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Appearance A fizzy, hazelnut-brown liquid.
Difficulty 7/10 (0 - Easiest) (0-Easiest)
Creator Goodlife Aleworks
Class All Classes
Ingredients Unknown

Zhujiang is the legendary namesake of Goodlife Aleworks in the nation of Dexai in The Far East, and is both the triumph and the everlasting legacy of a fabled era of Sihai brewing. Like the Daendroque creation Casilleroablo, this beverage is a combination of many different mystery ingredients - in this case, 44 - that are prepared, combined, and distilled in a method that is known only by a single producer. Zhujiang is one of few exports sold in bulk via the Sihai’s few island free-trade ports and it has utilized them to make its way, recently, into the larger world. Its ingredients have remained unchanged but secret for over 1,000 years, and are known to include at least a combination of fizzy and mildly habit-forming herbs, fortified alcohol, and a mystery dense, highly fattening additive. The combination of a potent alcohol content, mild addiction, high fizziness, and consequential rapid fattening almost single-handedly led to the plumping of more than a few foodies across Aloria.


Zhujiang has a deep history linked with the Red Panda Stance, and in recent generations, Dexai specifically. It is widely believed that for centuries, if not millennia before the famed beverage was supposedly crafted, that varieties of it or proto-creations persisted across the peasant class of farmers that were the Red Pandas of the Sheng Empire. Ultimately, it was formally recognized during the reign of the notable Emperor Hihun the Happy, who connected with the merriment and peasantry more than the aristocracy that surrounded him. He patronized music makers, playwrights chefs and brewers, regardless of Stance, all in the name of the art of the party and enjoying life once the hard work was done. For indeed, Hihun worked and partied in equal measure, and it was into this climate that Zhujiang emerged. The legendary brewer Diyang Choyang originally crafted his beverage for Imperial consumption alone and for a solid decade, it was. However, when the time came to celebrate the birthday of the Emperor’s eldest son, the public celebrations included Zhujiang and became a widespread success. Diyang got permission from the Emperor to begin making and selling the beverage to the public, and from there, the drink reached wild success. A severe drought in 20 AC forced Goodlife Aleworks to shift their production facilities elsewhere, and given their Red Panda Stance preference, they moved to Dexai in Zhong, far west of their old home but an area rife with new opportunities. They have expanded their operations given the stability offered by recent years as inter-kingdom warfare dies away following the Cataclysm. Many casks find their way overseas as a result, and fill the eager bellies of Sihai and non-Sihai both living away from Dexai.


While Zhujiang remains a closely guarded secret, some of its ingredients and processing methods have inevitably become known to the public in its 1,000-plus years of production. The primary ingredient is a secret cultivar of an unknown crop. The crop, which is known to be produced in limited and controlled batches, is harvested and fermented in large vats. Upon its fermentation, the plant creates a thick, heavy syrup with the consistency of honey. The product is then flavored through the introduction of more heavy syrups, ground spices, and dried fruits to give the ale a fruity flavor. The product is then filtered through a special aerating apparatus with a hand pump; this aeration gives it its characteristic popping, fizzy quality. Finally, the ale is fortified with a highly alcoholic spirit to boost its alcohol content and is then casked in wax-sealed kegs for both aging and export. However, low alcoholic varieties are also known to exist with less alcohol content in those liquids added at the end.


  • The beverage appears as a deep, hazelnut brown. It is thick when poured and foams up quickly, often spilling over the edge of the drink's mug. This foam is pure white.
  • Zhujiang tastes sweet like cherry and vanilla, which heavily masks the taste of alcohol. It leaves a syrupy texture and a dry mouth in want of more to drink.
  • The drink smells fragrant, sweet, and slightly herbal like licorice. It has a slight fizz that crackles and pops on the nose.


  • Zhujiang, due to its large amount of sugary fruit syrups and other additives, provides its consumers with a huge spike of caffeine-like energy; this is followed by an even greater energy ‘crash’ a short time after.
  • Zhujiang is common cargo on the tribute barges sent toward Sheng.

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