaki, the Url would need to hibernate for a full week to return back to the Gore Form, sleeping all the while.
| The Gore Form can be seen as an upgraded form of the Fused Form but is generally seen by the Url as taking a bit too much of the good stuff, referring to the Oorl’s enhancing substances. There are considerable drawbacks to this form, despite the physically imposing nature. Culturally, the Url also see this form as an active challenge. While they are in Gore Form, it is essentially a way of saying that the Url is seeking conflict with other Url who want to challenge them to be top dog.
| The Gore Form can be seen as an upgraded form of the Fused Form but is generally seen by the Url as taking a bit too much of the good stuff, referring to the Oorl’s enhancing substances. There are considerable drawbacks to this form, despite the physically imposing nature. Culturally, the Url also see this form as an active challenge. While they are in Gore Form, it is essentially a way of saying that the Url is seeking conflict with other Url who want to challenge them to be top dog.

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Pronunciation earl
Classification Gorr
Subraces None
Common Nicknames Beast-men, Bull-folk, Goat-men
Languages Race dependent, though they also speak Oortaal, the telepathic or verbal Url language.
Naming Customs Race-dependent
Racial Traits
Distinctions Symbiotic beast-men hunters
Maximum Age Symbiosis halts aging and adds another 100 years on top of life expectancy.
Height 6’5 to 7’0
Weight 220 to 400 lbs
Eye Colors Dark gray sclera, orange iris with red and yellow colorations
Hair Colors Brown, black, blond, rust brown, never bright colors
Skin Tones Depending on host race, natural, but decolored

From the far north stampede the Url, a Race of beast-men that roam the wilds, lording over all manner of beasts and creatures with their unrivaled hunting skills. Url are a relatively rare sight, and much of their existence remains a mystery to many, including how they increase their ranks by forcing or granting symbiosis on willing and unwilling hosts. Many regions in Jorrhildr have been declared off-limits, as the Url Throngs roam these lands and rule them, smashing any military force sent to try and compete them out. Some, however, wander to Regalia, called by adventure, or to settle to eternal struggle in their mind where they are torn between their beastly wild mind, and their old life. With great physical prowess and a stoic demeanor, Url are seen as the most stalwart and strong warriors, able to rival the Orc shocktroopers of the Regalian Empire. Any self-respecting hunting guild contains at least a few Urls, and Url have also become a staple in the Regalian Military due to the inclusion of the Url Legion under the previous Emperor Cedromar I. One of the fastest-growing Races in Aloria, the Url have yet to find their place in the world, whether to embrace the call of the savage wilds or to try and hold onto their old lives. And yet some claim to have found a new way, merging both the past and the future together into a much stronger whole.

Physical & Mental Characteristics

The Animal fur often extends just below the neck and collar bone.
Al-Url continue to wear Ailor-style clothing usually.
Most Url are immensely vain and proud of their appearance.
Despite always looking larger than the average scholar, Url can be quite intellectual.

To call Url an actual Race is somewhat of a misnomer. While it is true that Url can be born from a union between a male and female Url, the vast majority of the Url are formed through so-called Symbiosis. Symbiosis is the act where a creature called the Oorl Worm merges with a person from a specific set of Races, and forms a new creature called the Url, which is a merger of both body and mind. The Races which are compatible for Symbiosis are Ailor, Qadir, Altalar, Avanthar, Cielothar, Isldar, and Maraya (including any Half Race combination of these Races). It is not exactly known why the Oorl Worms refuse to symbiosis with other Races, though it has often been assumed to be either biological preference (for example, Dwarves are seen as inferior because of their height, and Orc organs are toxic to the Oorl Worms) or Void or Exist Essence based (considering Kathar are a state of aberrant). Oorl Worms in fact completely avoid anything infected with any type of Aberrancy, including temporary Aberrancy like Vampirism. A curious interaction occurs with Phantasma, however; anyone who is already a Witchblood during Symbiosis is cleansed of their Witchblood status, while Url can never become Witchblood.

The best way to describe a Url is to take the body of the original Race that engaged in Symbiosis and to put a beast-like head with horns on top, and add more hair and sometimes even beast legs and hooves. Not all Url look alike and many Url can in fact have a variety of form differences based on a number of variables. First of all, Url heads are fairly interchangeable. The Url can change the shape of their skull and head in a fairly free manner, switching between species at will, though it will always resemble one of the species on the list defined below, and horns are always present, as the horn shape cannot be freely changed. Url in fact recognize each other based on the shape of their horns, which also play a major role in their culture and social interactions. Secondly, Url can have varying ranges of Body Shapes and physical imposingness, largely depending on their state of Feral Essence. Feral Essence, as is implied, is an effect on their physical form caused by how much they give in to their savage nature, resulting in ever-increasing dramatic changes to their form. Most Url appearance traits can be grouped together in geographic origins. This means that when an Url enters Symbiosis, they will appear as the Url from that region do, but can change freely between the Url head appearances from any clade as much as they want. Traditionally, however, Url tend to acknowledge their background, and mostly stick to the clade their appearance belongs to. Changing head form does not change fur colors, patterns, horns, or top and facial hair, and does not count as a valid disguise. It is purely aesthetic.

  • The Northern Clade (Jorrhildr/Ellador), appearing like Wild Cattle Bull / Bison / Buffalo
  • The Midlands Clade (Ellador/Essalonia), appearing like Elk / Moose / Deer / Ancylotherium
  • The Mountain Clade (Mountain Regions), appearing like Polar Bear / Black Bear / Megatherium

Url Personalities

While Url Personalities are often a storm of conflicting concepts, there are still a number of personality traits that are considered quite “Url-like”. Foremostly, Url tend to be stoic. Not many Url are chatty, they are inclined to use as few words as possible, yet say profound things with these short communication bursts. Url are also generally incredibly vain. Without exception, Url are very proud of their physique and their appearance. Even if in the past they would have been disgusted by a humanoid with an animal head, as a Url, they believe it to be the superior form. As such, anyone insulting a Url's appearance or physical prowess is quick to draw their temper, something that is normally quite reserved and repressed by the Oorl, but can burst into a primal rage if prodded too quickly and too long. All Url in general also perceive all non-Url or non Symbiosis applied creatures as incomplete. To them, taking two halves and making a better whole is the superior alternative to accepting biological flaws from creation. As such, Url are very inclined to seek self-improvement and other ways to enhance their capacity, sacrificing a great deal to acquire more power. Url are also very communal as such, seeking more often the company of other Url, unless they as Al-Url specifically avoid the social Url Throngs to remain among the non-Url populations.

