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Wards of Fae Order
Leader Grandmaster Lancewyn of Carentot, Duke of Brithdyr
Headquarters Prime Sepulchre in Carentot, Kintyr
Affiliation Regalian Empire

The Wards of Fae Order is a Knightly Order primarily concerned with the protection of the Fae Sepulchres and the collection of holy relics believed to be gifts from the Angels of Breizh folklore. Traveling the lands in search of these relics to safekeep, the Fae Knights were mostly kept underground due to their encouragement of the use of magic in an era where the Azure Order heavily controlled all arcane matters in the Regalian Archipelago. Since the fall of the Azures and publication of the Imperial Decree on the Magi, the Wards of Fae Order has resurfaced and the Fae Knights once again take to the public streets, searching for relics and lobbying for greater freedoms for the Aberrant populations. While scoffed at by other Knightly Orders for their magical approach to chivalry, and reviled entirely by the Darkwald Order, the Fae Knights have gained the support of many Magic friendly groups, and show no signs of losing their momentum after these many centuries.


The Wards of Fae Order origins are somewhat mythical in origin, as their founding tale is seeped heavily in Breizh folklore traditions. According to the Fae Knights, the Order was founded by Sir Galatyr, one of the Knights of the legendary Round Table of Arthair. On his way back to Callertot, Galatyr and his band of squires were visited by several Angels, who spoke to them of the need to travel the land in search of holy relics (which mostly include, but are not limited to, Artifacts). Warning of great evils to come, the relics were to be housed in so-called Fae Sepulchres, only to be brought out in order to be used against the worst dangers facing the world. With the departure of the Angels, Sir Galatyr returned quickly to Callertot, where he told the Round Table of the visitation and quest he was destined for. With the blessing of Arthair and his fellow Knights, Galatyr became the first Grandmaster of the Wards of Fae Order, a name derived from the need to defend the Fae Sepulchres and the relics inside.

Regardless of the validity of this legend, the Wards of Fae Order operated out of Kintyr and Clannadh Alba during the days of the Regalian Kingdom, as noted in many Bayor Tapestries of Breizh Houses with Fae Knights depicted. Even the Fae Sepulchres of the legend are known to be real locations and existed as holy sites for the various Breizh and Ailor Pagan faiths where relics were stored for holy rituals. However, most curious about the early Wards of Fae Order was their usage of Magic. Baylor Tapestries often depicted the Fae Knights with a sword in one hand and some form of magical glow in the other. What this meant to indicate is anyone’s guess, as the Cataclysm is assumed to have cut off the Fae Knights’ use of Magic for a time. This is also why the Five Family Rebellion records never mention the Fae Knights and many suspect that the Breizh failed to come to the aid of the Regalian King due to the loss of magic in the Wards of Fae Order.

With the birth of the Regalian Empire came the foundation of the Viridian Order, which formally laid out the concept of knighthood. While the Breizh and by extension the Wards of Fae Knights appeared to encompass the concepts of elite warriors, the Viridians under Grandmaster Julian de Montverrat maintained a monopoly of the formal usage of the term “knight” in its modern sense. Despite lacking Imperial Respect, the Fae Knights continued to operate, searching for holy relics to house in the Fae Sepulchres.

The greatest challenge to the Wards of Fae occurred in 100 AC. While having existed as an auxiliary unit to the Viridian Order since 71 AC, the Mage hunting group known as the Azure Order was publicly sanctioned by Arch Chancellor Maenarra I, allowing Grand Vigil Nicholas I the legal backing to implement his reforms. Within a few short years, the first levels of the Azure Spire were completed, and the Grand Vigil began sending out Seers and members of the Parthas Order out to hunt for hidden Mages across the Regalian Empire, intent on rounding up all aberrants and re-educate them to be compliant to the oppressive magic laws of the Azure Era. Many Fae Knights were captured by the Azures during this time, and Bayor Tapestries depicting the order were torched so that the Knights' legacy would never be heard of again. In 140 AC, the Grandmaster of the Order, Robwyn of Coltyr, was burned at the stake for magical heresy, with the Azures declaring the eradication of the Wards of Fae Order.

However, the Wards of Fae Order survived the purges of the Azure Order. Electing a new Grandmaster in secret, the Fae Knights began working in the shadows, using the growing Unionist faith to retake possession of the Fae Sepulchres and “convert” them into temples for Breizh pilgrims. In reality, the Order continued to operate in secret underground tunnels, collecting relics and Artifacts as dictated by the Angels’ directive, all while keeping their magical usage a secret amongst their ranks. For the next several decades, this was the working of the Order, up until recent times. With the many magical events and turmoils in the early years of the 4th century AC, the Azure Order collapsed in on itself, losing all of its influence with the Imperial Decree of the Magi in 307 AC, becoming little more than a husk of magical tomes and records managed by a skeleton crew of Sentinels and Grand Vigil Harald McHaggis III. With the Azures no longer a threat, and magical tolerance shifting into the public light, Grandmaster Lancewyn revealed to the public that the Wards of Fae Order was still alive and that they would continue to fulfill their sacred mission in the Empire. With their revelation came an immediate denunciation by the Darkwald Order, whose members were now tasked with learning about these “spellswords” in order to turn public opinion against the Fae Knights’ goals. Still others became enamored with them, with many young boys and girls being sent off to the Fae Sepulchres to be trained in the Order’s ways. With public sentiments falling into one of two camps, the Imperial Court has chosen to not acknowledge the Wards of Fae Order, adding it to a list of unrecognized Knightly Orders such as the Bloodcasts and, in an ironic twist of fate, the Parthas Order which hunted the Fae Knights many years ago. For now the Fae Knights are content with being able to exist once more in the public light, but hope that one day they may earn Imperial Respect, and promote further magical tolerance in the Regalian Empire.

