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Invented by Dwarves
Used by Medics, Doctors, Drug Addicts
Common uses
  • Injecting Alchemy creations and other chemicals into an individual
  • Extracting blood for study
Rarity Uncommon

The Cryostim is a unique invention originally developed by the Dwarves after their discovery of the mineral Crenishard. The device is a sophisticated injection and extraction device far advanced from the clunkier and more brute-force metal needle machines that existed prior. The Cyrostim, while originally meant for the medical community and used extensively by this group, also shares usability within the criminal underworld for the distribution of drugs and other illicit substances for lucrative money. While not every Alchemy creation can be injected, there are enough that use of the Cyrostim takes place across the world.


Cryostims are a recent Alorian invention, developed around 260 AC by the Dwarves of Grebor in Ellador. It came shortly after their discovery of the crystalline substance Crenishard, that local scholars quickly determined to be of use for enhancing injection devices, which at the time were crude, metallic, and bulky. However, the Dwarves had little use for such a machine given their lack of injectable substances or a need to inject substances into their bloodstream. As such, the development generally went unshared for over a decade. In 276 AC though, as Crenishards were traded to the wider Elladorian population of Ailor and Dwarves, the same use was also determined after a brief study of the material. By 280 AC, the Cryostim was created, and the plans for the device found their way across Aloria. While it was originally meant for medical and scholarly uses only, the criminal underworld saw a much better use for it: the consumption of narcotics. In this late era of the Regalian Pessimism, narcotic use was on the rise and the higher potency via direct injection for several illicit chemicals was heavily sought after by the suffering populus. Today, Cryostims are used by groups on opposite ends of the spectrum from one another, one seeking to heal and aid in recovery while the others seek to dull their minds and aid in getting people addicted to dangerous chemicals.


To construct a Cryostim, an individual needs to first acquire a trimmed Crenishard, as without it the device wouldn’t function as desired. This fragment of Crenishard should be around three to four inches long. Then, the rest of the device can be constructed, with a strong metal cylinder serving as the base. The Crenishard should be fastened to one end through pinching of the metal with a wrapping of thin leather around it and along the metal cylinder to secure it as well as possible. Then, a small metal ring should be attached to the side of the cylinder to serve as a handhold before, finally, a metal plunging piece should be inserted into the rear of the cylinder. This plunging piece should ideally be tightly fitted to the metal so that liquids extracted or injected don’t leak out.


Physical Characteristics

Cryostims are all roughly a foot long. The needle takes up around four inches and is a pale, translucent blue color. This will darken as liquid passes through it during the injection or extraction process. The cylindrical metal housing unit makes up another four inches and is attached to the needle. The final bit of the device is comprised of the metal plunger that is inserted into the main housing unit to push the contained liquid through the needle or to draw out blood.


Famed for both its medicinal and recreational uses, the Cryostim is a treasured item for both criminals and healers alike. The Cryostim enhances the effect of several drugs and healing concoctions that are injected into the recipient. Due to the frail nature of the Crenishard attachment, these syringes will break upon rough handling, so extreme care must be taken when using or transporting these items. Using them in combat is entirely out of the question, due to its sheer frailty. Even medics sent out to a battlefield are rarely given Cryostims for the above reason. Despite this, they remain a renowned and strongly used apparatus in wealthy Regalian clinics, presenting the healers who handle them with a stark advantage over their more traditional counterparts. Cryostims can also draw blood for scholarly purposes though it is a much rarer use compared to the other two.


  • On most Wiki Alchemy pages, there is an “Injectable?” section telling you if the substance can be injected or not.
  • Cryostims are technically legal in Regalia, but citizens who carry the item for recreational use face the same public scrutiny as opium users do. They are usually out of the price of a commoner, but most clinics will carry one or two Cryostims for medical use. A well-off merchant will be able to afford a Cryostim.


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