Feral Essence

Feral Essence is a substance that is unique to the Url that they can produce from an Oorl gland that causes near-instant physical changes induced in certain situations. Url are generally seen as bulky and muscular humanoids, but this is not actually their natural form. The Oorl Worm during Symbiosis improves the body’s natural functions by enhancing musculature, but this process can also be reversed, or temporarily paused to return the Url to a more natural humanoid form. Inversely, it can also be increased when the need arises, causing Url to become more physically imposing among other things. Below is a full break-down of the functioning of Feral Essence. Feral Essence is technically a Racial Ability, but due to its genetic nature, it cannot be countered by even Racial Ability counters. In all cases of the Effects of Feral Essence, if the player is presented with options, they are free choice. Url do not derive Body Shape from Physical Stat out of Proficiency, but their Feral Essence instead.

Feral Forms Effects How to Activate Cutural Impact
Fine Form
  • Pre-leaning form. (the beast head/neck still remains)
  • Average or Toned and Low Body Fat.
  • Plantigrade legs with normal feet.
  • Any fur areas on the neck and head are always short fine fur, while the horns are much smaller almost stub-like. The animal head remains, but without tusks and the general animal features are reduced in size.
  • Fine Form Url can also be infected by Vampirism or Werebeast Afflictions. While infected however, they cannot change their Forms.
The Fine Form can be voluntarily activated from the Clean Form. The Fine Form can be maintained indefinitely, though an Url can only change back into the Fine Form once a day, and must remain in Fine Form for at least 24 hours before going to Fused Form. Going from Fused to Clean Form follows the same rules. The Fine Form is seen as accepting too much of pre-Symbiosis life by the fanatical Baal-Url, and indeed sees the person reject most of their Url traits for the sake of looking less outlandish and alien to the society they live in. Many Url would look down on one living in the Fine Form, as rejecting the Oorl's gifts is a taboo.
Clean Form
  • Clean pre-Symbiosis form. (the beast head/neck still remains)
  • Athletic or Ripped and Low Body Fat.
  • Plantigrade legs with normal feet.
  • Character will always jump out of knockover effects, Rooting Abilities, Hunting Traps or feet and leg related lock-down Abilities.
The Clean Form can be voluntarily activated from the Fused Form. An Url that is born from two Url parents is born in the Clean Form. The Clean Form can be maintained indefinitely, though an Url can only change back into the Clean Form once a day, and must remain in Clean Form for at least 24 hours before going to Fused Form. The Clean Form is generally seen as a more acceptable form for Url to appear as in non-Url society. Even though the Url as such do not stigmatize the form for being physically inferior to their norm, they may sometimes criticize those using the Clean Form as trying to conform to non-Url standards, which in itself does bear a stigma, as all Url are led to believe the Oorl made them better and created a more perfect being out of a flawed individual.
Fused Form
  • Symbiosis natural form.
  • Muscular or Strongman and Low Body Fat.
  • Character can have Musclegod Body Shape, but only if they have the necessary Physical Stat. This is optional and only occurs here.
  • Plantigrade legs with normal feet or Bull legs below the knee with hooves.
  • +20 Physical Stat Constant Passive.
  • The Character can pick up the scent of a person that has entered and left Emote Distance of them for up to 30 minutes after leaving Emote Distance.
The Fused Form can be activated while in Clean Form by angrily slamming the ground with both fists, which causes a 3 block shockwave, knocking over anyone (except other Url) standing in that range. After using this, the Url’s Musculature and size rapidly expands, and their legs may change. The Fused Form can be maintained indefinitely. In order to change from Gore Form to Fused Form, an Url must meditate out of combat for 15 minutes to reduce the overworking of the Oorl gland (during which they can still talk). The Fused Form is generally seen as the standard form for Url to appear in. This is what the Oorl Symbiosis caused to be the perfect form of the Url, as indeed all other forms have their inherent weaknesses.
Gore Form
  • Upgraded Symbiosis Form.
  • Musclegod and Low Body Fat or Built Fat.
  • The Character must have Bull legs and hooves below the knee.
  • The Character gains a wild cattle tail that is nonprehensile but controllable.
  • +30 Physical Stat Constant Passive. Physical Stat limit is also increased to 90.
  • The Character can no longer dodge or avoid ranged attacks of any type, including Ability projectiles.
  • The Character can optionally gain more body hair also, growing fur on the outsides of their arms and chest and upper legs.
  • The Character’s mind is dulled, meaning any type of urge or suggestion Ability (Like Alais Crimson Guiding or Slizzar Sensation Surge) becomes as strong as a Control Power Ability, and is no longer suggestive but actually mind-controlling.
The Gore Form can be activated by channeling Feral Essence for 10 seconds without being interrupted, during which the musculature of the Url increases and their body grows heavier, and other parts grow. The Gore Form can be maintained indefinitely. In order to change from the Shatter Form to the Gore Form, an Url must seek outside help. It is not possible to stop the Oorl Gland from overproducing to that degree by themselves. They must have another Url help them seek out medical assistance, where a dose of Saharfaki Intensoid Alchemy is administered to temporarily paralyze the Oorl Gland into stopping production of Feral Essence. Without the Saharfaki, the Url would need to hibernate for a full week to return back to the Gore Form, sleeping all the while. The Gore Form can be seen as an upgraded form of the Fused Form but is generally seen by the Url as taking a bit too much of the good stuff, referring to the Oorl’s enhancing substances. There are considerable drawbacks to this form, despite the physically imposing nature. Culturally, the Url also see this form as an active challenge. While they are in Gore Form, it is essentially a way of saying that the Url is seeking conflict with other Url who want to challenge them to be top dog.
Shatter Form
  • Overcharged Symbiosis Form.
  • The Character attains a Body Shape called “Hulking Form” which is not attainable by any other Races. As opposed to increasing musculature, it widens the bone structure, developing larger and heavier bones (while keeping and applying Muscle God Body Shape), and turning the form of the Url more beastly. Their frame becomes more hunched over due to their weight and must even move around like a gorilla, as their legs can no longer carry the weight of their upper body.
  • +50 Physical Stat Constant Passive. Physical Stat limit is also increased to 100.
  • The Character can no longer speak normally, only use the Oorl’s telepathic communication to talk to other Urls in Emote Distance.
  • The Character can no longer wield weapons or write or use sign-language or wear armor, and any armor they were wearing will be destroyed.
  • The Character becomes immune to mundane projectile weapons, but also cannot avoid being hit by any type of projectile.
  • The Character can lift objects in excess of 1000 pounds, and hurl them several blocks away. This means that an Url in Shatter Form can break themselves out of any constraint or cell they have been put in. (Crushing characters still counts as kill-perms, this should mostly be used to lift things out of the way, or besiege a gatehouse).
  • The Character’s mind is dulled further, meaning any type of urge or suggestion Ability (Like Alais Crimson Guiding or Slizzar Sensation Surge) becomes as strong as a Control Power Ability and is no longer suggestive but actually mind-controlling. Furthermore, any Control Power Ability is used faster and much easier on Url in this Form.
To activate the Shatter Form, the Url must already be in Gore Form, and repeatedly slam the ground for 10 seconds while roaring, which enrages them, and causes a constant knock-over effect within 3 blocks around them for any non-Url. Attacking the Url in these 10 seconds will cancel the Form change. Once completed, the Url will rapidly mutate to the Shatter Form. To return to Gore Form from Shatter Form, consult the Gore Form above. This Form can be maintained indefinitely, technically, but will start physically wearing out the Url if it is maintained for more than 48 hours on end, to the point where they would no longer be able to fight after 72 hours. The Shatter Form can also be prevented by chaining the Url into a suspended position where their arms cannot make contact with the ground, which somehow disrupts the Essence increase process. The Shatter Form is generally seen as an excessive form that Url should avoid, and only use in the most desperate of circumstances to hulk out. Even in desperate situations, the use of Shatter Form is not culturally seen as appropriate or acceptable, as it is seen as becoming more beast than sentient and Url are very keen on continuing their intellectual sentience. They also consider the helplessness in terms of not being able to change back without help from the outside and an Url translator to express their intentions, as a major weakness and something disgusting. Using it to aid a group or gang attack another gang, or just for the sake of power display, is sure to provoke the Url to reject an Url and declare them honorless or outcast.
Not all Url horns point forward. They can curl, point backwards, and also sideways.

