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The following Woods exist in canon Aloria. All Woods are divided between three categories: Light (meaning less durable but lighter) Medium (meaning average) and Heavy (meaning more durable but heavier). These categories are largely for flavor, though certain properties may specifically indicate greater or lesser strength than other materials. If any plants are not on the list, and have the capacity to give lumber, it can be assumed that they revert to the standard of Royal Oak, with medium strength and no special properties. Woods are used in Crafting Point Buy Packs.

Name Class Special Properties Appearance when carved
Royal Oak Medium None Range of light to dark browns
Allú'tornë Medium None Pale brown flecked with pale green
Areu’llei-oná Medium Can be manipulated by World Shift 1 Dark brown to dark gray
Juniper Tree Medium None Brown to beige frequently marked with iron stains
Drachenwald Nuttree Light None Shades of beige inlaid with flecks and lines of gold
Loongliu Light Glows when exposed to moonlight Light beige with swirls of pure white
Kashan Dimi Medium None Orange-brown laced with deep red lines
Geolutreo Heavy Turns any breeze running through it warm and pleasant Swirling pattern of yellows and beiges
Wyld Wood Light Aesthetically moves on its own once carved/formed Deep green or purple with a blue sheen
Tee’kratonna Heavy Will bind together with another inert substance naturally, without the need for glue or riveting A pale gray-brown with speckles of pink and pale red
Brass-heart Tree Heavy Highly resistant to fire Black with a sparkling golden gleam under the light
Lightmare Ash Medium Emits pale blue and white glowing particulates White with streaks of pale gray
Flori’nelaya Light Can be manipulated by World Shift 1 Reddish-brown with white speckles
Ironsonia Heavy Has the strength of Iron, highly resistant to damage Dark gray streaks with light gray and black
Moon-Moth Tree Medium Attracts insects at night, when it also faintly gleams blue Pale brown riddled with solid, deep blue lines
Singing Syprelle Light Produces a beautiful tone when moving Swirls of pale yellow and shades of pink

Registered Woods

This list will show all Registered Woods belonging to player Characters from Special Permissions. These Woods never require a pack for the registering person, and can only ever be used by another person with direct supervision and help from the registering person. Even attempting to work with the Woods results in destruction of the material.

Character Name Class Special Properties Appearance when used
Example Char Temmian Twigs Light None When woven into Rattan, the twigs have an opaline sheen to them.