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Appearance A clear, strong-smelling alcohol
Difficulty 2/10 (0-Easiest)
Creator Unknown
Class Low and Middle Class
  • ⅗ parts Distilled plant matter, namely rye, wheat, or potatoes
  • ⅖ parts Various spirits of any kind, vodka and gin preferred

Vocadine is a distilled and purified alcohol composed of various spirits and grains. It is arguably the purest form of alcohol available in the modern day and is a commonly used base for many potions and decoctions. Though largely unsuitable for raw consumption, its properties allow the distillation and amplification of the effects of basic alchemical ingredients. Because of its relatively simple method of preparation along with its innumerable amount of uses, the alcohol is a staple for any dabbler of potion-brewing and a readily available ingredient from herbalists and apothecaries.


Vocadine has an uncertain origin due to the lack of historical material regarding its initial creation, as its similarity to normal alcohol has worked against attempts to discover its first emergence. Many regard the standard recipe for Vocadine to be an Ailor invention, though its discovery and pioneering could have also emerged from Allar alchemy. What is certain, is that the substance was first identified in 40 AC within the area of Daen, and soon spread to regions of the Regalian Archipelago thanks to trade. From there, the substance became ingrained in local cuisine and alchemy, and ever since has been used in both.


The creation of Vocadine has become an easy, if not specialized, procedure due to modern innovation. Making the alcohol requires several distilling and filtering mechanisms, and can only be created by breweries that possess the equipment. To brew Vocadine, one must distill sugar-rich plant matter such as potato, rye or wheat into a base, liquid product. Once that base product has formed, it must be continuously filtered and re-distilled with various strong alcohols of any kind until a clear water-like appearance is achieved.


  • Vocadine has the consistency and appearance of water in its natural state.
  • Vocadine has a biting, harsh scent that can make the heads of the unprepared swim.
  • The taste of Vocadine has been compared to something metallic by the few Eronidas who can summon the courage to take a shot of the substance straight. Its purity is quite harsh on the senses, as most who drink it are hit with a burning sensation rather than a proper taste.


  • Vocadine is often heavily watered down when used in cuisine or when drunk from the bottle. In fact, some brewing companies purposefully water down the drink when they bottle it, and identify on the outside or on the crate what percentage of the bottle is Vocadine.
  • Some people use near-pure Vocadine to clean surfaces of stains that can't simply be washed off with water or soap.

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