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Aloria is filled with centers of learning on a wide range of subjects. However, the learning of the arcane has often been a more varied prospect. Since the Cataclysm, the nature of Magic itself has changed, and with powers like the Regalian Empire and Songaskian Masaya more lukewarm on the use of Magic, the days of Allorn academies churning out thousands of Mages each year has ended. The disorder brought to the world by the Cataclysm also had other impacts, for it takes a great deal of centralized statecraft to let a Magic Academy function. Despite those difficulties, recent decades have seen the state of Magic education improve as nations like the Regalian Empire have cautiously embraced its use for the good of the state in certain circumstances. There are now a wide array of Magic Schools, which teach Magic in all sorts of ways for a myriad of different job opportunities and life paths, with some paths influenced by faith and others by strong societal beliefs.

OOC Note: The various academies and schools of this list provide background information for the creation of RP Characters for the server. Teachings in the areas of Arcane and Faith from the Proficiency System are common, while certain academies may add in other skill sets. Players should be aware that these are not all academies across Aloria, but a collection of the most prominent or relevant ones for characters to likely engage with or be aware of. If players have any questions regarding which Academy their character might fit best with, they are welcome to make an RP Community Discord Ticket for the staff to help them out.

Corontium Academies

Skole av Sammunstudier

The Skole av Sammunstudier is one of several more recently established Magic institutions in Corontium, bankrolled by Regalian nobles for the improvement of both magical instruction and Mage registration in their lands. The Skole was built at the edges of one of the only Velheim urban centers in Drixagh, Irvainvik. The academy is located close to the city’s Helbolwen and sets out to educate the next generation of Fornoss priests. Unlike other institutions, with are firmly set on one half of the pantheon, the Skole instead teaches people of both lines of worship, as well as those who worship both halves of the pantheon. It also teaches Fronoss beliefs about the dead, and how one can work to keep the dead restful, as well as deal with the occurrence of Undead. The forms of Magic taught at the school are varied and for those who do not seek a magical path, pure theological understanding or simple mutations and rituals can also be part of a lesser education. While the school has a low attendance trickling through its simple, understated corridors and grounds, this has allowed for a great deal of close attention and care from each instructor to the small student body.

Rosaria's School for the Magically Gifted

Rosaria's School for the Magically Gifted is one of several more recently established Magic institutions in Corontium, bankrolled by Regalian nobles for the improvement of both magical instruction and Mage registration in their lands. The academy was built in Girobalda and is a modern structure the architects involved were well paid to ensure stood out with its elegance. Rosaria’s School teaches a wide range of disciplines and spells, producing all sorts of graduates, from battlemages to entertainers, to future educators or advisors in magical events. Shortly after construction, however, a Unionist-themed annex was added to provide extra dorm space, while the tenants of the faith were heavily enforced throughout the school’s curriculum to ensure both a responsible use of Magic and “proper” education. The results have been surprisingly positive for a Daendroque region, with its first graduates often displaying piety and respect for Regalian authority, with many since going on to start productive but quiet jobs across southern Corontium.

L’Academie des Pouvoirs Donné par D’Everwatcher

L’Academie des Pouvoirs Donné par D’Everwatcher is one of several more recently established Magic institutions in Corontium, bankrolled by Regalian nobles for the improvement of both magical instruction and Mage registration in their lands. A site rendered in beautiful Regal style on the island of Basta, the academy is rigorous in who they accept into their system of religious-based education. Mages when trained at the academy intricately understand the Unionist faith, earning an education close to that of a Unionist priest, while also being drilled to thank their education and the benevolence of others in service to the Unionist gods of Mages. The academy is also operated in conjunction with the Aelrrigan Order, both to help ensure that no renegades spring up within the white walls of the facility, and also to assess and oversee the education of the student body. Those who show promise in certain areas may be pulled into training for the Order. While it is at times stifling and harsh, L’Academie des Pouvoirs Donné par D’Everwatcher has produced some well-regarded advisors and defensive Mages for the Regalian Empire.

