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Invented by Dwarves
Used by Dwarves, Humans, Most Races
Rarity Somewhat sparse
Common uses
  • Healing
  • Medicinal practice
  • Drug use

A recent discovery in Aloria, Crenishards, as they are informally called, are naturally occurring crystalline tubes found on the border between Ellador and Jorrhildr that are later adjusted to form a “Cryostim.” Initially used by the Dwarvish people that frequent the region, the “technology” fell into the hands of a human ranger party in 276 AC, and within a few decades spread across Ellador and most of Aloria. The Cryostims are used as a makeshift, poorly formed syringe for healing, drug use, and a great range of medicinal use.


In 261 AC, a Dwarven mining party from the Grebor Hold was sent out on an expedition to find new crystalline caves. These Dwarves travelled miles into the border between Ellador and Jorrhildr, taking refuge in a selection of icy caves across the border. While there, not only did the Dwarves discover a land rich in ore, but also thin, sharp crystal stalagmites and stalactites emanating from all corners of the caves. Without the proper tools to clear these caverns, the sharp icy crystals would prove a deterrent to travellers and beasts alike, and so the caves had remained undiscovered for years. While clearing the crystal took a few months, eventually the Metalitra pickaxes of the dwarves managed to break off the Crenishards, allowing them to be collected for later research. A few years later in 265 AC, a Dwarven researcher managed to attach the small Crenishard crystal tubes to a cylindrical metal container and a plunger, forming the first “Cryostim.” This syringe-like apparatus was used purely for healing purposes for the next few years in Dwarven society, remaining a secret of the people until 276 AC. Dwarves would make use of Swamp Blood in particular during this time.

In 276 AC, a party of Ailor raiders set upon a group of Dwarven merchants. Little did they know, these Dwarves held not only a small shipment of the finished Cryostims, but a letter alluding to their location and use. The raiding party kept one Dwarf alive, torturing the poor soul into madness to learn about the items. It took years of trial, but that particular group of raiders managed to hire a tinker to make their own Cryostims in the style of the Dwarves. The tortured Dwarf was injected with a variety of not only healing remedies, but drugs to test the effects. While the Dwarf would later perish, the raiders spread word of the wondrous drugging capabilities of these Cryostims, and sold them to the highest bidder. Soon enough, a “gold rush” period ensued, with traders flocking to the Ellador-Jorrhildr border to collect the raw materials. Regalia quickly took notice of the useful apparatus, sending the minor explorer Deacon d’Elrius to investigate these Crenishard mines. Upon scouting and mapping more than a dozen of them, the Regalian Government swiftly purchased the maps and put armed sellswords around the larger mines, a quick business move that put these Cryostims in all corners of the Regalian Empire, albeit at a steep cost. One Cryostim alone would cost a month's wages to a commoner today, with even a high noble having to hesitate at the cost.


To start, trim the Crenishard crystal to the desired length, typically around three to four inches. Next fasten one end of the Crenishard to a metal cylinder, wrapping with a thin strip of leather around the needle and pulling tight. Next, attach a small, metal ring to the side of the container to act as a handle while using the syringe. Finally, insert the metal plunger into the empty end of the cylinder.


Physical Characteristics

The full length of a Cryostim is roughly a foot in size. The needle takes up around four inches, and is a pale, translucent blue color. The metal housing unit makes up another four inches, and consists of a hollow tube structure that attaches to the needle. The final length is comprised of the metal plunger that is inserted into the main housing unit to push the contained liquid through the needle.


Famed for both its medicinal and recreational uses, the Cryostim is a treasured item for both criminals and healers alike. The Cryostim will enhance the effect of most drugs and healing concoctions that are injected into the recipient. Due to the frail nature of the Crenishard attachment, these syringes will break upon rough handling, and so extreme care must be taken when using or transporting these items. Using them in combat is entirely out of the question, due to its sheer frailty. Even medics sent out to a battlefield are rarely given Cryostims for the above reason. Despite this, they remain a renowned and strongly used apparatus in wealthy Regalian clinics, presenting the healers who handle them with a stark advantage over their more traditional counterparts..


  • Want to know what can be used in a Cryostim and what can’t? On most wiki alchemy pages, there will now be an “Injectible?” section telling you just that!
  • Cryostims are technically legal in Regalia, but citizens who carry the item for recreational use face the same public scrutiny as opium users do. They are usually out of the price of a commoner, but most clinics will carry one or two Cryostims in their respective housing. A well off merchant will be able to afford a Cryostim.
  • One of the first raiders who used the Cryostim tried to put his own twist on Thelwen’s Brew and after injecting, began to froth at the mouth, proclaiming he had to “BLOODY KILL” until he was restrained. The exact reason for this madness goes undiscovered to this day.

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