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Origins Ordial Terrors
Status Illegal in most states, and punished by forced curing or death in Regalia. Mortisphages are actively hunted by Regalian law enforcement, as well as religious organizations except Evolism.

Mortisphages have been lurking in the shadow of global events for centuries, remaining largely undetected due to the more overt violence and virulent spreading of their cousin-Affliction, the Vampires, though they are just as dangerous and perhaps more conniving. When Vampires were brought into the world by the Arch-Void, the Malefica of the Beyond spun its own tale of death into being by mimicking Vampires in a creation of its own, the Mortisphages who would spread their infection and obsession with the concept of death among the mundane population. The Malefica in its hateful design against the living, ordained that these beings would serve two purposes, first to steal the life essence of the living through the Mortis Bite, and second to bring about the terror and fear that causes even Dragons to commit to errors, and allow the Beyond to reach its corrupting reach into the world of the living. Mortisphages are much rarer than the other Afflictions, because they work for secretive masters that have no clear allegiance, and because the work of their masters is best plied in the shadows and outside of the view of the world at large. Societies around Aloria are only just awakening to the existence of the Mortisphages, with many organizations that have traditionally sought to purge Vampires now also expanding their repertoire by hunting down the Mortisphages who always seem to be one step ahead. Like Vampires, Mortisphages drink the blood of their victims, but beyond damaging their health, Mortisphages also steal life years left from their victim, or in some cases, even their youth, memories, or personality.

Brief History

The exact year of the creation of the first Mortisphage is a mystery, as are the circumstances of their first creation. What is known however, is that the Malefica decreed the creation of the Mortisphages by using the chaos and cover of the sudden surge of Vampirism shortly after the Cataclysm to create something similar, that could deflect blame onto Vampires but engage in plots of its own. Each of the known Ordial Terrors (Gods and Entities from the Beyond), were forced to create their own Soulline and inflict it upon the world of the living, giving rise to several Soullines of Mortisphages, which function like extended non-biological families of those who have infected one another. The Mortisphages spread much more slowly than Vampires did, as this other Affliction was more prone to creating a blood-crazed hunger, while Mortisphages were much more meticulously designed with insidious purpose, and relied less on mass-body count and indiscriminate violence to serve their dark purpose. As time passed and the Ordial Terrors broke free from the chains of the Malefica, each of the Soullines and their fortunes changed somewhat, to the point that some of them even broke free from the Malefica altogether and served their own purposes.


Becoming a Mortisphage is somewhat more difficult than Vampirism. While like Vampirism, it can involve a ritual of worship to the Malefica, to offer a recent kill in its name and be blessed with the kiss of death from it, a more common form of infection is the Mortis Bite. Unlike Vampirism, Mortisphages are not universally infectious, even for the most ancient and powerful ones among them. When a Mortisphage bites a victim and drinks their blood, the infection can only jump from the Mortisphage to the victim, if the victim has a pre-disposition to an obsession or fascination with the concept of death or mortality. If they have a poetic appreciation or aesthetic reverence of the beauty of finality or the terror and anguish that it is to be alive, then the infection will spread to them, and haunt them in their sleep for several days. In this period, if they seek out a priest of any Religion and relate the terrible night terrors of death and decay, such a priest may become aware of the Mortisphage infection in their body and soul, and attempt to exorcise it. If no action is taken, the person will become a full-fledged Mortisphage on the 7th night.


Mortisphages appear superficially just like Vampires, and many of them use it to their advantage to blame Vampires for their actions. They have paler skin, vampiric teeth as well as an urge to drink blood (though it is far more suppressed for them). What they do differ in, is their eye color. While Vampires have bright red eyes, Mortisphages have sickly green eyes, which leave wispy trails around when moving. Other traits are completely optional, like having the Mortisphage infection making them more lithe and slender or more bulky and muscular, giving them a prehensile tail, night vision, darkened and sunken eye sockets, pointy ears, claws, taller appearance, more corpse-like traits like shallow sunken skin or decaying hair, digitigrade legs, Ordial mutations, ghostly see-through skin, shadow hands, etc. Mental changes are usually limited to the removal of conscience. Unlike Vampires, however, Mortisphages are far more in control of their mentality, and are more calculated and analytical in their approach, favoring striking at the right time, rather than violently and randomly. It is possible to be religious as a Mortisphage, but all Religions bar for Evolism reject Martisphages as corrupted, and will actively attack them.


