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Fly Orchid
Official Name Fly Orchid
Common Name L’orchidée du puceron, Sickleleaf Orchid
Classification Flower
Common Use Insect Control
Origins Ithania
Habitat Fields, Farms and Vineyards

A delicate and rather unassuming plant, the Fly Orchid was once a common, ordinary piece of flora. When the Cataclysm came, it was granted a strange new ability. Found out in fields, Ithanian vineyards, and farms across the continent, it releases sweet scents to attract insects to it’s center and away from other plants. It can also be used to create a useful bug poison is broken down.


Fly Orchids have existed for years in Ithania, and were first recorded by Nelfin slavers when they arrived to enslave Tigrans. Limited records for the time seem to show them simply as local flora and further pages from old Elven texts also occasionally mention it as a simple decorative plant. However, it is theorized that during the Cataclysm, the plant was altered and the first records after the devastation show it as useful in protecting the crops of escaped slaves and burgeoning villages. As Ithania’s population and variety in crops grew, it was added to many vineyards. Since then, it has served to draw insects away from crops and vines to it as a form of pest control.


The Fly Orchid usually grows to a height between 30-40 cm, 11-15 inches, and possesses an elegant green stem leading to a collection of frail, small flowers. A deep mossy-green shade, they fan out in a very specific pattern. Protruding from within the flower itself come three pale filaments, each complete with a wispy golden anther. Deeper into the flower exists it’s sweet sticky nectar, which attracts and traps bugs. Those that get caught in it are very slowly digested over time back into the same goo that trapped them, which often can be found in lighter amounts on the flower’s petals.

Uses and Abilities

The flower naturally provides protection to crops from insect pests thanks to it’s sticky nectar within. This substance can also be made into a fairly crude but effective bug poison often simply called “Fly-Killer Formula” by non-Ithanians. By mixing Vodicane with pulped fly orchids, the produced watery substance will have a tart smell and be able to poison, then kill most insects. Mekett are also attracted to Fly Orchids and if given Fly-Killer Formula, the liquid apparently stings and produces a mild burning sensation inside them.


  • The full Ithanian name for the bug poison able to be made from Fly Orchids is “Liquide du Puceron pour tuer d’Insects”.
  • Mekett Seedlings might be found to be unaffected by Fly-Killer Formula.

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