Oorl Invasion & Oorl Worms

Oorl Symbiosis has been referenced many times but has yet to be explained. Oorl Symbiosis is the literal act of body invasion by an Oorl Worm, a small creature native to Jorrhildr that appears like a small purple/violet Worm without eyes, only having a large mouth with serrated teeth. Oorl Worms in nature are docile creatures, scavenging on rotten meat from corpses in the frost. Oorl Worms are very rarely found as contraband, captured by lucky (or prepared) hunters, or just kept as curiosity pets, as Oorl Worms do not seem to age, and can go into lengthy periods of hibernation if denied substance. The Oorl themselves do not seem to reproduce, but Url sometimes release their juvenile Oorl Worms into the wild, (which then no longer give Url Bonding, but add to the wild Oorl population). If threatened by the presence of a humanoid, Oorl Worms will first try to escape. If however unable to escape (due to the fact that they crawl very slowly), or attacked by the humanoid, they will instead leap at them entirely unexpectedly, and burrow into the host’s chest. This process can happen very quickly, as removing the Oorl Worm when its teeth sink through clothing and straight into flesh is impossible (though it can be prevented by smearing a salve of Saaktus Flower on one’s self, this makes Oorl blind to the presence of a person, thus making it impossible to leap onto their chest). Once burrowed into the chest of the host, the Oorl eats its way within seconds to the heart, where it attaches itself, causing a momentary stopping of circulation, after which it hijacks the bodily functions and restarts the heart under its control.

Not all Url are massive, some prefer the Clean Form for daily life.

Hostile Oorl Symbiosis

The host remains aware of the changes as they occur, through the first stage where the Worm re-arranged the skeletal structure and bone density, snapping and reorganizing bones rapidly. This is considered the most disturbing and painful stage, where the process is described as a constant feeling of all bones snapping and the bloodstream being on fire. In the second stage, the host’s internal organs and blood flow are re-arranged, causing the formation of additional organs and the rapid growth of musculature and size. In this stage, the Oorl already releases feel-good substances, which cause the change to be experienced as more pleasant. In the third stage, the head of the humanoid will change to that of their natural Url form, including the growth of horns and fur, which happens far more rapidly than the previous two stages. During this stage, what is already described as a Url starts experiencing overwhelming feelings of pride and vanity, as the Oorl Worm’s mind fuses with theirs. From an outsider, the Url is believed to be mind-controlled by the Oorl Worm, however, to the Url themselves, they see Symbiosis as a gift at this stage, while their body is improved by the foreign invader which starts to more properly merge with their heart to become part of it. In the final fourth stage, their mind properly links fully, flushing all memories, emotions, and feelings together. Oorl Worms, despite not being able to talk (only communicating telepathically with Url and other Oorl Worms) are actually very sentient, and are capable of profound intellectual thought and reasoning. As such, Symbiosis presents an actual fusion between two intelligent creatures. The resulting mind is neither, actually a proper combination between the two. This is why most Url consider the old them “dead”, and the fused individual a completely new person. Despite always feeling the Symbiosis as a gift, many Url still struggle with their new identity and choosing between the personality of the Oorl and the person they were before Symbiosis. This confusion is very common. Remember that Hostile Oorl Symbiosis cannot be forced on players without their consent.