While in theory Mortisphages cannot be cured, there is an arduous process and method by which anyone who has Divinium can cleanse Mortisphages, but only those who seek curing, it can never be forced even on a restrained Mortisphage. Any person can call upon the power of their Gods and sacrifice Divinium to cleanse the Ordial Soul Curse. If a Mortisphage approaches a person to request to be cured, and that person agrees to sacrifice Divinium, they can perform a ritual sacrificing to cleanse the soul of the Mortisphage, thus freeing them of the control of the Ordial Terrors. After this, the Mortisphage remains recognizable as a Mortisphage, but no longer feels any of the urges, and no longer has any of the powers (besides the green eyes, if their Soulline included them). This process lasts for either 2 Weeks or 30 Days depending on Player's choice where the Mortisphage may not drink any blood, and if they succeed in this the 1 Divinium is spent and they are cured properly when the period is over.


Mortisphages are infected by Mortisphages who came before them, who in turn were infected by others before them. This creates a vast network of ancestry that is sometimes referred to as a family or Murder of Mortisphages. Mortisphages do not necessarily have to be loyal to the Mortisphage who made them and can just as well join up with other Mortisphages belonging to other Soullines, or reject cooperation entirely. Mortisphages only owe some degree of loyalty to their Ordial Teror, the God or Entity that made the first of their Soulline, because they inevitably provide them with some degree of the power that they have. To work against this entity's interests, may result in the Mortisphage's soul being destroyed, though there are tales of Mortisphages who have broken free. Each Soulline can use the Common Mechanics described below, on top of the unique Soulline Mechanics found in their descriptions. Furthermore, additional Mechanics can be found in the Miscellaneous section at the bottom fo the page.

  • Common Mechanic One: Mortisphages can use a Court Glamor to hide their teeth and Green Eyes from anyone but fellow Mortisphages, except during feeding. This counts as a Disguise, but not to those who already know they are Mortisphage.
  • Common Mechanic Two: Mortisphages, if they have Disguising or Shapeshifting Magic, can hide their teeth and Green Eyes from anyone but Mortisphages, but all of their Proficiencies are set to 0, and they cannot use Abilities in Combat.
  • Common Mechanic Three: Mortisphages can use a Party Glamor at Server Events/Player Events (not Raids), which acts as a Disguise, until they leave the Event Venue. Cannot ever be used outside of Event Venues.
  • Common Mechanic Four: Mortisphages, when using Curses via Advanced Roleplay Mechanics can apply minor Curses that last for up to 12 Hours max, without OOC Consent, which count as having +1 Magic Stat for dispelling considerations.

Death Hands of the Malefica


The Death Hands of Malefica (shortened to Death Hands) were created by the Malefica itself as a type of enforcer within the Mortisphages, that would keep the other Mortisphages in check. The Malefica is not so foolish to underestimate the other Ordial Terrors, especially the Consigner, who is well known to act on its own interests and sometimes in contradiction of its master the Malefica. Even if the Malefica could not stop the eventual breaking free of some of the other Ordial Terrors, the Death Hands still operate to some degree in this original function, to force independently minded Mortisphages back into the fold and in service of the Malefica. The Death Hands are often reviled by the other Mortisphages and are particularly violent and life-hating, far out of the norm of the other more secretive Mortisphages, beyond the fear-full reputation they might have of being enforcers of the Death God.

  • Mechanic One: While fighting alongside at least one non-Death Hand Mortisphage (except Gate Guard Mortisphages) who remains loyal to the Beyond, Death Hand Mortisphages gain +1 Attack Stat (breaking Cap up to 11). This effect applies only once, and disappears when all other Mortisphages have left combat, or at 0 HP. Additionally, they gain +1 Defense Stat (breaking Cap up to 9) while defending against Gate Guard Mortisphages.
  • Mechanic Two: Death Hand Mortisphages can perform great feats of strength out of Combat (carry multiple people, throw boulders etc.). They also gain +5 in out of Combat dice roll Strength competitions. Additionally, they can become an Unbound Spirit from the Mystech Page, temporarily removing their Heritage Traits in favor of Mystech Traits, but keeping their Mortisphage Mechanics. They can change back anytime while out of Combat.
  • Mechanic Three: Death Hand Mortisphages can make a pact with anyone for some kind of agreement or quest (or notably, loyalty to the Malefica). In turn however, if they attack the Mortisphage or fail the quest, they take massive damage (discuss in Dm's what this means). This can be used to force errant Mortisphages back into the fold and ensure they remain loyal to the effort of their master or the Malefica in general.

