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Official Name Wormfern
Common Name Absinthium, Armoise, Slippyroot
Classification Herb
Common Use Culinary
Origins Ithania
Habitat Moderate, rocky climates

The small silvery-green swirled plant known as Wormfern has been farmed for years, dating back to the arrival of Elven slavers to Ithania. After the magical uproar of the Cataclysm, the plant’s minty taste wasn’t its only asset. Against Vampires, ingested Wormfern easily causes severe sickness.


Wormfern is a common plant found and harvested mostly by the Ailor in Ithania, and was first documented when the Elven Empire arrived from the south. Enjoying its taste as an additive to their food and drink, slavers helped ship it back to Daendroc. It was there that the plant spread, with it carried to other lands through trade. Difficult to cultivate, many collected it where they could find it, but as the Elven Empire grew more industrious, the plant became rare. By the time the Empire fell, few plants were left and knowledge of them faded for many years. The plant was rediscovered in 30 AC by Daendroque Ailor searching the wilds for food. Finding the bitter, minty plant, they took to adding it into their cooking but some had the idea to add it into their drinks. Soon this was the main use of the plant and has continued to this day. Another discovery several decades after, another use was revealed of Wormfern; its poisonous nature to vampires. Since then, orders dedicated to hunting down vampires often eagerly seek suppliers for this drink, to test possible vampires.


Wormfern appears as a short fern-like plant that grows in rocky areas. Fine, silky white hairs cover the stem of the plant with strange curled leaves that fold out above this. These leaves are swirled white and green from the fine hairs and the plant’s natural color. Small, globular flowerheads are arranged in an erect, leafy panicle at the top of it. They often grow in small bunches of six or seven.

Uses and Abilities

Wormfern has had a variety of uses through the years. It can be used to season foods with it’s minty taste when mint is not available. It can also be used to flavor alcohol and many regions and brands are particularly well known for their wormwood-flavored drinks. However, these drinks have the ability to poison vampires. It is not fully know why, but they become horrible sick after a coughing fit, often vomiting whatever is in their stomachs or blood if nothing is there. The subject will also feel weak for at least an hour after drinking. A select few from the Qul'Ess bloodline have been reported to be immune to these effects however. Ingesting the raw plant has little to no effects beyond coughing and reports of mild burning sensations in vampire’s throats.


  • Some of the most famous brands of Wormfern alcohol are drinks like Absinthe and certain spiced mead, and wines named Bitters, Vermouth, and Pelinkovac.
  • Vampire susceptibility to Wormfern was discovered in 95 AC in Daenshore when a man, not knowing his friend was a Qul’Ess, gave him a Wormfern spiced mead. He became horribly sick and after taking him to a local clinic, they discovered he was a vampire.
  • Orcs gave the plant it’s name of Slippyroot because worms are slippery and they feel it looks like an upsidedown root.

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