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Dragons are a mysterious type of creature in the world of Aloria that has sparsely been seen by most modern accounts. Indeed, very few people are still alive that have ever witnessed a Dragon in person, as the majority save for one Throne have gone extinct centuries before the modern era. Even though events in modern times are changing, Dragons are generally still considered an extinct type of animal by most nations and peoples across the world, with only small cults existing in far-flung places that worship them as gods. Dragons are organized between so called Thrones, which dictate rough groupings of the same type of Dragon. Unlike wild animals however, Dragons are distinctly numbered, and never seem to have changed their populations, until they started dying off. Some Thrones for example are limited to 2 or 3 Dragons, while others have been known to have had hundreds of Dragons. Dragons remain some of the least understood things in the world, yet their presence still left behind many ruins either supposedly built by their Dragon Magic, or built by those who worship them. Phantasma and Dragon Warriors are somehow related to them, while some individuals and cults are known to claim representation of them. In modern times, Dragons have started re-appearing due to unknown causes, beginning with the arrival of the Dread Dragon who was quickly followed by the Imperial Dragon. Other Dragon sightings started increasing from 306 AC and onwards, after having been gone for over 300 years. The table below contains what information is publicly available. Some Dragon Cults and individuals who research Dragons may know more than what is publicly available, and some information may also be contradicted or confuse established beliefs, as Dragons seem contextually re-interpreted by many cultures and faiths for their own purposes.

Dragon Name Themes Appearance Description
Blue Crown Throne Regality, Diplomacy, Arrogance Large, Two Wings, Four Legs, Bulky, Many Horns The Blue Crown Throne is known as the leading Throne or the Conclave Throne, meaning it was implied to be the glue that held all the other Thrones together and resolved issues between them. To perceive them as the rulers among Dragons is not entirely accurate, it is largely believed they simply acted as wise and respected advisors who were largely followed for their wit.
Yellow Dancing Throne Enjoyment, Celebration, Mischief Dog-Sized, Four Wings, Two Legs, Slender, Snake-Like The Yellow Dancing Throne is known for having been playful and interactive with any race living in Hadar who still fondly remember them before they went extinct. Yellow Dancing Dragons are sometimes also considered the messengers of the Blue Crown Dragons.
Black Warrior Throne Strength, Defense, Sluggish Medium, Two Wings, Two Legs & Arms, Bulky, White Hair The Black Warrior Throne is known as the Soldier Throne, following the orders and directives of the Blue Crown Dragons and enforcing their will where necessary during conflicts that could not be resolved in Dragon Conclave.
Red Mountain Throne Aggression, Destruction, Rage Massive, Two Wings, Two Legs, Stocky, Massive Tail The Red Mountain Dragon seems to have been responsible for the enforcement of change through destruction, giving rise to fire and magma and volcanoes. Not much is known about this type of Dragon.
White Long Throne Deliberation, Advice, Indecisive Large, No Wings, No Legs, Slender, Long Tail The White Long Throne Dragon, usually called Loong in the east, is the philosopher Dragon and the thinking Dragon. The Loong Dragons are the only Dragons known to have survived the extinction of Dragons, albeit in indefinite slumber high atop isolated Sihai cloud temples.
Green Nature Throne Nature-loving, Sunny, Shy Medium, Two Wings, Four Legs, Slender, Floral Tail The Green Nature Dragon was the primary target of the Altalar who hunted them to extinction during the Green Hunt. These Dragons were presumed to bring Nature wherever they went.
Silver Majesty Throne Wealth, Intellect, Grandstanding Medium, No Wings, Six Legs, Slender, Mirror Scales The Silver Majesty Dragon has no solid information known about them, conflicting information between various cultures that they interacted with, always subtly bending events one way or another through diplomacy or intrigue.
Violet Night Throne Isolation, Creation, Shapeshifting Large, Two Wings, Two Legs, Bulky, Nightsky Scales The Violet Night Dragons are believed to be responsible for creating all races according to Dragon Worshipers, but this is obviously denied by all other Religions who simply consider Dragons animals.
Rubine Breath Throne Poison, Jungles, Hunger Massive, No Wings, No Legs, Bulky, Snake-Like Not much is known about this Dragon besides that their very body fluids and scales poison and rot the land they slither on.
Gray Stone Throne Naive, Playful, Boisterous Horse-Sized, No Wings, Four Legs, Bulky, Skin Plates This Dragon was known to play with early Humans in caves, though was later killed off by the earliest Ailor due to their incessant causing of earthquakes in the early Ailor kingdoms of Ceardia.
Teal Depth Throne ??? ??? No information exists on this Throne, though it is often believed to be the Deep Sea Serpent.
Brown Bog Throne ??? ??? The Brown Bog Dragon is believed to be responsible for the creation of disease and pestilence, but no real solid information on them exists.
Rose Metal Throne ??? ??? No information exists on this Throne.
Purple Arcane Throne ??? ??? No information exists on this Throne.
Burgundy Heart Throne Motherly, Caring, Patronizing ??? The Burgundy Heart Dragons seem to have been responsible in Dragon Dogma for creating all Dragon Lineages or other Primal Lineages. Not much is known about the process or cause however, as many Lineages are simply mistaken for Void or Exist Mages.
Ebony Curse Throne Damning, Cursed, Redemption ??? The Ebony Curse Throne is said to be responsible for Primal Curses, which can often not be told apart from Void or Exist Curses. They are also said to be the source of all Artifacts of Primal origins.
Magenta Vice Throne Vices, Downfall, Lust-for-Life ??? No information exists on this Throne.
Golden Speech Throne Language, Oration, Aging ??? No information exists on this Throne.
Bronze Mind Dragon Freedom, Slavery, Mind-control ??? No information exists on this Throne.
White Frost Dragon Frosty, Haughty, Extremity Raven-Sized, Four Wings, No Legs, Slender, Feathered No information exists on this Throne.
Chartreuse Change Dragon Seasons, Change, Randomness Toad-Sized, Four Wings, No Legs, Bulbous, Semi-Solid The Chartreuse Change Dragon is said to be responsible for the change of seasons, as well as the change of night and day. Many scholars disagree however, as these factors are obviously caused by the tilt and rotation of the World.