Peaceful Symbiosis & Oorl Juveniles

After Symbiosis, Url grow a number of Oorl Worm juveniles inside their body (around where the appendix used to be) that remain in a state of permanent slumber until awakened telepathically. The Url can usually do this while helping them “escape” their body with a small cut to the abdomen. Oorl juveniles that are removed will eventually regrow over the period of a few weeks, and awaken as soon as they leave the host’s body). This means that one Url can, in theory, keep producing more Url by sending out Oorl Worms to perform Symbiosis on others. Symbiosis isn’t always forced and hostile however, since Oorl Worms have a level of mental acuteness not observed in other creatures. They can tell when a person does not wish them ill harm, and is in fact willing to join them in Symbiosis. If this occurs, the Oorl will not try to escape or leap at the target in a hostile manner, but allow itself to be picked up, and swallowed. After swallowing, the person will feel only a short sharp sting in their esophagus while the Worm makes its way to their heart, after which the symbiosis process begins. In the non-hostile manner, the entire first stage which is painful becomes a lot less painful, and can even be endured while standing up. It is theorized that this is because the Oorl and person’s mind already start merging earlier in peaceful Symbiosis, allowing it to disable the pain sensations. Juvenile Oorl Worms however do not transfer much in terms of memory and emotions to the new host in Symbiosis, meaning that Symbiosis produced by Oorl Worms directly taken from Url (which haven’t lived a full life as wild creature yet) tend to lean far more to be civilized and more aligned to their old persona, as there is less of the Oorl to merge with the pre-Symbiosis humanoid.

Url are known to be the best hunters, capable of tracking prey for long periods of time.
Url are surprisingly welcome in Regalia, enjoying various rights other races do not have.

Symbiosis Variants

Peaceful Url symbiosis occurs in some places of Jorrhildr where the local Ailor often tire of just barely surviving in the harsh Jorrhildr climate. These people accept the “gifts” of the Oorl Worm, which carries some minor role in the Old Gods faith as a sort of double-edged knife-gift from the god Bashtur. Alternatively, several small underground groups in Regalia believe the Url symbiosis is the next natural stage for Ailor-kind. These twisted and highly illegal cults frequently abduct surface-dwellers to force them into Symbiosis in the hope that it gives rise to more Baal-Url. Then there are Url who are created just by a random encounter with an Oorl Worm which feels threatened. A minority of Url is under the impression that they are the strongest Race that exists and deserve to rule the rest. These Url abduct Ailor in particular, and restrain them before forcing an Oorl Worm onto them for a forceful mutation. Url formed through this process are not necessarily Baal-Url; all Url may make the choice to become Al-Uurl or Baal-Url. Finally, there are also some other ambition-bound reasons why a person would peacefully accept Symbiosis. A frequent one is where a host wishes to become a legendary hunter, but is constrained by their Race’s own physical limitations. Another reason is that a host may feel weak in life, and seek a shortcut to strength that would otherwise take too long to develop independently.

New Url Organs and Bodily Functions

Url, due to Symbiosis, gain a number of bodily functions that aren’t normal to their original Race (or other Races of Aloria). Url skin firstly, is rather thick. While not necessarily causing them to have any greater defensive capacity, it has a very leathery sensation, and is immune to forming scars. Url remain omnivorous, but have a greater preference for meat in their diet. Furthermore, they are also capable of biting through smaller bones, and swallowing bone fragments, which are actually properly dissolved by their stronger stomach. Url are able to resist all freezing temperatures and not take damage from frost of hypothermia, but can still be encased or trapped in ice. Url also have a constant Hunting Thrift which is like a hunger or a need to hunt something dangerous. This can usually be satisfied with a great hunt, but will continue to itch at them until they give in to the need. Url are also exceptionally virile. As long as a female individual is capable of becoming pregnant, an Url will always succeed at the first try. That being said, Url reproduction doesn’t work as straightforward as one might assume. If an Url reproduces with another Url, an Url will be born. If an Url however reproduces with a non-Url, the child born from either the Url mother or non-Url mother will be of the Race that the Url used to belong to. For example, if the Url used to be an Ailor before Symbiosis, and reproduces with another Ailor, an Ailor will be born, and if they reproduce with an Altalar, a Half-Elf would be born. Url can also telepathically communicate with one another within Emote Distance (done by using the private message function on the server), however all involved parties must be exactly within Emote Distance or closer of one another, and must be awake and in control of themselves. Furthermore, their communication is telegraphed by them staring at each other, while producing a low-baritone humming noise to indicate they are speaking, but this is not understandable by anyone who isn’t an Url or Oorl. Url can also give Oorl general directions this way.

Url are immune to most bloodborne diseases, and also immune to all forms of Afflictions, except in the cases outlined in Fine Form. They cannot become Werebeasts, Vampires, or Witchblood, and reject bodily mutations, which are effectively undone the moment they are applied to them. Url also cannot be Mages, as Url always avoid those with a Mage Spark, as well as those who have allowed Essence to leak into them through Sorcery or Silvenism. Url blood is in fact so potent, it can be used as an infected blood detector. If in a petri dish some Url blood has Vampire blood added to it, the Url blood will seemingly move around the Vampire blood at all times, even if gravity should dictate the liquid flows into the Vampire blood and mixes. Url blood also refuses to mix with any type of blood from any other creature or person, aside from other Url, making blood transfusions practically impossible. Url bones set from breaking very rapidly, even if no other greater healing factor exists in their body. One of the biggest overlooked factors of Symbiosis however, is that it regrows lost limbs and body parts. If a person was born without an arm, or paralyzed due to an accident, Symbiosis cures all bodily defects and regrows lost body parts fully. This happens only once during Symbiosis and then never again, but it can be used to effectively mend crippled individuals or regrow lost body parts.

