MythicMobs Halloween Items 2021

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Icon Item Name Item Rarity Item Description Item Type Item Enchants Item Vanity Enchants Obtained From
Phantom membrane.JPG Bat Wing Jerky Common/Enchanted A nice chewy jerky, made to look like a bat wing. The perfectly spooky on-the-go snack! Creepy Candy Collection 1 of 10 Phantom Membrane None Dried II Portable III Undead Templar
Slimeball.png Slime Taffy Common/Enchanted A small sour apple flavoured taffy. It's dyed green, which makes it look like a small slime ball. Creepy Candy Collection 2 of 10 Slime Ball None Chewy V Soft III Undead Priest
Spider Eye.png Marshmallow Eye Common/Enchanted An eye.. where did you get this? Wait.. is this.. candy? Creepy Candy Collection 3 of 10 Spider Eye None Slimy I Edible III Delicious ? Undead Bowman
Ghast Tear.png Ghost Gusher Common/Enchanted They might not look delicious, but these ghost tears? are filled with fruity centers! Creepy Candy Collection 4 of 10 Ghast Tear None Chewy III Filled I Undead Trapper
Rotten Flesh.png Severed-Arm Pretzel Common/Enchanted A salty, delicious pretzel, decorated to look like a severed zombie arm. Spooky! Creepy Candy Collection 5 of 10 Zombie Flesh None Salty II Nourishment III Undead Hunter
Cobweb.JPG Cotton Candy Cobweb Common/Enchanted This cotton candy is a ghostly white color, making it look like one big mess of a cobweb. Creepy Candy Collection 6 of 10 Cobweb None Sugary V Undead Zealot
Seeds.png Skeleton Head Chocolates Common/Enchanted These small chocolates are formed like skeleton heads. Creepy and cute! Creepy Candy Collection 7 of 10 Pumpkin Seeds None Sweet III Vanilla I Undead Farmer Foreman
Charcoal.JPG Eight-Legged Liquorice Common/Enchanted These small candy pieces look like spiders and have a salty surface. You either love or hate it. Creepy Candy Collection 8 of 10 Charcoal None Confectionary III Salty V Undead Knight
Tripwire Hook.png Spine-Chilling Lollipop Common/Enchanted A lollipop! This couldn't be anything bad right..? Wait.. is there an insect inside it!? Creepy Candy Collection 9 of 10 Tripwire Hook None Horrific V Candied III Undead Missionary
Rose Red.png Caramelized Blood Common/Enchanted These candies are a deep red colour and looks a bit like crystalized blood. Creepy Candy Collection 10 of 10 Red Dye None Crystalized III Sugary III Undead Traveller
Chest.png Spooky Costume Chest Uncommon A chest filled with different horrifying costumes. Looks like there's costumes fitting both kids and adults in this chest. Nice! Chest Looting I Stuffed II Scary III Undead Miner
Pumpkin.png Candy Stuffed Pumpkin Uncommon A big pumpkin bowl, filled with all kinds of candies! Candies include: Bat Wing Jerky, Slime Taffee, Marshmallow Eye, Ghost Gusher, Severed-Arm Pretzel, Cotton Candy Cobweb, Skeleton Head Chocolates, Eight-Legged Liquorice, Spine-Chilling Lollipop, and Caramelized Blood. Pumpkin Fortune II Stuffed II Delicious III Undead Farmer
LeatherHat.png Wicked Witch Hat Uncommon A pointy, cone-like hat with a wide brim. Did anyone hear a sinister laugh in the distance? Leather Helmet Channeling Herbology III Black Magic I Undead Coiler
Pumpkinsweetsdeco.JPG Sweets Basket Common What a generous gift from all of your neighbours! Deco Head Sweets Basket None Overflowing III Halloween November 1st 2021
Pumpkin Pie.png Sweet Potato Pie Common A fancy, festive pie with swirls of both orange and purple sweet potato spiral towards the centre of this dessert. Pumpkin Pie None Spiral II Halloween November 1st 2021
Apple.png Jelly Apple Enchanted Don't let your dentist catch you eating this sweet treat! Hold onto your molars, everyone. Apple Punch 1 None Halloween November 1st 2021
Pumpkin.png Frightening Mask Enchanted This mask isn't as frightening once you realise that in a matter of weeks it'll just be a mouldy pumpkin. Carved Pumpkin Bane of Arthropods I None Halloween November 1st 2021
Shield.JPG Shield of Sweets Uncommon This sugary shield looks a lot more durable than it looks. Just be careful not to get too close to warm water. Shield Fire Protection I, Unbreaking II Candied I Halloween November 1st 2021
Diamond Pickaxe.png Scythe of Screams Uncommon Rumour has it that this weapon was used by monsters to scare children for their screams. How frightening! Diamond Pickaxe Sharpness III, Unbreaking II Grassy II Halloween November 1st 2021
Diamond Axe.png Edge of Eerie Rare Holding the blunted edge against a whetstone makes this weapon emit ear-tearing screeches, echoing in your ear for minutes afterwards. Diamond Axe Sharpness V, Unbreaking II Monsterous IV Halloween November 1st 2021
Diamond Sword.png Blade of Bats Rare Once a witch's instrument to summon a swarm of bats to her aide, this now defunct wand has been sharpened for other nefarious purposes. Diamond Sword Sharpness V, Unbreaking II Monsterous IV Halloween November 1st 2021
Diamond Axe.png Morningstar of Fright Epic The march of drums echo in tandem with the beat of your heart, one by one as each spike lodges itself into your enemies. Diamond Axe Sharpness V, Unbreaking III Maleficent IV, Monsterous VI Halloween November 1st 2021