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NPC Houses
Notable Person
Full Name
  • The Five Families
  • Royal Families
  • Noble Families
Claim to Fame Influential Houses within the Regalian Empire

The Five Families

The Five Families, sometimes known as the Great Houses, were chiefly responsible for founding the Regalian Empire around the time of the Cataclysm through their rebellion against the Regalian King. Each of the Five Families were given great influence over the functioning of the Empire, and many nobles claim some sort of relation to at least one of them. Over time, some of the Five Families fell from prominence, often from the extinction of the main bloodline, though their legacies are still felt even to this day.

House Kade

Founder: Thedmir I
Notable Members: The Arch Chancellors
Current Head: None, ruled by the Kade Council
Region of Influence: Anglia

House Kade is the most prestigious of the Five Families, owing largely to the fact that the Kades are the current Imperial Family. Following the Five Family Rebellion, the Kades were given the Arch Chancellor's position, making them the heads of the Regalian Government, where they saw the implementation of the Emperor’s policies throughout the State. House Kade currently holds great influence over Anglia, and the Regalian Archipelago’s grain and cereal market.

House Ivrae

Founder: Theomar I
Notable Members: The Emperors
Current Head: Prince Ivrain Ivrae
Region of Influence: Vixhall

House Ivrae was the former Imperial Dynasty that established the Regalian Empire under Theomar I (with Ivrae Emperors taking the additional surname of de Sange, or Heiligenblut for the Wirtem Emperors). As Emperors, the Ivraes oversaw the growth and expansion of the Empire, suffering through both good and bad Emperors along the way. Over time, the Great House became influenced by the Ithanian Culture, and soon became the predominant influence over Vixhall, with winemaking becoming a noble trade of the family over time. Today, the Ivraes live out their retirement from the Imperial Seat in Vixhall, with many high-class parties hosted in their many countryside palaces.

House Vermeer

Founder: Agatha I
Final Head: Marianne I
Region of Influence: Anglia

House Vermeer was an Anglian House that assisted in the Five Family Rebellion, though it was also the first of the Great Houses to fall due to the extinction of the mainline. Despite this, the final Vermeer matriarch, Marianne I, became Co-Chancellor with her husband, Thedmir I. As a result, the legacy of House Vermeer continues on through the Kade Dynasty, with the current Emperor able to trace his lineage all the way back to Marianne I.

House Cadar

Founder: Jonas I
Notable Members:
  • Hector I (First Grand Admiral of the Regalian Military)
  • Eolaria I (became Empress Elia and later a Unionist goddess)
Final Leader: Rianne I
Region of Influence: Greater Calemberg

House Cadar was synonymous with the Regalian Military, having been granted authority over the military campaigns during the early days of the Empire. House Cadar was also responsible for the raising of Emperors Lilienmar III and Allamaria I and producing their a later deified empress, Elia. House Cadar was instrumental in integrating the Wirtem into the Empire following the collapse of the Wirtemcaller Kingdom and became the first ruler of Greater Calemberg. Unfortunately, House Cadar’s mainline extinguished following the death of Rianne I in a battle against the separatist Hintercalem Kingdom, leaving the family's remnants to fade into obscurity.

House van Sherburne

Founder: Martin I
Notable Members: Olgorr van Sherburne
Final Head: Cedric I
Region of Influence: Dragenthal

House van Sherburne was chiefly responsible for the Regalian economy following the Five Family Rebellion, with its leaders helping to create the Regal coin and various trade networks throughout the Regalian Archipelago and beyond. Despite having seen major success through events such as the Ithanian Gem Boom and the formation of the Calderliga League, the Great House began to show signs of decay during the middle of the 3rd century AC. During the reign of Olgorr I, the Drachenwald Crisis erupted in the van Sherburne holdings, causing the swift destruction of the family’s influence afterward. While the mainline did survive the Crisis, it was eventually extinguished during the early 4th century AC when their final patriarch was executed by the Regalian State.

Royal Families

The Royal Families are the Houses that currently rule over the Regalian Empire’s largest Kingdoms: the Kingdoms of Nordskag and Lusits, and the Sovereign Ithania. While vassals under the Regalian Emperor, these Royals still hold a large amount of authority and often come together as the College of Royals to assist the Imperial Family in wider-Alorian policies.

House Krumme

Founder: King Markus I
Current Head: King Osvald I
Region of Influence: Kingdom of Nordskag

House Krumme is the current ruling Dynasty of the Kingdom of Nordskag, who came to power following the ascension of King Markus I several decades ago. As a cadet line of the Ragnvald Dynasty, the Krummes already had a prior claim to the Nordskagger Throne, making their ascension smoother than other royals. It was under the Krummes that Nordkag became a vassal kingdom under the Regalians, and today remains a bastion of Velheim Culture in the Empire.

