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Affected Races Any
Contraction Volacorum, Essence Manipulation
Mortality Rate None
Origins Planar

Mutations are magical side-effects that occur when an Alorian body is bombarded with magical energies of some kind, causing erratic mutations and changes to occur. These Mutations cause very mixed reactions, some of them being seen as a visual improvement, while some might cause a person to turn into an abnormal monster. Mutations are Legal to have in Regalia, however excessive mutations are seen as potentially dangerous and may be responded to as such. (OOC NOTE: Excessively mutated characters may be subjected to forfeiting kill perms within reason. If you are not sure if a certain amount of mutations is too excessive, make a ticket on the RP Community Discord to check.) Mutations are not hereditary and cannot be passed from parent to child, and in most cases, each mutation is slightly different from the next as they are applied at different times, on different hosts, and by different causes. This page explains all the different varieties of mutations, as well as how to acquire them and their rules associated with day to day RP. Mutations can be obtained through excessive exposure to magical essences (such as being born with a Magespark), or through some abilities. Mutations can freely manifest in a variety of different ways, but they must fit within the categories specified below.

Mutations must be indicated to be either Void or Exist in origin on a character sheet; if the character is are already nonmundane then the original dimension takes precedence. Players are free to come up with any visuals they wish for their character’s mutations and are encouraged to put them on their character sheet.

Mutations do not impart any gameplay advantage. They cannot be used for any CRP advantage, they cannot emulate or obscure affliction status, and they are always Void or Exist in origin outside of instances that specify otherwise.


Addition Mutations
Addition Mutations add additional features to a character that they would not have otherwise.
Horns Horns can be of any shape or material but must be on the head.
Tails Non-prehensile tails. These do not have the articulation to be used as an extra limb.
Eyes Addition of up to ten eyes of matching style and color to the character's 'original' eyes. Any eyes on the face will be functional, any eyes on the body, limbs, sides, or back of the head will not be functional.
Wings A pair of wings that cannot go beyond a character's arm-span. These wings cannot provide lift or negate falling speed, but they can be controlled and flapped.
Protrusions Addition of things such as spikes, horns, bumps, scales, fins, feathers, plantlife or chitinous plates anywhere on the body.
Hair Can add or remove hair, fur or quills anywhere on the body. Same color as head hair, or a neutral color such as grey, black, brown, white..
Alteration Mutations
Alteration Mutations change pre existing aspects of a character’s appearance.
Limbs Arms and legs can be altered to be more animalistic or strange, such as satyr legs or translucent skin.
Hair The character can permanently change the color of their hair into a natural or unnatural color, change texture, thickness, etc. Adding 'magical' effects to hair, like making it shinier, making it float, or turning it into other materials (like tentacles, feathers, etc.) is also possible.
Skin Anything from blemish-free skin, patches of altered coloration, to very faint glowing allowed, or entirely dyeing skin a certain color. This also includes alteration of tattoos or skin patterning.
Eyes The character can change the iris color, pupil shape/color, sclera color, or position of their eyes. Cannot emulate the following iris colors; Red, Purple, Cyan.
Nails Nails can have color changes or change into claw-like shapes. No combat advantage is offered.
Tears & Blood The appearance of blood or tears can be changed, this can include: material, viscosity, luminosity, color, etc.

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