Walking Sea City Coral

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Walking Sea City Coral
Official Name Walking Sea City Coral
Common Nicknames Ka nui kai, Great floating reef.
Classification Fish
Habitat Western Calms, South Talarinse Sea, Yellow Sea, Southern Unknown
Domesticated No.
Current Status Common

An oddity in the Oceans of Aloria, the Walking Sea City Coral appears true to its namesake. A staggeringly large coral entity, this oddity wanders the warmer oceans of the world. The Walking Sea City Coral is a conglomerate of smaller corals belonging to the same species, clumping together to form one larger animal. The smaller Walking Sea Cities are typically one hundred-fifty to three hundred feet across, although they have been known to get as large as several hundred square feet. The Walking Sea City Coral holds relative importance for Aloria on an ecological scale. An essentially a nomadic marine ecosystem, it acts as a carbon and nitrogen fixer in the ocean.


The initial discovery of the Coral was more than likely made by Allar or Altalar. A group of Ailor that escaped the clutches of the Elven Empire is credited with discovering and documenting the Walking Sea City Coral on the coasts of modern-day Lusits. Since then, the coral has continued to be studied by scholars for its unusual ability to clump together symbiotically. Of what little scholars understand about the coral, it is known that it follows the warm water. The Coral walks across the ocean-floor utilizing thousands upon thousands of small tentacles and is known to travel in a great deal of Alorian oceans, including the Western Calms, the South Talarinse Sea, The Yellow Sea, also believed to be accustomed to the Southern Unknown. It is currently quite common and a beautiful sight to behold for any sailors or fishermen that happen to be in any of the aforementioned waters.

Physical Appearance

The coral polyps are tubular, sac-like animals with a median mouth surrounded by tentacles. The base of the coral is connected to a substrate level that acts almost like a skeleton for polyps to grow on, it is essentially what shapes the reef. The Walking Sea City Coral is known for its incredibly varied and attractive colouring regardless of where it is in the world; natural pigments in the coral cause it to produce a range of colours, including: purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink and white. It has been observed that while following warm water, the ‘rear’ end of the coral that is furthest away from the desired temperature will tend to take on colours on the purple end of the spectrum.


The Walking Sea City Coral is a hermaphrodite, there will never be any Walking Sea City that is solely male or female. For this reason, gender diversity is obviously non-existent as it asexually reproduces.

Life Span and Development

During the lifespan of a Walking Sea City Coral, it will first experience it’s rather unusual birth, this is because they are ‘Broadcast Spawners’ - for the same reason, scholars have never witnessed the conception of one of these coral. In infancy, Walking Sea City Coral are much smaller; they will wander about almost aimlessly until they find another piece of coral to attach itself to. Should the unit of coral fail to do so by the time their water grows cold, it will become sluggish and remain in place until the next season in which water grows warm enough for stimulation. No scholars of marine biology have ever seen a dead Walking Sea City Coral, many assume that this means they do not die, others speculate that they die in the deeper ocean where they can no longer be observed but it is not truly known whether or not the coral truly perishes.

Mental Overview

The coral cannot be tamed, nor is it overly wild or typically hostile. That is not to say however that it is not entirely pacifistic. A Walking Sea City Coral reef will typically only ever attack another Walking Sea City Coral reef that inhabits its space - it is important to differentiate a reef from an individual coral as the individuals will never attack others or a reef but rather connect to them. A brawl between two reefs will typically result in one reef fleeing, they attack each other with their tentacles that have the ability to sting other reefs, similar to a jellyfish. Other than their need to reproduce, eat and move the coral hold no complex thought patterns.

Territory and Groupings

To say this species works in packs would not be unreasonable to assume, although it would not be entirely correct. Smaller units of the coral wander aimlessly until they attach to more pieces of Walking Sea City Coral, once they connect they will operate akin to a hive mind with only three goals, being: Eat, reproduce, and follow warm water. As previously mentioned the coral could be described as nomadic in that they never truly stop moving between warm water and seas. The coral is not territorial in any sense of the word, in fact, it acts as an ecosystem for other flora and fauna. Some of the creatures that inhabit the coral will stay temporarily whilst it is in the appropriate ocean but a rare few will follow this coral all over the world, namely, the Mai-Allar.


  • Allar have been known to harvest alchemical ingredients from Walking Sea City Coral reefs.

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