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  • ...n Nefw I, Kharkhoor is still famously flush with green, filled with exotic flora, vines and huge trees that are used creatively in the architecture of the l ...aiding instead of boarding, feeling right at home in the desert sands of [[Farah’deen]]. Rather than having a single leader, the fleet is led by two Senef Asha l
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  • ...ed far to the east of the [[Regalian Archipelago]], located northeast of [[Farah’deen]] and sitting across the [[Seas to Sihai-Loong]] from all areas of Aloria. ===Notable Flora===
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  • Aloria is rich in both fauna and flora. This page specifically is dedicated to the broad range of animal life whic ...AC. Finally, there is the Eastern Thunderbird, known to the denizens of [[Farah’deen]] for centuries. All three subgroups have been tied into helping create nat
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