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In general, Lore staff are in charge of developing and maintaining the lore on the forums, wiki, and in-game, as well as enforcing in-game etiquette and lore-related rules, OOC and IC punishments, and ensuring the success of special permissions and lore-approved roleplay organizations. To upkeep their rank (or gain a rank, in the case of roleplay staff and aspirants), points must be recorded on the Point Reports Forums by Saturday night each week. Lore leaders will not always record unreported points! It is your responsibility to report your own points!


Because workflow in the Lore department is distinct, Lore staff do not usually recruit new members via an application. All lore staff start out as Roleplay Staff, who have no in-game rank but assist on the forums and in the aspirant documents with character applications and low-level lore work. When lore staff feel Roleplay Staff have contributed enough and have enough of an understanding of the workflow, and if Roleplay Staff are at an appropriate age, they're promptly promoted to Lore staff and given in-game ranks. Roleplay Staff are almost exclusively recruited by the Lore staff department head, who will take recommendations from other members of Lore staff. Great ways to become recruited into Roleplay Staff include: offering peer reviews, offering a willingness to help others and improve the roleplay scene, doing write-me's, and communicating frequently with members of Lore staff about aforementioned projects.


Character Application Reviews

There are a number of character applications that need reviewing and approval, and only roleplay and lore staff are able to offer that. The entire process of reviewing an application involves reading it over, offering feedback, working with the player if necessary, then rejecting or approving the application and following the proper protocol thereafter. Since staff to do character applications are in higher demand, point rewards for staff reviews are also increased.

  • Character Approval: 1 point.
  • Character Rejection: 1 point.
  • 5000+ word application, lengthy approval process, or extended responses required: +1 Point.

Event Hosting

If a Lore Staff hosts an event (that is to say, hosts an event that draws more people than a common tavern gathering), they will recieve 5 points. Only one lore staff can claim the hosting points. Staff should be shooting for 20-30 people in attendence, at the least.

  • Succesful Event: 5 points +1 for every 10 attendees.

Publishing Lore

By publishing a page onto the wiki, a lore staff must take a fully processed page, process it themselves a final time to ensure no glaring faults remain, and then transfer the document to a relevent wiki page. This may involve fixing links on existing pages to reflect the publication. A publisher must also annoucne the publishing on the Wiki Updates forum thread.

  • Publishing: 1 point.

Story Progression Posts

As time goes on, so does the storyline and plot of Aloria. Lore staff are in charge of writing story progression posts including political affairs, war updates, and plot updates. Because most story progression posts take an amount of planning beforehand, a half hour of work is automatically tacked onto each. Lore staff will be accredited points based on the following criteria:

  • 0-500 words: 2 point.
  • +500+ words: 2 additional points.

Q&A Management

While our lore is ever-growing, many questions will always continue to arise, and it’s the duty of lore staff to answer these as they come in. When a question in the Q&A section is answered, the lore staff is to move it to the proper section. Point distribution is as follows:

  • 5 questions answered: 1 point.

Processing Lore

This includes Write Me Lore, user submitted lore, and staff submitted lore. Lore that’s sent to the wiki needs to have two people looking it over for our standards of grammar and spelling, lore compliance, and realism. Processing does not get accredited until the work has been published. Point accreditation is as follows:

  • Processing: 3 points.
  • Every 500 words: +2 points.
  • Extensive editing: +1 or more points.

Writing Lore

Lore needs to be written, and who better to write it than lore staff? Non staff will also receive points for written lore if they ask to be accredited, or if they’re a part of a project. Points do not get accredited until they have been published. It’s already assumed an amount of planning goes into writing before words go on paper. Point accreditation is as follows but may be modified based upon the specific content of an article, taking into account subjects requiring non-standard formatting or extended background work:

  • 500 words: 2 points.

Expand for an example list

  • 500 words: 1
  • 1000 words: 4
  • 1500 words: 6
  • 2000 words: 8
  • 2500 words: 10

Wiki Formatting

While wiki formatting used to be considered processing, since it’s such a specialized task that takes an amount of effort, it’s considered its own entity. Wiki formatting can be counted for lore points or tech points, depending on what the formatter requests. Point accreditation is as follows:

  • 0-2,000 words: 1 point.
  • 2,000+ words: 2 points.
  • Extensive formatting: +1 point.

Lore Tickets

Sometimes in-game tickets are made regarding lore or roleplay questions. Lore staff have the opportunity to gain points by picking lore tickets. Point accreditation is as follows:

  • 5 tickets: 1 point.

Project Management

When a member of staff manages a project, a lot of work gets put into ensuring quality assurance is met, members are managed, and enough output is offered on a consistent basis. Along with any points they may receive from the pieces within the project itself, the following point accreditation applies to the project leaders, to be tallied when the project reaches its conclusion:

  • Project start: 1 point.
  • Project announcement: 1 point.
  • 5+ participants: +1 point.
  • 3 pages published: +1 points.
  • Project conclusion: 1 point.



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