Url do not always have a bull head, causing them to sometimes be mistaken for Werebeast, much to their disdain.
Url have immensely powerful hooves, a kick of which is powerful enough to break bones.
Url love hunting together in packs, the embrace of the wild around them.
Baal-Url frequently wear their trophies on their clothing, including but not limited to skulls and fur.

Url Bonding

A curious mentality occurs when one Url either forces, or grants Symbiosis to another, with an Oorl Worm made from their form. When this is done, the target and the Url causing the Symbiosis, enter a state called Url Bonding. Url Bonding is an incredibly intense relation that exceeds even the brotherly or sisterly definition, intensely close to each other. This is because of the sheer reverence of Symbiosis and the Oorl, and how part of what made them a better being came from another Url, who essentially becomes their maker. This maker-creation relation is sometimes uncomfortable to outsiders, as it can sometimes blur the line between lover and friend, or even cross that line frequently. Under no circumstance will Url Bonded Url ever reject each other, and even if Url can continue to foster friendships and relationships with their past-life loved ones, a Bonded Url will always be more important to them. This relation is acknowledged to be both ways however, both Url long for each other’s presence, and wish to spend time with one another, particularly by going on hunts or recruiting more Url together. This can however sometimes also cause friction. Generally speaking, the creator-creation relation is unique between two Url, but becomes more complicated when the creator produces another creation, or the creation becomes a creator of themselves. This often results in Bonding jealousy, and will generally always result in violence as the Url compete with one another to be the strongest Bonded. Url Bonding is hard to understand for outsiders, because it can sometimes take very strange ways of being expressed. For example, a Url might reject their creator, run away from them, but still have an eternal longing to be with them, and be eternally grateful to them for inflicting Symbiosis on them, even if they ran away from them. Inversely, a creator may also reject a creation for not living up to their standards, but also still long to be with them and hunt with them. Url Bonding is never clearly black or white, and cannot truly be compared to the more commonly understood concept of love, because the relation is more like a creator and their invention, if their invention came to be alive.

Past Life versus New Life

Central to the Url mental difficulties, is the opposition between the past life, and the new life. The Url have terms that apply to this conundrum, one where a Url has to choose whether to respect factors of their old life, or whether to embrace an entirely new self. When Symbiosis occurs, an Oorl Worm might have loved ones, but the humanoid which merged with the Oorl Worm also had loved ones. All these loved ones become one, and the Url after that has to decide which feelings to maintain and feed into, and which to abandon. This extends further to religion, culture, personality traits, behavior quirks, feelings and emotions, and even things like life-views, temper and hobbies. Every Url, fresh from Symbiosis, has to essentially re-evaluate whether they still like all the things they used to like, and how much of what they now like factors into a new life. There are three major schools of philosophy here, the Baal-Url who believe in completely ridding themselves of their past lives and becoming a wild hunter that does not conform to society, the Maght-Url, who believe in combining their new and past lives into a harmonious mixture, and the Al-Url, who try desperately to hold onto their old existence in an attempt to retain some semblance of familiarity, even if it leads to suffering, but also argue this is a way of overpowering the Oorl and becoming the better half. Neither philosophy is truly superior, and often Url will fluctuate between them. Even Bonded Url can disagree on these views, and topics regarding these choices often dominate Url philosophical thought. Many Url roam in Regalia trying to convince other Url to either throw off their old habits, or hold onto them, while some also exist who just seek to guide other Url to make the choice themselves in a peaceful manner.

Oortaal terms and uses

Oortal is a language that cannot be understood by non-Url, but it does have a vocabulary and grammar. These words sound as if they were spoken telepathically in Oortaal, but can also be said phonetically. As such, Oortal can actually both be used as an actual language that all Url can speak verbally, and communicate with each other telepathically.

  • Tokrok are Url who force other Url through hostile Symbiosis.
  • Katrok are Url who only perform peaceful Symbiosis and resist Hostile Symbiosis.
  • Baal-Url are Url who believe in letting go of the past and becoming a new person.
  • Maght-Url are Url who believe in taking parts of the past and creating a stronger future by adding to the new.
  • Al-Url are Url who believe in maintaining everything of the past to retain their humanity and overpower the Oorl.
  • Teek-Url are Url who are born from two Url parents as a natural born Url.
  • Tegh-Url are Url who are born from Symbiosis in a Hostile manner.
  • Aart-Url are Url who are born from Symbiosis in a Peaceful manner.
  • Thorok is the term used by a creation Url to describe their Url Bonded creator.
  • Chorok is the term used by a creator Url to describe their Url Bonded creation.
  • Teel is a term used to describe any non-Url. This is generally seen as vulgar or ridiculing. Teeling is also a variant of this.
  • Baant is a term used for Url outcasts who are expelled by a Throng for crimes against the Throng or Oorl. This is an insult.
  • Fraat is a term used for Url who choose to run away from a Throng or Bonded creator. This is an insult.
  • Ehr is a term used to describe the concept of Url honor. Url have a comparable reverence to honor to Orcs.
  • Tarlok is a term used to describe the Url concept of Self-value and Self-respect.
  • Rentar-Tarlok-Vheer is a term used to describe an Url who has a lot of respect as dignified from their Url peers.
  • Rentar-Saak-Utar is a term used to describe an Url who other Url see as a guide or mentor for their inner conflicts.
  • Thron-Saraak is a term used to describe an Url who commands a Throng, comparable to a chief for the Throng.
  • Hertok is a term used by Url to define cleansing themselves of any disdain of a particular person.
  • Wartaal is a term used by Url to define a specific url as a mentor. This is more personal than Rentar-Saak-Utar.
  • Tarlok-Vheer is a term used to describe a honor duel between two Url, which can also be used to settle a dispute.
  • Rektaal is a term used by the Url that is defined as “enemy”. This is generally used to deject those marked as enemies of Throngs.