Mask Singers of the Consigner


The Mask Singers of the Consigner (shortened to Mask Singers or just Singers) were created by the Consigner on order of the Malefica to act as some kind of diplomatic extension of the Mortisphages that is more capable of interacting with the wider non-Mortisphage population. Most Mask Singer Mortisphages remain loyal to their master(s), though many of them just as well play both sides of the fence just for the fun of it. It is not unthinkable that a Mask Singer would both help a Death Hand control the Mortisphage population, while simultaneously feeding the Lothar Order information to ensure the Death Hands are occupied and unable to notice what other nefarious things the Mask Singers are doing. Mask Singers tend to be jovial and more gregarious than the other Mortisphages, having a streak for socializing and partying, but also deviousness and trickery.

  • Mechanic One: When feeding, Mask Singers can absorb memories, feelings, passions, or relationships from their victims (with OOC consent), which establishes a mini-quest to retake it. The victim loses these memories or feelings or emotions, and can only take them back if they defeat the Mortisphage in Combat, or bargain with it to return them. Successive feedings add to the lost traits but all are retaken in one victory.
  • Mechanic Two: Mask Singers are naturally charismatic, and as a result, even if people do not want to outright talk to them, they benefit from "social privilege". Every Persuasion Dice performed by them gains a +2 Bonus after the final result. Additionally, they automatically roll at maximum Persuasion Check for Event Characters listed on the Profiles Page, so long as the Persuasion check is on a reasonable request or statement.
  • Mechanic Three: Mask Singers can understand and speak any mortal language (not including secret or magical languages) so long as they are reasonably disguised as they thing they wish to speak as. For example, if they are Disguised as an Ithanian, they would be able to speak Ithanian and its cousin languages and probably Elven, but not Wirtem or Anglian, and so forth. Languages are dictated by geographic approximation.

Balance Wardens of the Huntress


The Balance Wardens of the Huntess (shortened to Balance Wardens or Death Hunters) were created by Ventra when she was still part of the Malefica's Ordial Court, and reluctantly worked for it while hating the aberration of Undead it was creating. The Balance Wardens were meant as the silent assassins and rogue types of the Mortisphages, however, their purpose became somewhat dubious when Ventra broke free from the Malefica. While no longer tied to the Malefica, the Balance Wardens are free to choose their target, and more often than not, do they actually target other Ordial Mages and Undead, as a means of establishing the superiority of the Mortisphages. Balance Wardens tend to be more silent and stoic than the other Mortisphages, being few of word, and many in thought, choosing the right moment to strike when the Death Hand points, or when Ventra calls to purge the Undead.

  • Mechanic One: Balance Warden Mortisphages gain +2 Main Attack Stat while fighting any person that is Ordial Aligned and not a Mortisphage themselves (breaking cap to 11). Additionally, even though Spirits and Undead cannot conventionally be fed on, Balance Wardens can in fact feed from them. If a Balance Warden feeds on a Spirit or Undead, they have a 48 hour -2 Attack Stat and -2 Defense Stat Debuff applied.
  • Mechanic Two: Balance Warden Mortisphages if reducing a target to 0 HP (or with OOC consent at any HP) in a Combat Scene with them having the last hit, split the Soul of the target in two and make a (Malefica worshiping) Shade copy played either by the victim or the Mortisphage Player. The victim feels a terrible loss in themself, and must slay the Shade copy to reclaim part of their soul, or pay 1 Divinium to restore it remotely.
  • Mechanic Three: Balance Warden Mortisphages if having applied any damage to a Target in Combat, apply a ghost tracker to them. This ghost tracker only works if they should leave the boundaries of the city and flee into the countryside or forests beyond Regalia, or the Sewers. In those locations, the Balance Wardens can always find them, and re-commence Combat. If they do, they immediately do 1 HP damage upon Combat Start.

