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Appearance Basic appearance.
Difficulty Rate 1/10. (0-Easiest)
Creator Who created, or where?
Class Who makes up the majority of the consumers?
  • X parts one thing.
  • X parts another thing. Fractions are recommended but not required.

The intro is a solid, five sentence paragraph designed to summarize the article and hook the reader into the page as a whole. As a general guide, include the following in an intro paragraph:

  • Hook sentence
  • Describe the subject of the article
  • Offer a little historical context about the subject
  • Give a detail about the subject unrelated to the history
  • State what impact the subject has made, why it is important, or its present day state.


(How did it originate, and by who? Is there any cultural/religious significance? How obtainable is it?)


(Describe how the dish or food is prepared, if at all, in paragraph form. What is the process for it to be prepared? How difficult is it? Use complete sentences.)


  • Describe the appearance
  • Describe the smell
  • Describe the taste


  • You know what to do.

Writers No need to link them.
Artists Delete line if none.
Processors Separate, by, commas.
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