Academy of Altravoya

Academy of Altravoya is one of several more recently established Magic institutions in Corontium, bankrolled by Regalian nobles for the improvement of both magical instruction and Mage registration in their lands. Begun by the powerful Iron Duke of Vultaro & Montania, the Academy of Altravoya sits in the mountains of a large island near the lordship’s mainland, with fine Regal architecture and far sightlines on a clear day. The school is selective in what it teaches, often viewing those with a Void connection with suspicion, and carefully curating classes for such students as a result. Despite the close eye paid to many at the site, the school is notable for producing a new generation of powerful, law-abiding Arkenborn Mages, the majority funneled into special task forces under the Iron Duke himself. The school also accepts Eronidas, though enrolls them in special classes to help them harness and understand Ordial power in line with their cultural beliefs. What makes this school stand out is how restrictive it handles its admissions. Mages from outside of the region cannot legally enter the lordship, thus barring brush-up studies by outsiders or exchanges with foreign academies.

Golden School of Magic

The half-funded cousin of the four recently opened Magic Academies in Corontium by Regalian Nobles, the Golden School of Magic has often been looked down on. Resting in The Rim Isles abutting one of the many unique craters, where strange magical phenomena are commonly reported, the Golden School lacks the opulence or monumental construction of the other recent academies. Built of local wood and simpler materials, the Golden School is open to a lower class of people, with a relatively open policy regarding direction of learning and sources of power. Living quarters and classrooms in the school itself are cramped, so walking trails cut through the low brush around the school and lead to many an open clearing, where student groups can be found outside practicing, reading, or engaging with each other. The Golden School, due to its proximity to Allar territory, is carefully watched over from afar by that Race’s magical authority.


Sitting in the mountain peaks of Solleria, Mesenye is the oldest academy of magical learning in Corontium, founded several centuries after the Allorn colonists who would become the Solvaan reached the region. Retaining the ancient design principles of the Allorn, the academy caters to Solvaan, other Elves, Half-Elves, as well as Aelriggan Knights or prospective Aelriggans, teaching them skills both for martial and magical conflict. The high altitude also helps teach balance and mindful Magic casting considering the many sleep drops which sit around the academy’s grounds. Mesenye has a close attachment to the Solvaan Mist Wardens, supplying them with many of their most notable members over the years. The academy is also known for its borderline exclusion of all other groups not specified above, as its ancient founding and traditions softly reject the education of those outside of the Solvaan, or pro-Solvaan sphere. This is not official policy, though extra tests and unexpected tuition bumps for such outside groups are not unheard of, so it is rare for non-Elves and Aelriggans to claim graduate status.

Elven Academies

Keywatcher Academy

One of the Allorn Empire’s greatest centers of magical learning was at the Keywatcher Academy, where acolytes to the Estelley diety of the moon learned all sorts of sorceries and spells. Since the Cataclysm, however, the grand halls have been filled with those seeking to hunt Spirit-possessed individuals. Armed with unique, white and ornate weapons of casting and battle called Key Blades, the modern Keywatcher Cult is well taught in magical combat, but with a heavy emphasis on the defense of others. They also learn the talent of exorcism. The Academy itself is a stately, old Allorn-designed structure, located near the old grand temple which has since fallen to ruin. This new space has cavernous interiors illuminated with magical illusions of moonlight and starlight, while alcoves in sections of the walls that once held grand, elaborate statues of Mages and nobles now hold all manner of items and trapped Spirits, awaiting examination or banishment from Aloria. The school’s grounds often find the largely Teledden student body engaging in debate or discussion with pilgrims to the capital city, and priests often serve the dual role of faculty.

Sollandë Nomadeiso

The Fin’ullen are not well known for their academies to teach Magic, as the vast majority of the Race prefer physical work or combat over the use of such a power. However, the Cërsio Fin’ullen are the exception and their gorgeous Sollandë Nomadeiso is a testament to their devotion to the instruction of Magic. A converted palace of Fin’ullen design sitting beside one of the largest canals in the Olmaan Republic, the Sollandë is dedicated to teaching a range of magical skills as directed by the patrons of the aspiring Magic-users who attend the school. Their lives are often laid out for them, or the skills being improved are agreed upon well ahead of time, as all who go there are bankrolled by the wealthy patricians of Cërsio society. Some learn skills suitable for bodyguards, others learn intricate Magics to enchant or enhance blades and objects for sale, and yet more are taught to use their skills for espionage. The broad base of the school’s instruction also attracts students of other Races, but their tuition costs are steeper than those of the state-based student body who serve Cërsio masters.

