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Major NPC Nobles or Major NPC Noble Families are DM (which stands for Dungeon Master on MassiveCraft, a Lore Staff member who steers Progression Narrative) controlled, who interact and interface with the Noble System to provide additional functionality, as well as a more unpredictable element in political considerations. NPC Nobles are not played in-game, or otherwise very rarely, and will only occasionally show up at events. They are largely reactionary in progressions, meaning that they will mostly react to what the other Nobles do, but can also pursue their own narrative agendas. An NPC Noble may for example seek to expand their coffers by shrewd economic ventures, or expand their territory. This page should give the most basic of information anyone would need about the individual NPC Noble Families, and be able to create expectations and assumptions on their behavior and actions as well as reactions. Ultimately, however, NPC Nobles act in their own independent way, so one should always exercise caution with NPC Noble Families, and never take them out of consideration when evaluating one's own plans and plots.

House Ivrae de Sange

The most well known House out of all those that exist, House Ivrae de Sange was once just House Ivrae, a wealthy and affluent family that served an important role in the Regalian Kingdom’s functions. However, when the Regalian king proved too much, Ivrae allied with four other notable Houses at the time to rebel and bring down the monarchy. In its stead, thanks to possessing the most wealth and shrewd leadership, the Ivraes rose to the rank of Imperial Family, with their line of Emperors continuing for over two centuries, converting to Ithanian ideals relatively soon after contact had been made with that Culture. Some rulers were better than others, but ultimately when the last of their male line died off, House Kade was selected to rule while the last Ivrae de Sange family members retired to a quiet life within the Lordship they had ruled for centuries; Vixhall. They were a House known for their enormous wealth, but over the years their assurance and finery has decreased, as they are a silent political player in Regalia. Their vineyards are to be respected though, and none should not be so bold as to attack them personally, as they are still the former Imperial Family and know quite well how to deal with threats to their family line.

House Lampero

House Lampero under Tristan reached their ruination, only to be dragged out of annihilation by his son.

House Lampero was once known as a respected, though minor family of Vultaro who had been one of the first among the region to be identified as Dressolini. As trailblazers for the Culture, they retained great respect from those around them, and their mining efforts grew to be of great importance to the Regalian Empire as Coal similarly grew in importance. Unfortunately, problems have plagued the House in the modern-day. First, their House’s heir proved to be staunchly homosexual and was rejected by the Dressolini people, with the Unionist clergy middle child passed over due to his religious obligations. This left the bastard, loosely educated third child of strange origin in charge. Tristan Lampero grew into a titan of a man; tall, broad and pale, but that did himself no favors in a society so turned toward refinement as the Dressolini. Eventually, there was a rebellion against his poor rule, and in the chaos, massive societal turmoil followed. Dressolini of House di Alan took control of the area from Montania, but their rule was very short lived. Tristan’s own bastard, a Half-Orc, emerged and challenged the di Alans for the right to rule. The contest proved brutally fatal, and House di Alan’s main line was extinguished. Now, Ryker Lampero rules the House, such as it is, with a host of Orc and Half-Orc soldiers augmenting his power in addition to huge numbers of Dressolini regulars. The industrial capacity of the House has been entirely adapted to the machine of war, and House Lampero is now a feared, powerful force in Regalian politics and on the battlefield.

House Anahera

House Anahera is a notable Daendroque-cultured House that has left a mark on Regalian if not world history, in recent years. Their origins are murky, though what is certain, is that they rose to prominence in the southwest of the Regalian Archipelago following 100 AC. With connections back to Daenshore and other Daendroque states, they became the supplier of exotic goods that the Regalian Empire had not accessed. One of the key materials they supplied was Opium, and they built their fortune off of it, but later transitioned their land into a key manufacturing center for the Imperial Navy. But beginning in 304 AC, the House started to have issues. Its leadership became contested, and this ultimately escalated into thinly-veiled murder, before its new leader triggered the Anahera Dictatorship. In the wake of the Dictatorship’s short life, House Anahera’s remaining family members retreated from the public eye as they were stripped of wealth and power. In the years since this disaster though, prudent and devoutly loyal Anahera efforts have seen them gain in strength, wealth and power once again. They now form a powerful bloc in politics, with the Anahera House of Trade monopolizing the Opium trade and their shipyards still capable of producing high quality vessels for the Regalian Empire.