House do Lobo

Founder: Serene Doge Alfonso I
Notable Members: King Alfonso I
Current Head: Empress Juliana I
Region of Influence: Kingdom of Lusits

House do Lobo has been an influential House in Lusits even before they became Royal, as many do Lobos had been elected as Serene Doges during the era of the Lusits Republic. Over time, the Republic became a Kingdom, and the do Lobos as Serene Doges became hereditary kings. Unfortunately, the Royal House has an infamous reputation for close-cousin marriages, leading to most of their current monarch having some form of madness brought about by years of inbreeding. The current monarch, Juliana I, is currently the Empress of the Regalian Empire, though she currently lives in Lusits far away from her husband the Emperor.

House de Gosselin

Founder: Duke Francis I
Current Head: King Florent I
Region of Influence: Bastadon, Sovereign Ithania

House de Gosselin is the newest Royal House in the Regalian Empire, having conquered the Ithanian Sovereignty in recent history. Initially, the de Gosselin’s were dukes of the Iltar Kingdom, which was annexed by the Regalian Empire early on in the latter’s history. With the former Kingdom becoming a notable headquarters for the Dogmatic Unionists, House de Gosselin subsequently becamepatrons of the Divine College, using much of their income to fund the creation of temples on Bastadon. The family has also been a notable supporter of the Villiers-Eclaire Order, with some of the Elder Council being made up of de Gosselin family members (with the previous Primae being King Florent I).

Noble Families

House von Treppewitz

Founder: Sigric I
Notable Member: Karl I (Grand Marshal during the Chrysant War)
Current Head: Duke Klaus II
Region of Influence: Duchy of Treppeweiss, Waldmark

House von Treppewitz is considered the successor of House Cadar when it concerns military leadership as their members took over the senior-most ranks of the Regalian Military following the death of Rianne Cadar. As well as being the most decorated commanders in the military, the Treppewitz family also boasts a history of military innovation, with their latest claim being the invention of the Muskete firearms. The current head of the House, Duke Klaus II, is married to Princess Alamia Kade, with their children (though they are not considered Imperial Blood).

House von Leberecht

Founder: Baron Aldrich I
Current Head: Duke Phillip I
Region of Influence: Duchy of Axelland, Dragenthal

House von Leberecht is an infamous family from east Dragenthal, as it was their founder, Aldrich I, who was the leader of the Baron’s Coalition during the Drachenwald Crisis. Following the rebellion, the family continued to be the symbol of anti-Crown sentiments in the Archipelago as the head of the Coalition, earning Dragenthal a reputation for disloyal nobility. Many assumed that House von Leberecht would’ve gone extinct during Cedromar’s reign as Emperor when he executed the 42 heads of the Coalition families. However, the von Leberechts survived, with many believing that their leader, Duke Phillip I, betrayed the Coalition in exchange for clemency. Whatever the truth may be, the family currently appears to be pro-Crown in declarations, and it’s safe to say the legacy of the Drachenwald Crisis is something they aim to make amends for.

House Ravenstad

Founder: Florentin I
Current Head: Lord Protector Percival I
Region of Influence: City of Ravenstad, Osteiermark

House Ravenstad is a Leutz-Vixe Household from Osteiermark. Founded by knights during the birth of the Leutz Culture, the Ravenstads are primarily known for the silks they produce in Vieux-Provence, with their House’s brand becoming well-known in the capital over the past few years. Today, the Ravenstads remain a local player in Osteiermark affairs, continuing to oversee their silk business while promoting a knightly culture in their homeland.

House Anahera

Founder: Enrique I
Notable Members:
  • Celine I (created several charity groups in the capital)
  • Alejandro I (first non-Kade Chancellor, Governor of Daenshore)
  • Andrieu I (Governor of Daenshore, led the Anahera Dictatorship)
Current Head: Countess Theresa I
Region of Influence: Girobalda

House Anahera is a Daendroque family hailing from the Girobalda region of the Regalian Archipelago. Like the Kades, the Anahera maintained their own monopoly on the Opium trade before its dissolution in 310 AC, as well as oversee part of the trade network between Westwynd and the Regalian Archipelago. House Anahera also boasts of having the first non-Kade Chancellor of the Empire in Alejandro I, who also happened to be the first Chancellor to be ousted by a cordon sanitaire. Despite these feats, the family also has the legacy of Andrieu Anahera to reckon with, as the Anahera Dictatorship caused the family to lose many of their positions in Regalian governance. Still, the family has recovered from Andrieu’s tyrannical occupation and today remains a notable voice for the Daendroque people in the Regalian Archipelago.