Sollandë Aëssar

The Sollandë Aëssar is one of the oldest known academies for the teaching of Magic known in Aloria. Its history stretches back to the Allorn Empire, founded by a noble family which traced its lineage back to one of Talea’s most notable generals. As such, the buildings which house the academy hold the beauty of the old Allorn world, punctuated by grand statues of Teledden Mages. The Sollandë’s main area of expertise is battlemages, in line with the generally more militaristic character of the local Teledden population, something which only intensified after the Cataclysm. However, since that world event, the school also teaches botany and plant sciences due to Llarana’s role as a bread basket for the lands of Altaleï, its location. Their warrior Mages are thus also known to appreciate unique flora and tend to their own private gardens with meticulous attention. The school is now within the lands of the reborn Allorn Empire, but despite this, it has graduates in lands like Westwynd, Corontium, and beyond who carry on its legacy.

Sollandë Soleya

Sollandë Soleya is another ancient Teledden-founded Magic academy, but it was built in isolation from many of the others in the region of Fyror, or the Land of Peace. In this quiet region free from the conflict and decay of the Allorn Empire, atop a smaller arch outside of one of the major cities, the academy taught its students to gaze at the heavens and look deep into the arcane realms for power, crafting spells for assistive purposes over direct combat. While the Allorn Empire did fall and magical abilities weakened, the academy continued its teaching, though without the expansive list of custom and unique spells and powers at its disposal. In addition to support-focused Magic alongside simpler powers, the academy also teaches diplomacy, statecraft, and studies into the earth sciences and Astronomy. The academy is also notable for being the nesting ground of the Fire-tail Paradise Bird, whose form is part of the academy’s sigil. Sollandë Soleya is now within the lands of the reborn Allorn Empire, but despite this, it has graduates in lands like Westwynd, Corontium, and beyond who carry on its legacy.

Sollandë Helëssa

The Teledden are notable for being masters in all forms of artistry, and Sollandë Helëssa is one such location where those skills shine through. Located in the furthest southern reach of Westwynd, in the city of Amontaar, the academy is a beautiful structure of pale stone, representing a more modern Allorn style as it had to be rebuilt following the Cataclysm and Wildering. In the academy, students learn not just the mundane arts and knowledge of metallurgy, gem carving, and more, but also artistic spells and more for the creation of such beautiful objects. They are also trained in spells for the support and entertainment of others, as the musical or performance arts have been expanded in recent decades. While Sollandë Helëssa was once solely for Teledden, Ailor and other groups have been able to learn there in recent years, a war of patronage breaking out on the grounds between the Allorn principalities, now reunited into the Allorn Empire, and the Regalian Empire. Graduates from the academy tend to have a range of viewpoints on world politics, depending on their instructor, source of patronage, and so on.

Kë’Akaad Doorë-Darabaad

Found along the eastern coastline of Suvial lands is the Kë’Akaad Doorë-Darabaad, a facility renowned for teaching the aggressive, combat applications of Magic. The center was established by Vadyalocaï Mages originally looking to protect their homeland from Kathar raids, but the place has grown into a marvelous fortress-academy, with open-air combat circles and courtyards for its students to test their range of skills on willing fellow students and magical training dummies. The academy is sometimes called the “Little Fire-Scar Court” as certain students have been known to be transferred to the Fire-Scar Court for the opportunity to join the ranks of that elite group. The more common path for students, though, is to graduate into fully-fledged battlemages who fight against the Kathar and other threats to the Suvial in the various armies across the land. A notable feature of the Academy’s grounds is the large floating shard of Sharroc which sits above the main courtyard, said to act as a focus for the student’s power when they are deployed to launch powerful blasts at incoming enemy vessels.


Jhaangar is a place dedicated to the full understanding of Demonology, Demons, and the powers that create them. Built with beautiful brickwork, columns, and narrow but prolific balconies, Jhaangar is unusual for how many Demons walk, float, or exist around its spaces, reflecting the statuary and wall adornments covering the campus. Students of the academy forge their connection to Demons within small classes and learn how to control them under the careful instruction of teachers, and even some Demons who are made to help the Suvial students. The diversity of Demons at the school can cause unforeseen or strange interactions between the extreme energies that can drift through the halls, and accidents of warped plant life, possession, and more are not unheard of, though often quickly fixed by the many experts who oversee the students. The school is also notable for its Demon guards, identifiable by their unique gilded masks, who keep outsiders and non-Suvial out of the facility both for their own safety, and to ensure no knowledge is stolen.