House Ravenstad

House Ravenstad has been a major proponent of Leutz-Vixe Culture since their earliest days. Major nobles in what is now the Hinterlands Duchy in Osteiermark, they helped to spread the Culture after its birth and the Ravenstads gradually came to be as synonymous with it as the Culture’s original founders, House de Luxelle. The House is more well known for its most recent members though, most clearly for being major and close, if not intimate, confidants to several members of House Kade. Most prominent of these were the relations between Percival Ravenstad and Cedric Kade, Imperial Prince and former Emperor, which caused an enormous stir in the Regalian Empire. Many claim, blame or imagine that this relationship is behind the legislative changes that followed, but many also whisper that the relationship between the two was far more turbulent than it appeared in public. Ultimately with Alexander I back on the throne, House Ravenstad has returned to its former state as major champions of Leutz-Vixe Culture, their brief time in the spotlight not likely to be forgotten any time soon. Their family is best known for its involvement in the fashion industry, with its lands producing a variety of goods endemic of Leutz-Vixe interests, in addition to silk and adjacent products needed for the production of their lavish fashion products.

The Genevaud Cantons

While not a large polity, the Cantons located within the Lordship of Genevaud are still a powerful force in the politics of the Regalian Archipelago. The Cantons came into being over a century ago, when mountain-dwelling Ailor came into contact with the many other Lordships around them, who were squeezing in and looking to claim their mountains. Instead, the future Genevaud fought back, and came to be accepted as their own Lordship. These sixteen regions, equivalent to many as baronies, have ruled over the Lordship ever since. Their presence beyond the Regalian Archipelago is very limited, as their nation is on the smaller end of populations. However, they are notably conservative in many of their views, being educated in traditional, mainline Unionism largely by New Regalian and Heartland Ceardian priests. As a result, they dislike the liberalism of their neighbors, the Ithanians, and are a conservative bloc that remains significant, though rarely courted. Additionally, their nation has long supplied mercenary groups to other Lordships in the Regalian Archipelago, as their stance of general neutrality to conflict between nobles beyond their borders has granted them high esteem, and a reputation of lacking bias. A contract is a contract, and their mercenary corps (many of which are pikeman based) will fight with honor and integrity.

The Dragenthal Baronlands

While the Dragenthal Baronlands have long been the site of much competition and rebellion, recent years have seen a startling turn toward unity that has only recently, and very specifically, been broken. The Dragenthal Baronlands, while referring to the baronies of Dragenthal in normal conversation, specifically refer to the West Rourke Baronlands and the East Dragh Baronlands when in a noble context. In the wake of the Drachenwald Crisis several decades ago, chaos was the rule of things, and indeed even Noble House Black has felt the sting of dealing with other Dragenthal nobles despite their power. However, in 307 AC, in response to various political changes, the remnants of the infamous Barons Coalition from the Drachenwald Crisis arose in rebellious defiance of Kade and Ravenstad domination of the government. Given the Kades history with these rebellious Dragenthal barons, it is little wonder to most that Emperor Cedromar promptly had the entire leadership ring of the barons executed after they were captured in battle. Having cut the head off of the serpent, two new power blocs were formed from their remains by the Emperor, those being the two Baronlands known today (on either side of the Schön River respectively). Despite the separation of location and name, the two powers are friendly with one another, and in conflicts and political matters since, they have come to each other’s defense and aid. Some are doubtful that this swell of cooperation will continue, but it has been some time without a falling out between these powers, and some now fear a united, powerful Dragenthal.

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