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Appearance A bright amber-colored liquid.
Application Oral ingestion
Proficiency Requires 8 points in Alchemy Sciences
Created By Baelu Fu-Liang
Potency At least a pint (two cups)
Injectable No
  1. Temporarily improves lung or throat issues (ex. strep throat)
  2. Can deafen others for five minutes if expelled in a single scream

Ylu’Ksai in its original form was used by the court eunuchs in Dexai to bolster their voices, and has since often been used by orators across the continent to amplify their speech. Once it left its homeland however, the unique local materials were no longer available. As a result, Sihai alchemists altered the formula to use plants found in wider Aloria. Soon after this the substance fell into the hands of criminals, who now use it for their own nefarious purposes. The drinkable potion heals the throat and lungs of strain and infection, but has the side effect of allowing the consumer to produce an amplified voice, either for a couple of minutes’ worth of speech or in a single concussive scream. While once popular in Regalian opera, it has since faded from its spotlight as authorities place all individuals who make use of Ylu’Ksai under suspicion of the law, given the aforementioned criminal connections.


Ylu’Ksai was created in the middle of the Gai Dynasty by an alchemist called Baelu Fu-Liang for a rising eunuch named Luwa Ksai. This man had been taken into the Imperial Court as a tribute from a disgraced administrator when he was in his youth. Quick minded and incredibly able, he rose to prominence, although his reputation always suffered from his status as a eunuch. The substance was commissioned at his request in an attempt to regain his masculinity one way or the other. Alchemist Fu-Liang set out at once to produce such a concoction and ultimately succeeded. His voice became like honey and soon other officials sought out the potion to aid in keeping their voices clear and perfect. Unfortunately, the negative use of the potion was discovered shortly afterward. During a royal audience, a debate heated to the point Luwa Ksai screamed at an Imperial Prince, deafening the entire court and gaining the ire of the Emperor who had the eunuch interrogated and executed. After an investigation, Baelu Fu-Liang was found out to be the alchemist behind the substance. But rather than punishing the alchemist, the Imperial Court awarded the Alchemist with three acres of land and five bolts of silk for his findings, and was inducted as a master alchemist further in his life. Over the following centuries, the potion remained popular yet was carefully controlled within Dexai by the descendants of Baelu Fu-Liang. However, in 200 AC one of them left the homeland and traveled to the Regalian Archipelago. There, seeking to appease wealthy patrons but lacking the supplies so easily acquired in Dexai, he adapted the potion to suit his surroundings and current situation. Ylu’Ksai became well known in the upper classes, but after the discovery of its criminal potential swiftly lost popularity on the surface. Today, it is still sometimes used to help heal the throat and used to help orators, but its criminal uses mean that all who make it are under the scrutiny of the authorities.


To create Ylu’Ksai, a handful of Cloudberries are crushed into juice and concentrated in an aludel. This liquid is then added to Yuntia Cactus flower petals that have been pulverized with a mortar & pestle. The lung of a songbird after extraction from the carcass is then left in a Vocadine solution within a cup for at least 24 hours, whereafter the infused extract can be mixed with the Cloudberries and Yuntia Cactus, shaken briskly and stirred for a solid ten minutes. The final step is to add the crushed Pop Berries in and quickly separated into an airtight flask and let sit overnight for at least twelve hours. It should then be ready to drink by those who wish to use it.



Ylu’Ksai must be ingested before its effects can occur. The minimum dose is a pint (2 cups). If less of this is consumed by someone attempting to produce the negative effect, nothing will happen beyond a sultry and wonderfully-sounding shout or scream.


Ylu’Ksai works immediately to soothe the lungs and the throat, producing a clear and soothing sensation in those areas. The effect lasts between three to four hours, after which it will gradually fade. This can be repeated for those with temporary throat afflictions such as strep-throat or Melodin burn, and is often prescribed for those with a lost voice.

The other effect, most often applied by criminals, is that once consumed the user has an amplified voice that can either bolster their words, or be used as a concussive scream that will deafen anyone within a four-block radius, and cause headaches to those within an additional block for five minutes. Both of these effects occur only if at least a pint (two cups) of the liquid is ingested. Additionally, repetitive use of Ylu’Ksai’s negative effect in a short time duration is impossible, as it will exhaust the lungs to the point where after two uses the user will be unable to speak for a week (and if used three times, will barely be able to breathe). If used four times, the user’s lungs will collapse from overwear, resulting in death.

Physical Characteristics

Ylu’Ksai appears as a slightly warm, bright, amber-colored liquid. This liquid has tiny, clear flecks within it that add to the brightness, but also paper thin yellow particles that often lay near the bottom (being the remains of the cacti flowers). Ylu’Ksai vaguely smells of apples and has a sweet, yet rich taste reminiscent of fruit wine, though with a bitter aftertaste.


  • A con-man in Ithania sold singers Dragonet Apple Cider, making them believe it was Ylu’Ksai. His scheme was undone when one of the singers attended a banquet that heavily featured the drink.
  • A woman in the City of Calemberg once used this potion for good and fought crime as a vigilante. Dressed in a man’s outfit that brought to mind a crow, she would drink the potion and use the effect to stop robbers at night. She stopped appearing several months after her first act of heroism, and her identity has never publicly been confirmed.
  • Baelu Fu-Liang had several test failures when developing Ylu’Ksai. One sample potion reportedly caused someone to lose their voice for a week before it came back.

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