To the Kathar of the Dread Empire, there is one institution of Magic with the greatest reach, the greatest prestige, and the greatest pits of debauchery known to the nation. This place is Korkhaar: a grand, sprawling complex built out of the once-ruin of some ancient fortress. A winding river lazes across the grounds, crossing through gardens, punishment pits, and more, while the complex rises high above, built of stunning black stone in a classic Kathar Brutalist style. This particular academy focuses on the most powerful arcane arts for use on the battlefield, but also military training, creating Mage Generals and other officers to fill the vast ranks of the Dread Empire’s forces. While the wealthy, upper crust of Dread Kathar are most commonly found here, some of lesser means are able to slip in through patronage, cunning, or blackmail, and greatly benefit from the learning experiences within its walls. Those trained here become an asset to both their families and the state, with many of the notable leaders from the recent Dread War coming from this dark academy.


The Princedoms of Osciird are unique spaces in Altaleï, dominated by Kathar yet awash with Draconism, Evolism and Estelley in different measures. The Archon Affinity holds great sway in the area, and it is commonly said they were the group to found the academy long ago during the days of the Allorn Empire. Since that time, Akrat has put out peerless magical warriors, built for combat and hunting with their magical skills, which have made them greatly prized in the gladiator pits in the Princedoms but also in the nearby Dread Empire, and beyond. The school is unique for its openness of faith, allowing those of Dragon Worship, albeit worship to the more martial Dragons, as well as the worshipers of the beings of Void Worship through its ghastly halls to train in such skills. The school itself is built into one of the Osciird Mountains, a mix of Kathar Brutalism and ancient Allorn structure in its design, showing the original structure and how the Kathar have evolved it to suit their modern needs.

Ailor Academies

Festning av Vola-Gaver

The Festning av Vola-Gaver is an academy found in the northern realms of the Cains Free Jarls and was established by a Velheim child of Thirun to train those with the gifts of Magic in a more Vola manner. As such, the school teaches many battlemages, but also responsible Theurgy, and seeks to impress discipline to prevent corruption by the forces of Rand. Three lodges ring the central great hall of the institution, in which an ancient serpentine skeleton lays on display, said to be the greatest kill of the Festning’s founder. There are attached rooms for learning indoors, but many instead learn in the outdoor yards, with three gates in and out of the high stone walls for excursions into the wilderness. The Festning is unique in Aloria for its hidden nature, as complex enchantments hide it from mundane, or even untrained magical, eyes. Those who seek to attend must find and locate an ancient test at a stone megalith, at which point the sentries who guard the grounds will retrieve them. The school is also known for commonly using staffs as conduits of their magical power, making a unique sight especially as many keep a sword in their off-hand.

Healandets Hus-och Eili-läror

The Healandets Hus-och Eili-läror can be found in Nordskag and is a more recent academy to be founded in the world, coming about in 200 AC after a significant Mage-related incident in the kingdom. The school was thus established in the south, converting a former castle ruin into a sprawling, open clinic-school combination. The location has since expanded into a proper town, with a highly porous structure between official students and the locals. This is due to the emphasis on healing and helping others with benign magical skills propagated by the academy, which follows a Eili-style of magical education. The region the school is found is also noted for its education sites, with libraries offering additional learning materials and greater knowledge than what is stored in the immediate facility. The school is also known to teach mundane healers and overall, the Healandets Hus-och Eili-läror has a very positive reputation, especially as their graduates have been seen across the lands of the faithful, healing and helping as needed due to serious disruptions in Aloria’s northern lands in recent years.

L'Académie Ancienne de la Étude-Magique

L'Académie Ancienne de la Étude-Magique is located in central Ithania abutting the inner sea and has a surprisingly older history than most academies founded by Ailor. It rose in the final centuries of the Allorn Empire, when the region’s Ailor populace was emancipated and wanting to help give the Ailor magical community the same structure as that of the Teledden, formulated their own academy. The architecture represents the earliest blend of Allorn and Ailor characteristics which would go on to define the Ithanian style. The academy itself teaches a broad range of skills in support and utility Magic, due to the Ithanian avoidance of combat. In more recent years, defensive magical combat skills are now allowed to be taught, but the price for such an education is at a higher level compared to the others. The L'Académie Ancienne de la Étude-Magique’s members exist across the Regalian Empire in the modern day, helping to spread Ithanian influence through assisting others in a range of fields.

