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Vhaa’luk, Shard of the Black Sepulchre
Name Vhaa’luk, Shard of the Black Sepulchre
Origin Unknown

Vhaa’luk, Shard of the Black Sepulchre is a much-whispered weapon hailing from the buried history of a middle-era Allorn Empire Bintaar cult, the Children of Kruphos. Created with a fragment of the mythical Black Sepulchre, the weapon was wielded briefly during the final Void Invasion that would seal the Empire’s fate before it was mostly lost to time until being uncovered by an archaeological expedition and quickly repossessed by the Aelriggan Order, who locked it away. The hammer has some reputation among those who have dug into the shattered history of the Ordial-aligned, though its significance varies from person to person.


Vhaa’luk’s origin is known only by the legend of its creation, passed between speakers and occasionally recorded in the form of a written myth. When the Old Allorn Empire still reigned strong and the Children of Kruphos operated within its shadows, they made their home in a lengthy stretch of catacombs underneath the capital city Ivaëlle. They closely guarded what was fabled to be the burial place of the greatest necromancer known to Aloria, Zenallăeia of Three Corpses. This was a monument known as the Black Sepulchre, a sealed tomb containing a massive sarcophagus made of a slick and unnaturally cold black stone that seemed to have no method of being opened whatsoever. The legend goes that one day, the tomb was found opened and the Sepulchre itself was somehow shattered into pieces. It was completely empty, and whatever might have laid within was nowhere to be found, leaving behind only the rubble of the sarcophagus. The largest and most intact of the pieces was taken by the Children and fashioned to be the head of a great maul, given unto the champion of the Children at the time and named Vhaa’luk.


Vhaa’luk is a large warhammer, intended to be wielded by two hands. The weapon is composed mostly of two simple parts: a long, blacksteel spike and the massive chunk of slick black stone that it has been impaled through, forming the head and shaft of the maul. The spike has been wrapped with layers of smooth and softened gray leather to afford a better grip for the wielder, neatly divided by corded braids of the same treated hide. The head of the weapon itself is an uneven chunk of black stone that almost resembles obsidian, but has no reflective sheen and is a flat black matte color. Nonetheless, it has an oddly smooth texture to it, and is extremely cold to the touch. The surface of the stone has had a variety of Deathspeech ritual runes etched into it, composing the honorary names of each of Vhaa’luk’s past wielders when it was held by the Children of Kruphos. Wrapped around the middle of the chunk of stone are a set of Allorn-era gilded geometric chains that gently rattle when the weapon is used, symbolic of the ‘chains of Life’ that those who worship Death seek to cast away.

Uses and Abilities

As an Artifact, Vhaa’luk has several Traits, and several functional Abilities. As these are unique to the Artifact, these will not be represented on the Ability List page, but must still be mentioned when using by including the name of the Ability or Trait.


  • Sturdy: Vhaa’luk is immune to any physical or Magical damage. The weapon cannot be damaged or degraded in any way, it cannot acquire rust, and it cannot snap or be melted. Should it be inserted into a dimension other than Binral or Bintaar, it will immediately reject that dimension and launch back into Aloria, and it can also not be corrupted, cleansed, cursed, or dimension swapped.
  • Powerful: Vhaa’luk grants the wielder +2 Strength, though this additional Strength cannot be spent on more weapon packs. Additionally, it makes the wielder sturdier, giving an additional +1 Constitution and the Bruteforce Pack for free.
  • Flexible:' Vhaa’luk can be wielded as either a one-handed hammer or a two-handed maul.
  • Housebound: If Vhaa’luk is owned by a Noble Family, their Estate becomes a Raid-able target. To initiate a Raid, the same Raid-rules have to be followed like that of the Fae Sepulchre: a ticket must be made in Rp Com Discord detailing the time and place and Character Applications for all those participating, and Lore Staff will communicate the impending attack to the owner(s). If the attack is won (by capturing an established location or knocking down all defenders) the weapon is claimed by the attackers. No-one can be arrested or abducted or killed during such a Raid.
  • Dead Whispers: Vhaa’luk’s true potential can only be unlocked by someone with an Ordial Affliction or who has a Mystic Point Buy Pack. Those who do not have access to the Artifact's Traits, but cannot benefit from or make use of any of its Abilities. There is no physical tell for this trait's activation.


Bone Spike

Target: Others
Use Time: Instantaneous
Range: 7 Blocks
Duration: N/A
Description: The user can slam Vhaa’luk down onto the ground, sending a wave of bony spikes forward from the user in a 7 block long line instantly. Anyone standing in this line will be knocked off of their feet.
Cooldown: 30 Minutes

The Tolling Bell

Target: Others
Use Time: 30 Seconds
Range: Emote Distance
Duration: 30 Seconds
Description: The user raises Vhaa’luk into the air and begins to swing it around, the chains rattling and the phantasmal sound of large, iron bells beginning to clang ominously through the air. They enter an Immobile Channel for up to 30 seconds. Over the course of those 30 seconds, all Undead (except the user, if they are Undead) within Emote Distance will have any physical wounds or maims they have sustained in the past hour healed.
Cooldown: 12 Hours

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