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  • {{Info flora ...e lands the Void-aligned dominated, which eventually became localized in [[Rokhara]]. However, even this proved a passing fad, and by the end of the Allorn Em
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  • {{Info flora ...e progressed, Eluhwa revealed its unique trait. Unlike most other Drowda [[Flora]], unable to be grown beyond the Forbidden Continent, Eluhwa could grow els
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  • {{Info flora {{Flora}}
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  • {{Info flora {{Flora}}
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  • {{Info flora ...e [[Allorn Empire]] expanded into southern [[Daen]] and the continent of [[Rokhara]], records from the time spoke of “massive trees whose great branches spr
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  • {{Info flora {{Flora}}
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  • {{Info flora ...ll the launch of such a devastating weapon from the distant continent of [[Rokhara]]. In reality, the plant only appears to be able to detect the weapon when
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  • |fullname = Rokhara ...amage in recent years, the devastating Fire-scars leaving massive holes in Rokhara’s geography. But there is much land elsewhere and especially now, nothing
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  • ...most region of [[Daen]], is a large peninsula projecting outwards toward [[Rokhara]] and the [[Sundial Isles]]. A rugged land of mountains and sharply cut val ...were of similar stock to those who would later settle the lands of nearby Rokhara, daring individuals who found a different value to be extracted from the re
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  • ...pire's interference. The Sundial Isles were discovered simultaneously to [[Rokhara]], around 2700 BC, and for a time, the two areas were considered one. Howev ...d southwest of the [[Regalian Archipelago]] and [[Daendroc]], and north of Rokhara. The [[ÄWest Cross Ocean]] borders it to the west. The region represents a
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  • ...[[Cult of Suel]] who would later become Avanthar, or were exiled west to [[Rokhara]] and fell to worshipping the [[Void]], later becoming [[Kathar]]. Much lik ===Notable Flora===
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  • ...nly to eat. Being an omnivore, a Grashobaig is capable of digesting both [[Flora]] and fauna as well sentient [[Races]], but usually only does the last if n ...[category:Teled Varren Fauna]] [[category:Sundial Isles Fauna]] [[category:Rokhara Fauna]]
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  • ...brim with Altalar, even as intensive colonization efforts in places like [[Rokhara]] and [[Solleria]] were unable to ease the burden, and battles over land us ===Notable Flora===
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  • ...k of the Warped Form (for rumor of the untainted Maraya had seeped back to Rokhara over the decades), the two sister-clades had made their first contact with ...ngements on a Maraya’s body decorated by shoulder features in the shape of flora with a single chain of [[Gold]] or [[Silver]] along the middle. This style
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  • Aloria is rich in both fauna and flora. This page specifically is dedicated to all recorded, extinct or still livi ...ey are a common animal in the Kathar Steppes found in the southern half of Rokhara, where they are herded and ridden, and exist elsewhere in the broader [[Dre
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