École de Magie pour glorifier le Soleil

Unlike L'Académie Ancienne de la Étude-Magique, the École de Magie pour glorifier le Soleil was founded in more recent years, during the era of Regalian Arch Chancellor Morgan Kade, in southern Ithania. Flush with funds and seeking to bask in the skills of entertainment, illusion as well as deception, Regalian-loyal Ithanians founded the academy to train Mages in those skills. By the time Morgan was thrown from power, the school had successfully embedded itself within Ithanian Culture, its entertainers and artists without comparison at the time. While competition from other academies has increased in recent years, and Ithania’s recent instability meant a decline in attendees, the administration has taken the view of quality over quantity, and the entertainers who have learned from École de Magie pour glorifier le Soleil have been effective tools to spread Ithanian influence across Aloria. The school itself is as beautiful as its attendees, the low-lying countryside facility sprawling out in the sunshine.

Scholí Ierá Pántapara Dóra

A school less discussed than others in Aloria, the Scholí Ierá Pántapara Dóra located on Etosil is a small, but dedicated institution with a relatively recent history. The school was founded around 260 AC in a beach-side, cliff-backed spot nestled on the quiet coastline to help educate the aspiring Mages of the nearby city of Sophosipolis. Since then, the school has expanded to the entire island, and indeed the entire Evintarian faithful, with an emphasis on openness and exploration, especially in magical skills emulating or drawn from those Divine Beings adopted into the Evintarian pantheon of deities. However, the school is not some free-wheeling experiment den gone wild like non-Evintarians sometimes try to paint it as, but a facility of education carefully organized by the tenets of Evintarian faith with a regimented daily life not unlike that of monastic living. The school’s reputation has only continued to grow in recent years, with rumors of a second location being eyed for somewhere in southeastern Corontium to expand the academy’s influence.

Hadar Academies


The Mayin-Harmya is an institution found in the Slizzar city of Sassrakkand, and provides those Slizzar looking to learn Magic with opportunities to do so. The Mayin-Harmya is perhaps best known for its cyclical purging of information and knowledge, losing millennia of magical knowledge in line with the beliefs of the majority of Slizzar and the dictates of their Dragon creator. However, the academy did not purge their records following the Cataclysm, as that event was a disruption to the cycle, and so they now hold considerable Allorn and stranger magical knowledge from that era of the world. The majority of Slizzar attendees simply seek to learn Magic to enhance their personal plans in life, be that in service to their god or to perfect a cover in another land, as another Race. As a result of the diverse avenues studies can take, the school routinely groups students together who are following similar paths. The school itself is beautiful, matching the ancient, maintained architecture of the rest of the city.

Ajaran Gurih Sakti

The Ajaran Gurih Sakti is a prominent school of Magic education located in Hadaria. The Allar are not known for their use of Magic. However, their affinity for the Yellow Water Dragons saw them unable to deny the occasional benefits of channeling such powers. Thus, the Ajaran was founded, to funnel all Allar Mages into one facility so that the Penyhir, the unofficial union of all magical Allar, could oversee their education. The school is very strict, emphasizing a small profile of magical skills and spells aimed at improving one’s ability to be employed. They are strictly against the use of Magic for criminal or underhanded work and view most illusion, masking, or disguise spells with deep suspicion as a result. The academy itself is a beautiful space, set in the hills of a lone, long dormant volcanic island, with grand gardens surrounding the central structures largely built of wood with stone foundations. Non-Allar can also attend the school but may find its restrictive, lighter education in the realm of Magic unfulfilling compared to what they are seeking. Despite that, every Allar Mage out of the Ajaran Gurih Sakti is law-abiding and highly competent in their narrow skillset.

