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Full Name Sendras
Pronunciation Send-r-ahs
Demonym Sendrassian
Area Unknown
Population 4,000,000
Flora and Fauna

Teeming with reptilian life, the continent of Sendras is an ancient landmass with history predating all written records. For as long as documented history however, the land has always belonged to the intelligent Allar. Even during the reign of the Elven Empire, Nelfin forces were not able to conquer even an acre of land. With a population nearing four million, Sendras is one of the lesser populated supercontinents in all of Aloria. Home to lush jungles and brimming with all sorts of wildlife, Sendras is the origin place of the Soor-Rassa-Allar; the Allar Court of Alchemists. Today, very few travelers can brag that they have set foot on Sendrassian lands, as it is ruled almost completely by the Mu-Allar, living in a state of obscurity, lacking almost any contact with the outside world.


Sendras is an ancient, wild continent that boasts a rich history, however much of it has been lost to time. The earliest written records of Allar society on the continent of Sendras has since been washed away, stone carvings eroded with time and written records remain a secret to this day. Elven explorers with the intent to probe the region for possible expansions had come to the continent in 1200 BC, but were struck down by a number of curious diseases. No matter the precautions taken by these Elven forces, eventually they all would succumb to painful, lethal illnesses, leading them to abandon all intention of colonization. It has been assumed that the Allar race have always lived on the continent, due to their natural resistance to illness and toxins. The Serass state, the first recognized Allar-ruled political entity, was formed in 800 BC after all attempts of Elven colonization ceased. The nation began to clear terrain and change the environment to suit their needs, chopping down jungle forests and mining cave systems underneath to forge a powerful city state.

Other than the building and expansion of Serass, little is known of the period from 800 BC up until the Cataclysm. From what records that managed to be salvaged from the devastating Sendrassian Civil War, it was apparent that the Allar suffered a seduction to the Void and its energies, just as the Elves did. The Soor-Rassa-Allar denounced Void Worship, and the practice was quickly smothered in Serass. However, it was around this time that the Es and Zu-Allar grew notorious for sheltering Void worshippers, due to the ever-growing stigma around the faith and its followers. In 21 AC, the Soor-Rassa-Allar caught wind of this, and were pressed to issue a reaction. Though, before they could react to these Void worshipping tribes, something largely unexpected happened.

This event, known as the Opening, was a massive cataclysmic event that stemmed from the top of Mount Rasul, the sole population center of the Zu-Allar. This event unexplainably wiped out every single Zu-Allar in existence, and a new race emerged from their ashes. They were horribly mutated, sprouting feathers, sporting elongated snouts and sharp teeth and claws. This marked the birth of the savage Mu-Allar. While it did take a few decades more, Sendras was then dragged into the Sendrassian Civil War.

At the end of the Civil War, the Mu-Allar reigned victorious, killing and forcing thousands upon thousands of Al-Allar to migrate to Hadar, where they formed a new relationship with the Slizzar. The Mu-Allar retreated into the jungles of Sendras to rebuild, allowing the lush wildlife to flourish once more, and for the most part, they became an obscure entity, uninterested in the happenings of the rest of Aloria. Sendras, after the war, remained largely untouched, except by the occasional slave ship or pirate brigade, who rarely interacted with the natives of the land for fear of being slaughtered. In 304, the Bone Horror Crisis ransacked and destroyed large swaths of the world. Due to the little contact that Mu-Allar have with the outside world, little is known of how well they survived the Crisis.


Sendras is a lush jungle continent far south of Regalia, beyond the smaller nation of Hadar. The landscape is consistent: thick, humid jungles as far as the eye can see, even from the view of an airship. Wetlands and rivers run beneath massive trees, some reaching incredible heights over the centuries they have existed. The continent runs across the entire southern region of Aloria and remains largely unexplored, except for the northern coastal region of the mega continent. The Mu-Allar have prevented any further attempts at exploration by other races as they do not trust them and aim to protect their homeland absolutely. This zeal only increased following the destruction of the Essa Empire at the hands of Regalia which they witnessed from afar in silence.

In some areas, acres of land surrounding certain lakes in Sendras are nothing but dead zones due to the intense toxicity of these bodies of water; their poisonous qualities owed to the Slither magic warfare that bloomed during the Civil War. They are blots of death on the otherwise thriving landscape. Ruins of Serass settlements dot the continent, found sometimes in the centers of these poisonous lakes, and other times just placed in strategic locations about the jungle. Little remains of these ancient ruins, just heaps of carved stone. Very few, if any adventurers have stepped foot into any of these ruins, as many of them lie deep in uncharted jungles. It rains every day above the treeline, having a minor impact regarding the dilution of the poisoned lakes, while plant life has begun to creep up on the dead zones, green contrasting the toxic yellow and brown marshes.

A host of mountains sit to the southern regions of Sendras, on the edge of the jungles. The mountains are impassable, as Void storms still frequent the area. Emerging with The Opening, their Void energies have become rampant and destructive, mutilating or killing any plant life caught in their midst. Void energies are released in lightning-like bolts of energy, striking randomly from pockets of concentrated Essence. They are also highly lethal to animals and man alike, slaughtering them when masses of energy surge through the body, rendering organs, flesh, and bone into nothing more than corrupted black muck.