Summary of Racial Abilities

Name Type Description
Clean Form Racial Shift A Racial shift that gives the Url either Athletic or Ripped Body Shape, normal feet and legs, and allows them to avoid all knock-over effects, Rooting Abilities, Hunting Traps or feet and leg related lock-down Abilities.
Fused Form Racial Shift A Racial shift that gives the Url either Muscular or Strongman Body Shape (or Musclegod if they have the Stat for it), normal legs and feet or hooves, +20 Physical Stat as a constant Passive and the ability to track a person for 30 minutes after having left Emote Distance of them.
Gore Form Racial Shift A Racial shift that gives the Url Muslegod Body Shape, hooves, a non-prehensile wild cattle tail, +30 Physical stat as a Constant Passive, and raises their Physical Stat limit to 90. The Character can however no longer dodge any projectiles be it mundane or magical, can optionally grow more body hair, and all influence and suggestion abilities like Slizzar Sensation Surge and Crimson Guiding Alais Vampire Spell act as Control Power Abilities, no longer being suggestive but actually mind slaving them.
Shatter Form Racial Shift A Racial shift that gives the Url Hulking Form Body Shape (Unique to Url), causing them to become so large and strong they have to support themselves on their front arms like a gorilla. A +50 Physical Stat as Constant Passive is also granted, while the Physical Stat limit is raised to 100. The Character can no longer speak, write, wield weapons, wear armor, and any Control Power or suggestion/influence Ability takes less casting time and works easier on them, while all acting like powerful Control Powers.
Url Shifting Racial Passive Despite being Racial Shifts that could normally be countered by Maraya Race Weave, Url Racial Shifts are immune to Maraya counters. They have their own built-in counter mechanic and Ability, and if there is none, then it cannot be countered.
Url Skin Racial Passive Url do not feel low temperatures and do not take damage from prolonged exposure to frozen temperatures. Frozen Abilities or Spells which cause slow or entrapment still apply to them.
Oorl Telepathy Racial Passive Url can use the Oortaal language verbally, but can also use it to telepathically communicate with Url in Emote Distance. This is telegraphed by humming noises that the Url use to illustrate they are communicating with each other silently.
Url Immunity Racial Passive Url cannot be infected with Phantasma (they will be cured of Phantasma upon becoming an Url). Url can be infected by Shatterism and Vampirism though only in their Fine Form.
Url Skeletology Racial Passive Url bones that are broken set back to normal in roughly an hour, even when unattended by medical professionals. Internal wounds and external wounds however are not healed faster, so while a bone may set, the wound around it remains.
Url enjoy the use of warpaint and tattoos to decorate their often exposed skin.
Tattoos had before Symbiosis remain even after Symbiosis on the skin of the Url.
Despite their skin healing away scars, Url can still lose parts of their flesh that will not grow back, producing scar-like healing.


Url history is considerably shorter than that of the other Races, largely because the Url are still few in number outside of Jorrhildr. In many ways, they retain their old persona and identity, thus becoming part of the history of their original respective Races unless they choose to become Baal-Url. Oorl Worms similarly have a history of barely existing in the world. Some historical references of goat-faced Nelfin existed in the early Allorn Empire, thus creating the impression that Url have existed for at least as long as the Elves have. Through the faster spreading of information during the rise of the Regalian Empire however, Url have taken a more public role in the world. Despite their legal status though, many still distrusted them. Prior to the education of the masses to the legislation that Justinian introduced, goat faces were often used to identify evil or demon-corrupted Ailor. This in itself was an old folk-tradition based on an Old Gods festival called “The Bleating Man,” a long festival involving consuming goat products with the thematic undertone that goats are probably evil because their bleat is both loud and annoying, and that they stink. While their heads aren’t actually shaped like goats, but rather more like bulls, many Regalians still call them goat-folk as an insult.

In spite of tradition, public opinion is starting to shift due to the changing liberties of other Races, and how valuable Url have been to the Empire. Their hunting abilities, their military service, and their far more reserved behavior as well as acknowledge of Ailor customs and culture means they integrate well into society. In fact, many of them don’t need to integrate at all, as they are native to the societies they reside in. The last major event that resulted in nation-wide acceptance of the Race as an (ironically) symbiotic relation between Url and Ailor was during the Deathling Crisis in the City of Regalia. When the demonic forces of the Primex roamed the countryside, the Url rose to the challenge to fight these wolf-men. Solitary Url hunters based in the countryside of the Regalian Crown Isle hunted day and night to capture or slay the wolf-men, keeping Ailor safe. The Url were also noted for assisting the rebellion against the Deathling Queen’s control of the city. Their loyalty and support of the state caused public opinion to become very favorable to them, though some still distrust them. Furthermore, while Regalians can support the existence of the Url in their society, they still do not welcome Symbiosis and consider it a corruption of body to be feared, even if they won’t say it directly to the Url that live among them. While Url may only function as footnotes to the histories of the other Races, some notable Url have and may one day pass into legend as the most ferocious and skilled hunters. The Url residing in the lands from which the Oorl Worm come may yet choose to have a bigger role in the world’s history.


The vast majority of Url exist in Jorrhildr, though some also spread across the world to seek out the thrills of the Nature Hunt, a practice all Url engage in, while many also remain part of the societies they originally came from. The Url engage in a practice called the Beast Hunt where they target the largest and most dangerous creatures in an attempt to slay them to prove themselves. The reason behind this is unknown. It is speculated that this is a latent desire of the Oorl Worm to experience the thrill of being a predator, thus compelling the fused Url to seek out the thrill of the hunt. Url frequently showcase their hunts to others, decorating their clothing with skins, furs, teeth and other memorabilia, for both Al-Url and Baal-Url, though Al-Url also combine these trophies with traditionally civilized clothing. Url are inherently solitary creatures, though they form relations with people where necessary, and can fall in love with others. Curiously enough, the vast majority of the romantic relationships Url engage in, are of their original pre-symbiosis Race. For example, once an Ailor, the Url will frequently seek out Ailor partners. Even more curiously enough, Url that mate with members of their original Race (or others, where racial interbreeding permits it), can give birth to very normal and healthy individuals that show no sign of Url physiology. Url are also known to bond with other Url (particularly Baal-Url) which give birth to Teek-Url, less muscular and large Url which have a predisposition to be born female.

