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*[[Maiar]]: Up to 7’0
*[[Maiar]]: Up to 7’0
*[[Lampar]]: Up to 3’0
*[[Lampar]]: Up to 3’0
*[[Circci]] Up to 6’0
*[[Maraya]] Up to 6’0

==Gorr Races==
==Gorr Races==

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It is encouraged that everyone considers a number of factors when selecting a character height. Just picking the maximum does not always make sense, because realistically the most common heights will be near the middle of the range. When choosing a height, please consider the following:

  • Being poor during upbringing/childhood often means that a character is pushed toward the shorter end of the spectrum because poor nutrition in growing years can lead to growing less.
  • Being taller in and of itself does not increase combat prowess or strength. Even if the character's arms are longer and stronger this is effectively counterbalanced in speed and endurance.
  • Being taller does not make one less susceptible to pain. Often times being taller can actually increase susceptibility to pain because of increased pressure on joints. Taller individuals often suffer from more back problems than shorter individuals.
  • Being of maximum height is acceptable, but to avoid snowflake characters, it is suggested to try to avoid making it one of a vast array of other minimums or maximums that your character is subject to, as height does not usually alter the essence of the character fundamentally.
  • Under no circumstance can any character fall outside of the height guideline for the given race, whether the character has an application or not.

Human Races

Magus Races

Gorr Races

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