Shard Royals of the Glacial


The Shard Royals of the Glacial (shortened to Shard Royals) were created by the Glacial on order of the Malefica to act as the Arcane advisors and Magic users of the Mortisphages. Due to the Glacial's prolific control in Isldar society prior to the civil war, Shard Royals have become the most numerous of Mortisphages, and expanded well beyond their initial Magic-focused role, to include firearms in the modern era as some kind of Haunted Gun-Mage. Shard Royals are now in a somewhat awkward position, due to the Glacial breaking free from the Malefica's control and joining the Evolist Gods. Most of them have followed their creator, but some still remain in service of the Death Hands. Shard Royals tend to be haughty and ego-driven, either existing on the far end of the spectrum as thrill-seeking adrenaline junkies seeking to prove themselves, or vainglorious know-it-alls.

  • Mechanic One: Shard Royal Mortisphages have cursed weapons with Shades in them. Any weapon they use for a period of time starts mutating with Ordial essence. Should anyone but them wield it, they become Shard Royal Mortisphages also. Additionally, they can summon and un-summon these weapons at will. Finally, they gain +2 Attack Stat (Breaking cap to 11) while attacking other Characters wielding Ranged Weapons.
  • Mechanic Two: Shard Royal Mortisphages if imprisoned, locked up, or chained down, can simply slip out of these chains or through blocked doors that contain them, and break free. This does not stop guards or prison wardens from attacking them should they try to break out. Additionally, while off-screen imprisoned by the Metropolitan, they can suave their way out of prison early so long as they are not in for High Law.
  • Mechanic Three: Shard Royal Mortisphages have extremely sharp eye sight and attention to detail. During Events when interacting with puzzles, mechanical objects, or otherwise objects where perception or observation of moving or static parts is important, Shard Royal Mortisphage players may request additional input from Event DM's in Private Message that their Character might observe.

Broken Engines of the Machinist


The Broken Engines of the Machinist (shortened to Broken Engines, or Deathmachines) were created by the Machinist on order of the Malefica to act as a support class for the Mortisphages, but almost immediately were hijacked by the Machinist to start doing other things. These other things include but are not limited to: cyberization body-modding, hoarding technology, corrupting technology by introducing viruses or machine hacks, attacking Draconic Sites, or otherwise messing with the technological level of various societies. Even though the Machinist is still loyal to the Malefica, the Broken Engines have a high degree of independence, but at the same time don't draw as much attention from the Death Hands because they don't outwardly obstruct the work of the others. Broken Engines tend to be more idiosyncratic, quirky, or strange-behaving in their social interactions, thinking like machines.

  • Mechanic One: Broken Engine Mortisphages deal additional damage while fighting either Mech Automata or Bound Automata in Combat. For each 2 HP in damage they apply to such a machine, they apply another 1 HP automatically. Additionally, Broken Engine Mortisphages can introduce hijacking nano-viruses to Machines out of Combat to introduce new functions or shut them down. This cannot be hidden.
  • Mechanic Two: Broken Engine Mortisphages can hijack Dragon Leytech Machines (those created/used during Events or Event Characters) such as soul cores or wholesale Machines like the Conduit or Orrorey if they are functional at the time. They can force these machines to obey their input instead of Dragon Protocols, but can only interact with it on the spot, expecting their hijacking to be undone when they leave.
  • Mechanic Three: Broken Engine Mortisphages can jack into the Leysystem network of Draconic Sites, and use remote observation tools to playback certain events in which Divinium was used. Broken Engine Mortisphages can inquire in a Staff Ticket to be given a read-out of what God was summoned by whom, and what they asked. They will not receive a copy of the answers, but rough estimations of this information.

Gate Guards of the Architect


The Gate Guards of the Architect were created by Iorwerth on order of the Malefica, not to have an actual function, but to be used like the lowly guard-dog or house-servant of the Mortisphages to keep their bases in good order. When Iorwerth broke free from the Malefica, and after that joined the Draconic fold, all Gate Guards were also released from their control of the Malefica and became both Ordial and Godmagic aligned to Dragons. Gate Guards are now considered anti-Mortisphages who are actively hunted by the Death Hands, not with the purpose to force them back into the fold, but to exterminate them. Gate Guards exist in an uncomfortable position where they are actively enemies of all other Mortisphages, but are also not welcomed by Archon or Draconists. Gate Guards are unique in that they can have some form of purple-green heterochromia in their eyes to represent their split nature.