House Lampero

Founder: Barto I
Notable Members:
  • Tristan I (previous ousted Duke of Vultaro, current Imperial Guard)
  • Basium (Arch-Everian of Vultaro, deceased)
  • Domenico (current Primae of the Viridian Order)
Current Head: Duke Rikharr I
Region of Influence: Vultaro & Montania

House Lampero is a Cantaluna House hailing from the Vultaro region of the Regalian Archipelago. For most of their history, the Lamperos were a major player in the mining and artillery industry, as Vultaro is notable for its sulfur and coal deposits. Under the unpopular rule of Duke Tristan I, the Vultarins ousted the Lamperos from power and began to rebel against the wider Empire, culminating in the Purges of Vultaro which lasted a few years. While it was believed that the Lamperos would never rule Vultaro following the Purges, House Kade managed to install Tristan’s Half-Eronidas son, Duke Rikharr I, as head of the family. Following his ascension as Duke of Vultaro, Rikharr proceeded to consolidate the Cantaluna homeland under his hegemony by defeating the rival Duke Francesco di Alan to an honor duel, which saw the death of both the di Alan duke and his two sons. Since then, House Lampero has become the leader of the Vultaro-Montanian Hegemony, with Rikharr stylizing himself as the “Iron Duke” to symbolize his rule of strength and dominance.

House Typhonus

House Founder: Niven I
Notable Members: Hadrian I (namesake of the Hadrian's Mountain Chain)
Current Head: Ulric I
Region of Influence: Archduchy of Calemberg

House Typhonus, like many Wirtem noble houses, claims successorship to the Cadar legacy, though unlike their rivals, actually rules over the City of Calemberg when the Great House fell. As such, House Typhonus is considered the political successor of Cadar’s leadership over Calemberg, acting as the chief coordinator within the Wirtem political lobbies. The current head of the house, Archduke Ulric I, who also happens to be a former Chancellor, boasts of being the only Chancellor to have been appointed twice to the position. Outside of politics, House Typhonus has a long legacy of military service as expected from Wirtem nobility and is a frequent patron of the various Calemberg military organizations, such as the Drixon Lancers.

House Lo

House Founder: Harold I
Final Head: Freya I
Region of Influence: Duchy of Dorinn, Anglia

House Lo was a former Anglian noble house, based in the Duchy of Dorinn, where they were strong supporters of theatrical and performing arts, with many famous playwrights sponsored by them over the years. Unfortunately, the House would become infamous under their final house head, Duchess Freya I. Under the political union of the Consortium, House Lo attempted an invasion of the Crown Isle during the Regalian Civil Strife, though the would-be rebellion was short-lived following the death of the Duchess. For a while, the legacy of House Lo began to fade into history, though the Deathling Crisis brought back the House for a brief while, alongside a copy of the late Duchess as its Dark Queen. While the crisis was overcome by pro-Imperial forces, it came with a final chapter added to the former noble house’s legacy. Despite these infamous actions near the end of its existence, House Lo is still memorialized in the various theatres dotting the cities of Dorinn, named after various heads of household.

House Tyrmont

House Founder: Simon I
Current Head: Richarr I
Region of Influence: Barons of Tirgunn, Osteiermark

House Tyrmont is a more obscure family in Regalian politics, though is nonetheless a house which has earned a reputation through the organization they founded and oversee: the Darkwald Order. The history of House Tyrmont is directly tied to that of the Darkwalds, as the two are inseparable in their desire to hunt the various aberrancies in the Regalian Archipelago and beyond with a notable focus on Vampires. The current head of household, Baron Richarr I, is an enigmatic alchemist for the Imperial Court who is often rumored to experiment on various captured aberrants and occult persons, with the assumed goal of creating a permanent cure for the various Afflictions in Aloria. It is said that House Tyrmont has played a crucial role in developing some of the Empire’s most effective anti-occult tools in recent times, as well as other secret projects which are just as mysterious as the family. Despite their shadowy reputation, House Tyrmont is widely respected in purist circles as a noble house doing the thankless task of keeping the greatest of evils at bay, knowing full well the dangers of the supernatural.

House Zastorzy

House Founder: Konrad I
Current Head: Waldemar I
Region of Influence: Jarls of Zastorzy, Drixagh
Description: House Zastorzy is a Velheim House located in Drixagh, where they have remained a strong leader of Velheim perseverance until recent times, when other noble houses in Regalia have taken a more direct approach to propagating their way of life. The Zastorzy Jarls have always opposed actions which aimed to erode the Velheim Culture, even declaring open rebellion against the Regalian State at times to see their protests met with actions. In recent times, House Zastorzy has become more isolated in their politics, owing largely to the decline in cultural attacks between the Velheim and Wirtem since the creation of Hadrian’s Mountain Range.

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