Url in Regalia

Url who were once Ailor exist in a rather interesting position in the Regalian Empire, where they remain legal and even enjoy a specific arrangement where their love relations or marriages may continue under the Horned Stipulation, an obscure law that offers Urls who were once Ailor almost Ailor-like rights for specific services. Url who reside in Regalia and live up to the Horned Stipulation (which is only applicable to native Ailor-Url) are expected to, much like Orcs, serve in the Regalian Military, Regalian Guard, or a Noble House Guard. Additionally, these Url must present themselves to the Regalian Scholar’s Court whenever necessary to be studied in their physical capacity as well as mental processes, and hand over any and all creatures they have hunted (bar from a trophy tusk or fur) to the Regalian State for further research in dissection and taxidermy. Finally, they are expected not to be public about their relations, and are not allowed to engage in intimacy with anyone in public either, while they are also expected to keep a low profile by avoiding public physical altercations. In this way, Url serve a very useful role as mercenary-hunters extraordinaire in Regalia, and enjoy more personal liberties than other Races. They are in fact the only of their kind (an Ailor that is somehow changed to no longer resemble an Ailor) that is accepted by common Ailor people due to their history in the Empire. Url who break the laws of the Horned Stipulation are denounced as savages and have their rights stripped.

Url Customs and Traditions

Url are honorable creatures who prize their own dignity, but also the dignity of others. They become less inclined to pay attention to a person if they see them surrender to degradation or self-loathing and self-pity. They call pride or self-value “Tarlok”, and it is considered “Urtaal”, or dishonorable, to pay attention or respect to anyone who does not have Tarlok. Furthermore, they challenge other Url or large Races whom they consider worthy foes to a wrestling duel of honor, a practice called “Tarlok-Vheer”. Url consider honor a quantifiable substance that is gained and lost from duels with others, though also something that should be observed. Url are more inclined to simply ignore a person if they feel disrespected than to actually attack them, though continued pestering will eventually cause short temper to explode very aggressively. Url that have considerably high Tarlok are considered Rentar-Tarlok-Vheer, or masters of the honor duels. These Url are treated with much respect by other Url, and even members of other Races.

Url have curious cultural practices. An Url greets another Url by roughly yanking their right horn downwards. This is not an attack or an insult, rather it is just the way the Url greet each other. If the left horn is yanked instead however, an Url disavows another, which may result in a Tarlok-Vheer. While Url are quick to anger, their anger towards a person never lasts more than a day. They have a practice called “Hertok” where they mentally cleanse themselves forcibly of disdain towards another person. Hertok can be applied three times to a specific individual before they are declared “Rektaal”, or enemy. At this point, said person should endeavor to hide, as Url consider it a possibility to simply eat them to solve the problem of their existence. Url family relations are very complicated. A fused Url may deny familial relation to their old families, as they are biologically different than one-another. All Url, regardless of whether their Symbiosis is forceful or accepted, share a sense of kinship with all other Url, though also a form of brotherhood or sisterhood with any Url who were involved or nearby during their Symbiosis. This way, Url still maintain some sense of family even if the individuals in the Race are barely blood-related to one another, a sentiment more powered by cultural norms than actual logic. Url rarely switch Throngs, unless they consider another throng more honorable or dignified, and their current Throng is engaging in dishonor.

Not all Url have them, but some Url have a secondary set of smaller horns forming just above their eyebrows, while the main set of horns is always present.

Cultures of Al-Url and Baal-Url

Url who remain in their respective societies and try to adapt their old lives to their new physiology and mindset often still form strong bonds with other like minded Url in the same area. Url in Regalia form Throngs, which can be loosely interpreted to be groups of friends, comrades, or a brotherhood of Url where Url seek the companionship of other Url. This is largely because Url, regardless of whether they adapt well within their old society, always feel some need to commune with other Url due to a lack of understanding of their new being from their old society. As a result, these Throngs form as quasi-hunting guilds where Url frequently gather and discuss either the Beast Hunt or military matters. Alternatively, these meetings also have frequent Tarlok-Vheer or other means of boisterous or masculine behavior. While they are very competitive, the Url involved still meet with a camaraderie undertone. Throngs often gather in specific buildings, through open-air Throngs are also frequent, where the Url gather once a week in a specific location in the countryside. Occasionally, the Regalian authorities permit the Url to use this Throng location as a base to operate from, and engage in limited bear-hunting in the countryside.

Url that abandon their old lifestyle often have trouble finding roots elsewhere around the world beyond Jorrhildr. It is not unheard of for an Url to become Baal-Url and then decide to become Al-Url again, though this process is often difficult and requires a lot of outside help from Al-Url to complete. Url recognize the possibility for other Url to become their mentors, a process based on age but also experience where they recognize another Url as “Wartaal”, or mentor. As can be evident from the terms above, Url have a vocabulary of useful terms to describe situations and individuals, but it does not actually become its own language until they are Baal-Url. In spite of different lifestyles, this vocabulary comes naturally to all Url. It is theorized that this is based on what Oorl language sounds like, though it doesn’t become commonly spoken until a Baal-Url abandons their original heritage, refusing to speak their old language and instead using verbalized Oortaal, the Oorl language. Baal-Url also frequently tattoo their own body or cover it in war paint, or at the very least, the blood of their prey.