Order Hierarchy

The Grandmaster

The Grandmaster is the leader of the Wards of Fae Order. He leads the various Elders and is chiefly considered the most respected and educated Knight in the Order. The Grandmaster is often very old due to the fact that he is chosen from among the older Elders. The Grandmaster sets the rules and policies within the Order while also functioning as a public representative. The current Grandmaster is Sir Lancewyn of Carentot, though his real name is Duke Robwyn of Brithdyr. As a nod to their mythical origins, every Grandmaster adopts the name of one of Sir Arthair’s Knights to indicate a succession from the legendary Sir Galatyr.

The Elders

The Elders are teachers and instructors at the Wards of Fae Order. They are considered the most talented in terms of martial prowess and magical attunement, while also being some of the most versed in Breizh folklore due to their many decades as Fae Knights. There are Twelve Elders in the Wards of Fae Order, including the Grandmaster, and together they make up the Round Table of the Prime Sepulchre, equivalent to the Elder Councils of other Knightly Orders. Elders often use their knowledge to train the next generation of Knights, though a small portion of their membership goes around to the Various Fae Sepulchres to ensure that the relics and Artifacts inside remain secure from nefarious parties.

The Knights

  • The Paladins are the most talented and skilled warriors within the Wards of Fae Order. These fighters have mastered the skills necessary to secure holy relics, and only a select few could challenge them in single combat. Usually skilled at changing between mundane and magical attacks, Paladins are few in number, with only one Fae Knight chosen to be promoted every year by the Round Table. Despite not having the right to be recognized by the Imperial Court, Paladins are still included in the Orders Bayor Tapestry, allowing their names and feats to be recorded for future generations.
  • Sentinels are the highest rank any Knight can achieve before becoming a Paladin. These are some of the most skilled of the Fae Knights, but lack a certain finesse or skill required to become an all-rounder like their Paladin higher ups.
  • Wardens are the next rank any Knight can achieve after being promoted from Man-at-Arms. They are quite capable combatants, but lack refinement and dedication to become a Sentinel.
  • Men-at-Arms (or Dames-at-Arms) are the lowest rank any Knight is after graduation at the age of 21.

The Trainees

  • Squires are the second step at becoming a full member of the Wards of Fae Order. They receive this rank at 14 when they finish their training as a Page, and will remain such until they graduate. Squires often accompany their Mentors outside of the headquarters to learn first-hand combat experience, acting as an assistant to their senior Knight.
  • Pages are the first step in becoming a Fae Knight, and to enter the Order at the age of seven. Once inside, Pages are taught in a classroom setting by Elders and graduated Knights, after which they are paired with a Mentor who provides more in depth instruction to the trainee in exchange for completing various chores to learn humility. Pages also accompany their Mentors outside of the Prime Sepulchre, though their role is limited to non combatant roles due to their inexperience.

Fae Sepulchres

Fae Sepulchres are old pre-Regalian Empire buildings whose interiors house the bones of many Fae Knights gone before. There are dozens of Fae Sepulchre dotted around the Regalian Archipelago, with a singular one located in the Regalian Wilderness. The Regalian Sepulchre and surrounding land is owned by the Duke of Brithdyr, a member of the Round Table, and as such the location not State-owned, meaning that the Regalian Government has no jurisdiction over the Sepulchre. Fae Knights frequently visit the Sepulchres, both to safeguard the relics inside, but also to deliver new Artifacts and Mythics to house inside.

  • OOC Note: The Fae Sepulchre in Regalia can be visited at /tp Sepulchre. The Sepulchre acts as a Clandestine base, when items are stored. Anyone attacking the Sepulchre must send a ticket into the Rp Com Discord Bot. For an attack, the Fae Knights will be contacted to come defend, and they may bring in as many allies as they like, however they may never be official state backing, or guards in guard armor. When winning a battle from the Fae Knights, the winning party may select a single Artifact or Mythic from the Sepulchre to loot, before the Sepulchre goes on lookdown and cannot be raided again for a week at least. Solo/Single thief attempts to break in and steal are not permitted. The only way to steal from the Sepulchre is a Raid.
  • More info can be found here.


  • Upon their public reveal in 307 AC, the Wards of Fae Order received a sudden influx of magically-inclined children at the Prime Sepulchre. Of these new Pages, a few of them appear to be Silven.
  • While the Prime Sepulchre is considered the main headquarters of the Order, there are dozens of Fae Sepulchres dotted around the Regalian Archipelago. Most of the Fae Sepulchres were created after the Azure Order crackdown on magic and serve as both safehouses for holy relics, as well as Unionist temples.
  • While having notable public backing in Kintyr and Clannadh Alba, the Wards of Fae Order has recently seen invitations from the Altalar nobility in Solleria to build Sepulchres in their region of the Regalian Archipelago.

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