The supercontinent of Sendras is home to an unlistable variety of flora. While horticulturists deem that some of the plant life found in the accessible reaches of northern Sendras are similar to that of Hadar and Daendroc, they have a distinct Sendrassian, ancient feel. Aside from the unique flora that grows on the continent, common plants such as Roughvine and Dúllci Cane are plentiful.There is strong competition for sunlight as in all rainforests and jungles, where the taller trees block out much of the light that is needed for the smaller life teeming on the ground. To compensate for this, the vegetation on the ground is unusually vivid green in color, evolving over the years to have more chlorophyll. While it is a very green, lush area, other plants have adapted in unconventional ways, changing the nature of their sun-absorption to be able to live off of other waves of light, even minimal UV radiation.

Despite the ability of the plantlife to adapt and evolve to their surroundings, the toxic lakes that dot the continent are still absolutely inhospitable. The extreme poisons act much like acid, dissolving any organic matter dropped into it until it is nothing but a shriveled mass of black sludge.


Alongside the lush flora landscape is also a sizeable amount of fauna. The animals of Sendras frequently compete for resources, as there are nearly three times as many species as there are people living on the continent. Many of the fauna are unique to Sendras alone, with variations of different species just as numerous as there are flora variations, as many remain undocumented to this day. Similar to the population of advanced races that once inhabited the continent, many of the animals are also reptilian.

The Jungle Rhino is numerous in population, roaming the jungles in packs of up to fourteen, grazing down the spaced patches of open grass located sparsely between areas of lush jungle. Predators, such as the Two Claw Raptor and the Sendrassian Long Maw Saurian are also ticket fauna on the continent.

Politics and Demographics

The only declared nation in the entirety of Sendras is the Mu-Allar controled Sendras Empire. There is nothing else that threatens their rule, as they have developed and perfected combat via slither magic. The Sendras Empire is a very loosely controlled system of governance through a council, as the only thing keeping the various tribes held together is constant reminders of past enemy skirmishes, and their common race and culture. Disagreements over territory have never led to much more than a handful of small-scale wars, and order is always restored at the end due to majority the newer generations of Mu-Allar being intelligent and reasonable creatures. When it comes to the topic of outsiders, Mu-Allar are rather xenophobic. Occasionally, pirates and slavers land on the continent seeking rumored riches, but rarely escape with anything.

Notable Locations

Hass Mul-As-Rassa

Hass Mul-As-Rassa is an ancient gilded city in close proximity to the center of the jungle that has since sunk into a deep and toxic mass of water. It is the old capital of the Al-Allar empire that was once thought to be covered in gold and emeralds, though most are now tarnished and eroded, or have fallen off into irretrievable depths. The central structures are completely submerged in toxic waters, but smaller sections of the city are yet accessible to explorers willing to risk delving into Mu-Allar territory. The Mu-Allar see this sunken city as the ultimate success in their war against their cousins and perform Void Worship on the lake shore at festivals that honor the slaughter that once took place there.

Isstonssa Wall

The Isstonssa wall is the largest example of Allar architecture anywhere in Aloria. The wall is covered top to bottom in ancient art and an early, more primitive form of Zasta. The wall stretches over miles of jungle, with a few large breaches due to either ancient undermining or gradual destabilization. The wall marks one’s entry into the harshest and most unforgiving regions of Sendras besides the southern mountain ranges. Brave hunters leave offerings to the Void at these breaches before entering the land beyond to prove themselves as ultimate warriors, although many fail to return.


The main stronghold of the Tigran-centric pirates, the Seastrikers, Dûrcôzz is set at the ruins of an old Al-Allar port used to take Tigran slaves to Hadar nearly 200 years ago. Each day, workers are sent to cut down surrounding jungle and fortify the walls surrounding the ruinous port, making it easier to see attacking predators and Mu-Allar. They have over a dozen Allar alchemists helping to keep the base’s inhabitants healthy under threat of execution if they fail.

Krzz’lass Rssaaron

Krzz’lass Rssaron is the largest Mu-Allar settlement and the home of the Council that keeps the nation in semblance of order. With only a population of around 20,000 citizens, it is meagre in comparison to great cities like Regalia, but still the largest combine of cooperating Mu-Allar in Sendras. It is built off of an old Allar jungle city near a large river, the ruins knitted neatly with wooden structures and makeshift houses that gives it the feel of a shanty town. Much of the old riches and finery of the city was stripped away out of spite hatred for the Al-Allar, and dumped into the nearby river. For bold explorers risking their lives in Mu-Allar territory, the Krzz’lass River Delta would be a great place to look for the discarded treasure and riches.


  • The furthest any non-Mu-Allar has traveled into Sendras was an Orc called Urggrodok the Powerful. He sought to battle the wildlife of Sendras beyond the Isstonssa Wall and entered a breach in 290 AC, but has not been seen since.
  • A warband of Mu-Allar once tried to attack Solangeria only to have the entire band slaughtered down to a man. Most would imagine that Temple Orphans caused their deaths, but the rattled and disturbed survivor maintained until he died that his warband had faced something far worse on the island than any Temple Orphan.

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