  • Mechanic One: Gate Guard Mortisphages can manifest Wings (of any design: Fairy, Draconic, or Mechanical), which while not in Combat, allow (Elytra) flight (including the use of Rockets). Combat or Ability usage immediately disables flight. Additionally, any Ability they use is both Ordial and God Magic (Draconic) at the same time. Finally, they do not need to feed to survive, but still feel the urge and compulsion, which they must resist.
  • Mechanic Two: Gate Guard Mortisphages can open an Ordial gateway to the Mortis Vault, a vast floating castle in the Beyond that acts as their Headquarters that no other Mortisphage can enter. They can take any (willing) person with them to the castle, and make use of its facilities there in the Beyond, but they cannot leave the boundaries of the castle's protection. This cannot be used in Combat. (still to be built, /tp added later)
  • Mechanic Three: Gate Guard Mortisphages can count on being attacked by both law enforcement and Mortisphages. While Gaia can't protect them from law enforcement, he can protect them from Mortisphages. Gate Guards have +2 Defense Stat (breaking cap to 9) while defending against other Mortisphages. Additionally, should they reach 0 HP in a fight with one, Gaia will Leyline teleport them to a safe location to prevent capture or death.


This section covers Miscellaneous aspects of Mortisphages that enhance Mortisphage RP, but don't necessarily belong in any other sections.

Mortisphage Charm

Mortisphage Charm works like a form of Persuasion Light, which neither requires OOC consent, nor does it have wide-ranging usability. Mortisphage Charm can only be used to do simple things like saying "I think you should leave this room", which is a guaranteed success so long as a Character has no strict reason to stay in that room (for example if they are chaperoning someone, or having a conversation with someone). This can also be used on groups by for example saying "I think you should finish your game elsewhere", causing them all to continue their game in another room unless the group has a specific reason to be there (like the pool table is specifically in this room). Mortisphage Charm cannot be used in Combat, and cannot be used to mimic the function of Mind Control. It can purely be used to isolate intended feeding targets, or create a better position from which a Mortisphage could strike. The requests must always come across as reasonable and easily doable like "can you please go the bar and pick up some cutlery for me", or "can you please inspect the wheels of my carriage for any damage", not "please jump off the bridge" or "walk into the fire for me".

Mortis Broods

Mortisphages sire offspring called Mortis Broods. Mortis Broods are affected by the Mortis Curse, but are not Mortisphages themselves. They can be born from either both parents being Mortisphages, or only one of them. Broods can be born with no telltale Mortisphage signs, or with green eyes and fangs alone. They can be born with heterochromia also, with one normal eye, and one Mortisphage eye. Mortisphage broods always have a strong connection to Ordial Magic but aren't Occult by default unless they invest in Magic. Mortisphage Brood counts as Mortisphages when it concerns being able to see through Court Glamor of other Mortisphage Soullines, but even if they are aware of these hidden Mortisphages, they are still magically compelled not to reveal their identity to anyone but a fellow Mortisphage or Brood. Additionally, Mortis Brood are rather unique in that if they become infected with Mortisphage, they are never affected by the mental changes of the curse and are able to retain their conscience and normal personality. Furthermore, curing the curse through Purging applied by Divinium is considerably faster, costing only a single Divinium to cleanse Mind, Body, and Soul all at once, and having no further waiting period. Mortisphage Broods see considerably less public scrutiny from law-abiding citizens of Regalia, though may still occasionally be attacked on sight by people who do not know they are Broods. It is possible for non-Mortisphages to test whether a Mortisphage Brood is actually a Brood or an infected Mortisphage. Mortisphage Brood blood, when exposed to sunlight, will sizzle and may even spark with a low flame, which infected Mortisphage blood does not. A simple cut on a finger and bloodletting is an easy way to prove a Mortisphage Brood's identity.


  • The existence of Mortisphages is still not recorded common knowledge, even though the Regalian state is somewhat aware of them. While red eyes receive an almost universal reaction, some people still think glowing green eyes indicates some kind of nature Magic, or is a natural play of the light.
  • Mortisphages who attract too much-unwanted attention tend to be hunted down by their own kind. The whole of Mortisphage community benefits from authorities being as unaware as possible to their existence, and anyone who just randomly inflicts violence on citizens of the Regalian Empire, is thus an enemy of the Mortisphage community.
  • It is possible as a Mortisphage to change Soulline. This however requires one Divinium, to be used to summon the entity that they would like to be taken on instead, and then convincing said entity to take them into their fold. This has historically happened with a few Mortisphages who requested Gaia to receive them instead.

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