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'''Lore Staff Leader'''  
'''Lore Staff Leader'''  
'''Lore Staff Officer'''
'''Lore Staff Officers'''
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'''Roleplay Staff Members'''
'''Roleplay Staff Members'''

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The Lore Department is in charge of writing, approving, improving and enforcing the lore of the server, both on the forum and in-game.

Most of the work of Lore staff members will involve Roleplay Application Reviewing, as well as lore write-ups. The Lore of MassiveCraft is ever expanding, counting 80 Wiki pages already and counting. Secondary tasks include approving player written lore, enforcing lore etiquette in game, and generally ensuring everyone has a good time in our lore universe. The Lore staff is currently the only department that has it's own sub-department called the Roleplay Staff. The Roleplay Staff are players who do not have an in-game rank, but function as trainees for the Lore Staff, or player base helpers to support the Lore staff in all their work. Aside from not being able to moderate in game roleplay, the Roleplay Staff are effectively no different from Lore Staff and fulfill the exact same functions.


Lore Staff tend not to accept applications because the work flow in the department is different. All Lore Staff go trough the Roleplay Staff first. After a period of contributing in the Roleplay Staff, the individuals tend to flow seamlessly into the Lore department as the Roleplay department gives them all the necessary resources and communication to show their capabilities. Roleplay Staff are usually exclusively recruited by the Lore Staff department head. The head of this department will take suggestions from his fellow Lore and Roleplay Staff. Recruiting by the head, is done based on competence and talent. The Lore Staff department head can as such be considered a talent scout. Good ways to get yourself seen by the department head, is to impress other Lore staff with the quality of submitted server lore, peer reviews, or in-game roleplay.


 Character application reviews

Character application reviews are the physical reviews of character applications on the MassiveCraft forum by Roleplay and Lore staff. Reviews take place when a player submits a character for review, and a staff member looks over the details, reading the application in detail, and working with the applicant to bring the application to a good result.

The Character application reviews maintain a subset of reviews. This means that there is an internal points pool that must be met to achieve a staff point.

  • 1 point: A full in depth review of 1 character. A full in depth review is counted as a review that requires the reviewer to engage the applicant in dialogue.
  • 1 point: Two half reviews. Half reviews are counted as an instant rejection or approval without in depth reviewing.
  • 2 points: A long in depth review is worth 2 points. An example of a long review is the following: [1]

Lore announcements

Lore announcements are Lore related forum announcements, for example world events, Lore story progressions or notable events that took place in Regalia. Such posts are usually made trough the perspective of the owner or publisher, or sometimes trough the eyes of a news reporter. The news posts are always written in a roleplay atmosphere and perspective.

  • 2 points: A lore announcement of at least 3 paragraphs.

Q&A Forum thread management

Q&A Forum thread management is providing passive service on the Lore Q&A thread. The Lore Q&A thread exists to service players who want quick answers to their lore questions. What is understood as "management" is adequately responding to questions on the thread with the correct responses.

  • 2 points: A week of adequate Q&A care, counted as at least 10 questions answered within a week.

Noble Application thread management

Noble Application thread management is providing passive service on the Noble Application Thread. The Noble Application Thread exists to allow players to apply for noble positions, as well as advising aspiring families, and maintaining information on the nobility scheme.

  • 2 points: Noble Applications care are assigned on a weekly basis based on the "owner" of the thread. The owner of the thread is currently BabaManga, and as such BabaManga will receive 2 points a week for Noble Application Management, until he fails at this task, or gives up.

Special Permission application thread management

Special Permission application thread management is providing staff input on Special Roleplay Permissions when players apply for them. They exist to allow players to apply for special roleplay permissions, such as upyrism or demonic infestation.

  • 2 points: A successful resolution per thread is counted as two points for one person who takes care of it. A successful resolution is understood as a resolution brought after a dialogue where the Staff involved attempts to steer the application in the right direction instead of rejecting it outright.

Lore Write-up

Lore Write-up is writing up a lore page about any subject, ranging from a race, independent state, flower or castle. The lore Write-up's can be made on Google docs, or on the Write-me section on the forum. The Write-up should always be pre-approved by a Lore 3 staff before writing starts.

  • 2 points: A well written write-up of at least 5 paragraphs, roughly 200 words or 1000 characters per paragraph. For every 3 extra paragraphs, another point is assigned.

Write me thread management and Wiki conversion

Write me thread management and Wiki conversion involves taking a document written by staff or players, proof reading, converting and posting it on the Wiki. This is a duo work project, two persons must always be involved and will gain equal points. When processing for Wiki, the staff must format the document correctly, do spell checking, and do overall quality assurance.

  • 2 points: Every processed Write me is worth 2 points for 2 people. No more than 2 people should work on a write-me.

World Event set-up and management

World Event set-up and management is understood as conceptualizing an event involving story progression or Regalia related public events. The concept should always be approved by Regalia's Primary Manager, currently that is MonMarty. Upon concept approval, the event must be carried out by the owner or the appropriated staff members. Points will be assigned for different activities.

  • 2 points: Conceptualization is worth two points is the thinker wrote an adequate document that others can use if the thinker suddenly disappeared.
  • 2 points: Organization is worth two points, depending on whether the thinker or person executing the document needs other staff to help, such as game staff to help keeping peace, or world staff to prepare buildings. This obviously only applies if this isn't a one man event.
  • 2 points: Execution is worth two points between everyone who participates, regardless of department. They shall all be appropriated points based on the work they did.

Quest Storyline

Write a riveting, creative, and fully developed story that can be converted into a quest for either an existing quest island or the capital city. Do keep in mind that if the story is not interesting, or if no quest writers are interested in the story, you will not be awarded points for it until it is used in a completed quest. This is also available as a Quest project

  • 1 point: For every 15 nodes written.


Lore Staff Leader

  • MonMarty

Lore Staff Officers

  • Ryciera
  • BabaManga
  • leversandpulleys
  • Shayin

Lore Staff Members

  • Jared4242
  • Green_Hood
  • _Omnomivore_
  • Feyona
  • Plecy
  • Jamescl
  • JakkDhread

Roleplay Staff Members

  • Luthein
  • Th3_Drunk_Monk
  • BuffyCreepSlayer
  • Catcat1305