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|officialname = Frost Wyvern
|nicknames = Wyvern, Mounts of the Snow-Elves, Snow Dragon
|classification = Magus
|habitat = Ellador
|domesticated = Yes
|status = Common
The Frost Wyvern is a mysterious creature endemic to [[Ellador]] that serves as the primary mount of the [[Isldar]] race. These winged animals were never seen before the [[Cataclysm]], leading most to assume that the creatures were beasts left over from the [[Fifth Void Invasion]] or somehow the lesser offspring of the [[Great Ice Dragon]]. Regardless of their origins, the creatures have proven dangerous in combat against wild animals and other sentient races. Given the recent conflict in Ellador, some [[Northern]] nations fear the day that snowstorms will come bearing these creatures hiding inside them.
Frost Wyverns were first sighted by the [[Dwarves]] and Northern [[Ailor]] in 20 AC when rumors swirled of reptiles of snow and ice flying about the mountain peaks. As time went on, it became more apparent that the Frost Wyvern was a beast of war and burden for the Isldar after a Wyvern was freed from the clutches of a Dwarven hunting party by a group of Isldar. Since then, Frost Wyverns have rarely been seen in the open as they keep to snowstorms and the mountain peaks where their masters dwell. In the past few years, the Isldar have grown more active, and with them, the Frost Wyverns. In the [[Regalia-Arloran War]], a contingent of Wyvern riders attempted to prevent [[King Gulbrand I]] from summoning the statue thought to be [[Estel]], only to be shot out of the sky. Much more recently, Frost Wyverns have been helping the Isldar in their takeover of all of Ellador. Only time will tell if other regions of [[The North Belt]], or perhaps even the [[Far North]] will see these creatures in force like they are on Ellador today. Surprisingly, all Isldar that have left Ellador over the past centuries are close-lipped in regards to information on the mysterious flying beasts. Such silence is the result of the Isldar’s stunning amount of loyalty to Frostweaver, the Dragon matriarch.
==Physical Appearance==
The Frost Wyvern appears to be an average sized dragon, reaching sizes slightly larger than that of the [[Green Forest Dragon]]. They stand ten feet in height with a longer body ranging from twelve to fifteen feet. Their heads are regular sized, with a foot long muzzle containing a tight-sealing mouth, two solid blue eyes (which some report to actively glow), small nostrils and white curving horns with a prominent ridge that point back to the rest of their body. These horns are also joined by a short frill of white bones or spines at the back of the dragon’s head.
The head is connected by a short neck to the rest of their bodies which is a slim build standing on a pair of powerful rear legs which each possess white clawed feet made for walking on snow as well as snatching up prey. Where there would be front legs on the creature, there are instead thin membraned wings which reach a wingspan of twenty feet that aid the creature in gliding on high altitude winds. They do not use these wings as feet, instead balancing on their two feet using their tails. The tail of a Frost Wyvern extends out behind their body to a pointed tip with light bone protrusions along the spine of this tail that end at the body. Their entire body is covered in white scales with various shades of blue highlighting their face, back and wing membranes.
The Frost Wyvern population has no distinct gender dimorphism, assuming the species even has this distinction. The only differences between individual Frost Wyverns are size, horn growth and the placement of the blue scales.
===Life Span and Development===
The Frost Wyvern possesses an unknown growth cycle, but it is known to live for at least 50 years due to three sightings of a single Frost Wyvern dubbed “Jään-Kuolema” by Dwarves that occurred between 183 AC and 233 AC. Otherwise, many Dregodarians and Elladorian natives assume that the draconic creatures are born from eggs and raised into adulthood with their parents and the Isldar.
==Mental Overview==
The Frost Wyvern is a hostile animal which is rarely calmed by outside forces. They have only been tamed successfully by the Isldar thus far, who mount them as rides into battle and for travel across their mountaintop kingdom. To these Isldar, the reptilian creature is a mount that demands respect but protects their rider when in danger from enemies. To all others, they respond with hostility and attack first when encountered, taking a “first strike” mentality in combat. It has been noted by some astute observers that the Isldar form a very emotional and strong master-servant bond with their beasts.
===Territory and Groupings===
Due to the secretive and mysterious nature of the Isldar, little to no information is available as to the territory and groupings of the Frost Wyverns. Some scholars agree that the Wyverns are kept in ranches or some other form of enclosure, while others assume that the Wyverns are simply allowed to roam free about the peaks of Ellador. None of this is concrete, of course, which gives way to hefty debate in meetings or discussions among intellectuals.
*Jään-Kuolema was identified by the prominent gash caused by a Dwarve's siege weapon cutting into his face and neck. The wound left a large, silver colored scar that lead to ease of identification, even from a distance.
*Some say that the Frost Wyvern has the ability to breath out an icy snow breath to aid the Isldar in forming their enshrouding snowstorms. Most feel this is an incorrect interpretation of the creature roaring and causing its hot breath interacts with falling snow.
*A Dwarven legend points to the possible existence of “Great Frost Wyverns”, larger and more substantial Frost Wyverns who are ridden only by Dragon Priests as true war-beasts on the field. Given the emergence of the Frost Wyvern on the world stage, many fear the arrival of other Ice-imbued monsters.
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