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Template:Vampire Vampirism, also known as the Sanguine Curse, is a void-spawned disease that has plagued Aloria for hundreds of years. It causes the infected to undergo a number of changes typically including, but not always limited to:

  • Red eyes.
  • A heightened sense of smell, hearing, and sight when it comes to feeding.
  • The inability to digest normal food and drink.
  • Increased strength, durability, and heightened bone density.
  • Decreased necessity to breathe.
  • Increased speed in healing capabilities.
  • Strong sensitivity to sunlight and holy water.
  • Increased vulnerability toward wooden objects.
  • Higher proneness to succumb to madness or mental instability.
  • Insatiable and unquenchable thirst for blood.
  • Unpredictable and violent bloodlust frenzies.

The changes of vampirism are often incredibly dramatic, but fortunately for those afflicted, it is still a disease that can be cured. Curing vampirism takes three days, and often involves bloodletting or light magic. Furthermore, because of the ways vampirism corrupts the mind, very few vampires feel comfortable accepting the cure. In most cases, they must be forced.

While the characteristics mentioned above are what would be typical for a vampire, vampirism consists of a number of different strains, or bloodlines, that are all distinct from one another. When a vampire of a certain bloodline infects another person, that person inherits the bloodline and all of its traits. The original and most common bloodline is the Altar Bloodline (also known as Qul'Ess). While similar races can cross-infect such as a dargon race (Tigran) infecting another dargon race (Ur), races who aren’t under the same category cannot cross infect.

While vampirism is a common occurrence, it is still considered inherently evil to most societies. In Regalia, vampirism is illegal and vampires who are captured are given the option to cure, or face immediate execution.