Primal Baal-Url that live among the other Url in Jorrhildr are considerably more tribal and savage than Al-Url. The Url that live there in these communities are loosely bound together by what they call the Horned Throng, a confederate state of various tribes loosely allied. The problem with Url society is that it lacks centralized leadership. They all commonly have a vague understanding of what is necessary to move forward in the world, but lack the centralized leadership of other states to achieve it, or even make any steps towards it. There is a semblance of culture, though many would reject it purely because of how otherworldly their customs are. The Url, in their natural homeland, barely wear clothes if any, and have only the basest of semblance of civility and etiquette. They unite in warbands that all commonly roam the countryside to create a Throng base, though often venture out alone when the Beast Hunt calls them. Practically every asset of their culture is congested in oral survival of stories of great Beast Hunts, ferocious foes and great deeds by Hero Urls in their own stories. Url often depict these situations in wall paintings drawn from earthen pigments or often also beast blood, painting all over ancient Seraph tombs or abandoned Nelfin outposts. Their purpose no longer survival-driven, the Url in these warbands create a strong bond of brotherhood, even if the original hosts or Oorl Worms had no family relations to one another.

Bond Suspending and Severing and Hardening

Url are not forever bound to the same bonding pair. Even if an Url was Bonded to another Url because the Symbiosis came from their Url, It is possible for either Creator or Creation Url to break their Bond. In such a case however, the Bond must be replaced with another Bond in a ritual called Bond Suspending. Bond Suspending can either be done with the consent of both Bonded Url, or against their will. Any Url that is involuntarily severed from their Bonded status with another Url will feel the greatest sense of betrayal against them if they weren't informed in agreement. In order to perform a Bond Suspending, the Url wishing to break the Bond must engage in a Bonding with another Url where both exchange an Oorl from their body and ingest them, swallowing them whole. This will result in that Oorl becoming part of their form, and both Url taking part of the appearance of the other Url, establishing a new Bond. For example, an Url's horns might change to resemble the other's, or the fur of the other might change in patterning and shading. From that point onward, the two Url are Bonded just as if the original Url was given Symbiosis by the other. It is possible for Url to repeatedly break and re-make Bonded status with other Url, but it is generally looked down upon if done frequently and callously. Bond Suspending is either a great punishment for the Url being outcast from the relation, or a great honor and blessing for the Url receiving the Bond. As such, to act with impunity and recklessness to the cultural implications of imposing this on other Url, is a sure way to receive the stigma of being without honor. Curiously enough, even if a Bonded Url should die, the bond remains, and as such, Bond Suspending must be performed to create a new Bond. In these cases however, there is no need to attain permission, since the original Url has died. Bond Suspending can also be done if two Bonded Url have distanced themselves from each other so far that their differences are irreconcilable. Another situation that might cause this, is if one of the Url becomes untouchable and dishonorable, where it would be deemed appropriate for the Url who still has honor to seek a new bond. It is also possible to re-bond with the same person whose bond was severed prior. It is not unusual for a student Url to Bond Suspend with a mentor if their previous creator is unable to provide the guidance that they long for. Usually when it is done with a Wartaal and their student, it is seen as a great honor to the Wartaal, and a great act of humility to the student. Generally speaking, if Bond Suspending is done for the sake of Bonding with a Wartaal, then Url society is very accepting of it, even if it is against the wishes of the Url the student was previously Bonded with, and these Url will simply have to accept that they did not meet up to the requirements of their Bond.

A far more aggressive way of Bond Suspending is Bond Severing. This is a far simpler process of an Url utterly and completely dismissing another Url from their Bond, swearing it broken for all eternity. In such a case, it is no longer possible to re-establish the Bond, but a Bond Suspending can still be performed to acquire a new bond. Bond Severing is seen as something extremely shocking in Url culture (but not necessarily evil or dishonorable), since it is almost paramount to the greatest betrayal thinkable. Many Url would seek justification and explanation on why an Url would engage in a Bond Severing, to draw their own opinion on the matter. Bond Severing happens exceedingly rarely, as most Url will seek out a replacement immediately with a Bond Suspending, instead of taking the nuclear option of a Bond Severing, which tends to be more of an in-the-moment decision. Finally, it is also possible for an Url to choose a so called Bond Hardening. Bond Hardening is far less shocking to other Url, but it still has some cultural implications because most Url exist in multiple pairs, while Bond Hardening causes an Url to be isolated. Bond Hardening is an act in which an Url severs any and all Bonds they have with other Url and establishes a "lone beast" principle, where they separate themselves from other Url in terms of close connections. This is done for a variety of reasons. In most cases, Url who use Bond Hardening seek to simply live alone and away from the Url troubles and day to day struggles. Hermit Url frequently use Bond Hardening to avoid being connected to any other Url and seek solitude. Another reason why an Url would use Bond Hardening is if they wish to no longer be part of the Bonding process and harden their own emotional aptitude. This means they still live among other Url, but take a more stoic approach, seeing a need in hardening their emotional capacity to improve their (for example) combat capacity or ruthlessness. Bond Hardening is frequently done by Throng leaders to ensure they aren't influenced by their creations or previous creator, so that they can become a creator of their own. Bond Hardening can be undone by using Bond Suspending with any other Url, thus re-creating a Bonding state, and ending isolation.

Sometimes, pre-racial features will persist in Url, like Nelfin ears changing the way the animal ears look.


  • Why Url heads are shaped like bulls is not known, though many speculate it is because Oorl Worms used Jorrhildr pygmy bovines and goats as hosts before learning that humanoids were better hosts.
  • Url, when engaged in an honor duel with another Url, frequently clash their horns in a wrestle-match. These horns are made of exceptionally tough material that can stop a sword mid-swing and lodge it into the horn. Horns can break off when clashing with other horns, but usually regrow within some months. Horns can be prevented from growing back however by binding the top with a metal cap.
  • When an Url dies of old age, their heart mutates into a cocoon that eventually bursts and gives birth to a handful of Oorl Worms. These new Oorl Worms are entirely new beings which will then bite their way out of the host corpse and live on.

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