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Throughout the history of Aloria, many events have occurred. Some affecting few, some affecting many, some shaking the entire world or merely causing a minor tremor. History is made daily, but ancient history is recorded and discovered fairly infrequently. The tomes and artifacts from long ago might have only been discovered by chance, or been unearthed after long years of research by many people. You can learn about these events, and cultivate great knowledge of Aloria's sizable and interesting history here.

Racial History

They were all but sparks in the eyes of their creators.

While the races of Aloria are rich and diverse, the histories of each individual race is even more so. Every race has a distinct origin, and from that origin they have developed and evolved into the unique race they are today. It took a lot of time and a lot of creation to make the races of today, and all histories are available to read below.

States and Conflicts

Before her she saw a grand society there for the taking.

Conflicts and wars happen constantly, whether on a large scale or a small one. Furthermore, states, cities, lands, kingdoms, and empires have grown and fallen. Documented under states and conflicts are the numerous events relating to the incline and decline of civilizations, and how these come to clash in time.

Global Events

The ground beneath their feet shook, and fear was in the air.

While rare, every now and then an incident or event occurs that impacts the entire world. Whether good or bad, there have been times that every race, every culture, and every faith have had to deal with as one, in their own ways, and documented below are the cataclysmic or dramatic events that have affected everybody in some way.