Songaskia Academies


Found in the sands of Farahdeen, Sayagǎ is a powerhouse of Songaskian magical instruction on the nature of Ordial power, and the resurrection of dead matter for military purposes. Based in the Pearl City of Dogono, the vast facility is a rare instance of Songaskian architecture building down into the past ruins and buildings of the ancient Sariyd, exhuming these spaces into large, open-air subterranean chambers where Magic on raising and controlling legions of mindless Necroservants is taught. The grand centerpiece of the site is called the Forgotten Crypt, a strange structure of uncertain origin, but one which has been blackened by arcane fires and thoroughly turned into a tomb for hundreds. This space’s name is a misnomer, as every student’s final test is held in the chamber, where they will be made to create, then empower, Necroservant constructs, and for advanced students, interact with lesser beings from the Ordial plane to prove their skill. Students of Sayagǎ’s teachings are almost always Keleden Songaskia, who come from across the Masaya after entry tests and sponsorships or payments for attendance are met.

Kalansoka Filafanga

The Kalansoka Filafanga was founded in Farahdeen within the Pearl City of Moptou by the Songaskia over two centuries ago. Funded by Songaskian nobles who still retain a major role in leading the school all these years later, the Kalansoka Filafanga educates its students on the Exist and Void more often than the Ordial plane. Additionally, while Sayagǎ teaches the summoning of Ordial beings and manipulation of dead matter to create warriors or fighting forces, those from the Kalansoka Filafanga learn direct combat with their powers and skills. The school is a formal part of the education system for the Songaskian army’s special all-Mage battalions, and those instructed there are taught just as strongly as at Sayagǎ to avoid the tainting or spreading of the foreign powers they wield in the material world. As a result, they are often highly disciplined and served well in the recent wars Regalia fought against the Songaskian Masaya. The school structure itself is partly built into the Pearl City wall, giving its defenders a taste of defensive duties, but also to help expand the structure itself inside the dense metropolis.

Assorted Academies

Zarak Academy

The Zarak Academy is a unique location on the Drowda continent, for while the Sihndar are a martial people focused on physical combat, the people of Zarak Hold instead focus on producing Mages. To suit this focus, the Zarak Sihndar established a grand academy to train their young warriors, defenders, and questers. Its central structure is a huge tower, part of the Hold's defensive fortifications, with dorms, spaces for eating, and limited social spaces located on the lower levels, while classrooms and the main assembly hall rest higher on the spire. Many students are granted time to practice their Magic out on the various balconies and rooftop squares that dot the tower’s structure, resulting in tongues of fire, water, and much more shooting out above those walking the walls, or through the streets far below. Students are often assigned to help in the guarding of the superweapons the Hold collects, or to teams of Demon-hunters who track down the creations of Zarak in the frozen desert. The Academy is also notable for its massive braziers, which have almost turned it into a lighthouse - a useful trait given how close the Hold sits to the coastline.

Ayer deg Tagrawtunnig

The Silontaar have a tiny footprint in Aloria, but an outsized impact on the world of Magic. Literally fueled by the arcane substance, they are deeply steeped in the magical arts and have become masters of many disciplines within their isolated city-state. Ayer deg Tagrawtunnig is one of the most prominent of these centers of education, best known for being one of but a handful of institutes that has accepted outsiders inside its halls. Built in the same grandiose Silontaar style, these outsiders report a space void of gravity, where one can find people walking on the ceilings or walls as much as on the traditional floor, and marvelous conjurations of pure magic wafting through the almost constantly clouded air. Silontaar education on Magic is also highly unique, with classes gently mentored along through the basics before allowing for exploration and expansion on one’s own time with more open-ended assignments in higher circles. The students who graduate from the Ayer carry these same techniques with them should they travel abroad, which is the closest many can come to a proper Silontaar education.


  • Private tutors in the magical arts are often graduates of a Magic School who seek employment elsewhere. While most academies recommend interested parties be directed to them, the industry remains alive and has tended to produce varying results.
  • Some of the greatest academies of the Allorn Empire were destroyed when that nation fell. One particularly nasty example was a grand academy found in lands now held by the Eronidas, as its students, teachers, and defenders all lost their powers and were overwhelmed within a mere three hours.
  • The status of the recent spate of Regalian Magic Schools remains in flux. While many of them are now well-established despite the handful of years they have existed, the shifting politics of the Empire, and Purist elements of Unionism, always mean they have to fend off angry letters, and in one case in 311 AC, rioters.

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