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The staff codex is a mixture of suggestions, guidelines and rules. All staff members should follow this codex. Not doing so will result in decreased rank.


Voicechat is essential. Talk to all other team members on TeamSpeak often and regularly.


Getting to know each other is fun but it’s also a necessity if we are to successfully work together. Getting to know someone over text chat only is almost impossible. Even with voice chat (when not seeing the person) it takes a lot of time before you start to understand someones personality. Voice chat is often more “efficient” than text chat. The amount of words per time unit is higher. The conversations progress faster. You can run around in game and talk at the same time since your hands are not occupied typing.

Try talking to all team members. Not only your closest group of friends. Of course you need to talk more to the people in your current project group than others but do not speak to these people only.


  • Derp spends 1h each week on TeamSpeak. This is far to little.
  • Derp spends 4h each week on TeamSpeak. This is acceptable.
  • Derp spends 10h each week on TeamSpeak and actively tries talking to all team members and not only the closest friends. This is excellent.

Anti Corruption Minimalism

Avoid in-game items/abilities that aren't obtainable as a regular, well behaving player on the server unless the items/abilities are something you absolutely need to do your work.


Team members exist for the player base. We are here to support them. We are supposed to be seen as their friendly equals. We seek that old school, hard to obtain respect that is acquired through being a down-to-earth person. We must thus avoid being seen as powerful and cool. Each time a regular player sees you using an item/ability they can not, you risk being interpreted as a power abuser. If you find yourself interested in such items/abilities you may (unknowingly) be hungering for power and fame.


  • Spawning items for yourself or others (outside team member work).
  • Using staff only teleportation commands (outside team member work).
  • Creative mode flying when just playing the game (outside team member work).
  • Possessing unobtainable items such as fire blocks and water blocks.
  • Running special effects such as lightning strikes just to show of how cool you are.

Anti Corruption Transparency

Team members may check the inventories of other team members. In fact we even encourage doing this every once in a while.


It is important that the team members trust each other. We need that trust to work together and improve MassiveCraft. In order to be able to trust each other we must be allowed to investigate each other. No one should have anything to hide in their inventory (such as unobtainable/hacked items) but it will (rarely) happen that team members do. If so, you can remind them of the guidelines and help correcting their morale-compass. If your suspect was wrong then you do not need to suspect anymore and no trust is lost.


  • Derp thinks he sees Herp holding an illegal item for a moment. He checks using “/openinv Herp” and Herp does indeed have an illegal item. A discussion can then be held resulting in a rewarding adjustment of Herp’s morale compass.
  • A player tells Derp about a rumor. According to the rumor Herp insulted a player in the in-game chat last night. Derp investigates the chat logs and finds nothing there. Since Derp now knows it was indeed just a rumor no trust is lost.

Write Good Punishment Reasons

All our punishment commands take a reason argument. Always write a proper reason there. A proper reason often fits into the pattern “The player has been REASON”. A reason is usually something the player has been doing. Provide as much detail as possible.


The reason is important both for the offender and the team members. If someone is getting punished for something it’s fair they know why right? The reason is also broadcasted to the other team members and can be seen later using the /whois command. It’s imporant we can look back and remember the reason in order to handle unban appeals properly.


Bad Reasons:

  • <3
  • well yeah
  • don't be an idiot
  • no.. simply no
  • Don't be a griefing bitch

OK Reasons:

  • cheating
  • griefing
  • advertising

Good Reasons:

  • using nodus forcefield hack
  • encouraging others to use xray with local chat in Ellador
  • multiple harassment reports on the forums
  • duplicating 30 diamond blocks and 22 golden apples
  • Griefing SilverEdge as faction member. Breaking many blocks, placing lava and water.

Staff involvement with Ban Requests

Staff members may submit ban apeals against players in any situation, however there are some limitations to their abilities and what they can do during a Ban Request they themselves submitted.


It has happened in the past that a staff member became too emotionally involved with a ban apeal submitted, resulting in a tricky situation that caused some heat between Team members. To avoid this from happening and ensuring the friendly attitude in the team, we have set up some regulations when it comes to submitting Ban Requests as players.

  • A staff member may submit a Ban Request, but may not judge on it. He or she may share his or her opinion.
  • A staff member may request additional attention to a Ban Request in the staff teamchats, but are asked to keep communication about this to a minimum as said Ban Reqest should not be given any more attention than a Ban Request submitted by a regular player.
  • The staff member who reported the player may not argue the investigation or conclusion in an attempt to change the conclusion, of the Ban Request, even if this means lower ranks will be dealing with the investigation.
  • A staff member may ask the staff members individually about the conclusion after the final conclusion has been made. The staff member may not attempt to change the conclusion and is instead encouraged to learn from the conclusion to better their perception of rule breaking.
  • A staff member may request that another staff member be disqualified from reviewing a Ban Request. This ability is shared with regular players if they believe a certain staff member is too biased to deal with the case. In this situation, a CM3 admin will review the validity of this request and accept or deny it. Should no CM3 be available or have a good conclusion, then a GM3 will make the decision.

Staff confidentiality

Maintain a full confidentiality standard with regards to the ingame Team Chat, Skype Team Chats, as well as the hidden sections on the forum.


Staff members should feel safe discussing matters which should not be spread to players, without the fear of one staff member handing out the information to players. Additionally, we must protect the privacy of players who report other players on the forum, as well as keep information on who voted for an unban in private.


  • Share confidential information from the Skype Team Chat
  • Share confidential information from the ingame Team Chat
  • Share private information from player reports.
  • Share private information from player unbans.
  • Share plans about future development unless the PR department already has.