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Welcome to Aloria

From the small Kleinfolk to the monstrous fiery Dakkar, Aloria is a world filled with a rich range of races and cultures, and even richer history. Join the elves in their grand cities and forests, or perhaps the dwarves on their mountains and airships! Be a politically powerful human, manipulating politics in the grand Holy City of Regalia, or a nomadic Yanar coming to Regalia for the first time!

With over fifteen different races to choose from, including subraces and fantastic creatures, explore Aloria and its expanses. If you dare, travel via grand ship to over five survival worlds, where you will be pitted not only against nature and vicious monsters, but banditing players and looters as well. Explore the hellish Rift for valuable quartz and glowstone, or stay safely nestled in your own personalized Regalian home.

Get the edge, with MassiveTraits!

MassiveTraits is a MassiveCraft unique plugin that allows users to edit aspects of their character or abilities in battle. Travel the lands as a swift-footed elf with the addition of speed, which adds a permanent potion effect! Or maybe you’ll burn in sunlight, as a cursed vampire…

MassiveTraits greatly increases the interest and strength of PVPers, as trait builds can cause crippling potion effects such as poison or wither, and increase damage done with various weapons. Build your own specialized trait group today, from our dozens of trait options!

Become Rich!

Regals, the currency of MassiveCraft, can be earned in a variety of ways-- people will happily pay for in-game supplies they don’t have to gather, and you can even earn Regals by fighting monsters!

Artisans flourish greatly on MassiveCraft; builders, artists, and other people with a skilled craft often make a good deal of money, so join now and discover your special talent!

Start your own Faction!

MassiveCraft is the original Factions plugin server of Minecraft. For the cost of only 100 regals, start your own faction in the survival worlds! Manage your faction permissions, and make your home faction grief-proof by your enemies, preserving your builds for your own comfort and sanity.

With factions, the more members you recruit, the larger your empire can grow! Start a kingdom, or maybe a small fishing village-- what you build on your faction land is yours, and cannot be torn down by those seeking your destruction.

Join our community today. With exciting and immersive lore, PVP unique to any other server, a plethora of worlds to explore, and endless possibilities, there’s always a new adventure waiting to be found!