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The Navigation Acts are a series of treaties meant to entice a nation to become absorbed by the Regalian Empire. The Acts are usually sold as financially beneficial to the nation approached, however are obviously designed to erode a nation’s sovereignty and then annex by slowly creeping in on government apparatuses until the nation is no longer independent. Not all Navigation Acts are applied at the same time, sometimes they are coupled, sometimes they go one at a time, and the order is not always the same, but in any and all cases, all Navigation Acts are required for a nation to gain access to the Regalian Market in terms of formal state to state trade. This does not mean that Regalia’s market is closed to foreign merchants, trade still happens on a micro scale between individual merchants, but the Acts are needed for major interactions between rulers and Regalia.

The Navigation Acts

  1. The Sovereign Nation shall lower their flags in respect to passing Regalian Warships, and submit to being searched for contraband as defined by the Regalian Empire.
    • This Navigation Act is often forced on nations that Regalia has close contact with, because Regalia has a big fleet, and without signing this agreement, that nation is essentially threatened with Privateering or having their ships sunk.
  2. The Sovereign Nation shall accept the Regal currency as legal tender equal to their own currency, and submit to an exchange rate set by the Regalian State.
    • This Act is required for trade even on a local level because currencies other than Regals are borderline Illegal in the Empire. This is often packaged by implying foreign traders can trade their wares in Regalia, but they generally get ripped off and given a horrible exchange rate. This is also agreed upon by Regalia to make the subject nation’s economy dependent on Regalia, because Regalian trade and manufacturing is more developed than other nations.
  3. The Sovereign Nation shall grant a port or region of a city to the Regalian Empire as sovereign territory, for an Embassy and Foreign Quarter, for the Regalian State to install guards and logistics.
    • This is ostensibly just for the ambassador, but generally a whole host of informants and spies come along to infiltrate vast segments of society, particularly the upper class, to influence them in favor of the Empire.
  4. The Sovereign Nation shall accept Regalian State Law as secondary to their own Law if they have any, and if they do not, accept Regalian State Law as primary Law. Regalian Subjects are judged under Regalian State Law by Regalian Justicars.
    • This is usually done to just make the citizens accept living in Regalian society, so that when change comes, it is not felt by the locals because they already lived by Regalian standards.
  5. The Sovereign Nation shall accept Unionist Missionaries and allow for the establishment of Everies and conversion outposts for the local population, and permit Regalian troops to protect the Missionaries.
    • Same as treaty 4, designed to liken the society to the Regalian standard.
  6. The Sovereign Nation shall admit organizations and Regalian charters as-if locals in establishing businesses and charter schools or archeological digging.
    • Same as treaty 4 & 5, it’s designed to start propagandizing Regalian standards to the people while also making their society more dependent on Regalia.

The Integration Acts

When the Navigation Acts are all Signed, they are usually followed up by the Integration Acts which are designed to annex the nation by slowly taking over government apparatuses, though it always starts with a treaty where the local ruler agrees to pay tribute to the Regalian Empire, and receive military protection from the Empire. Not all Nations have signed every single Navigation Act within the Regalian Sphere. The only way to find out is to send a ticket. When that tribute is paid, the nation officially stops being Sovereign, and becomes a Suzerain.


  • The Navigation Acts were initially conceptualized by Arch Chancellor Nicholas near the end of his long life, though were implemented by his grandchildren Cedmir and Alexander to complement the military conquests of Allestrain I.
  • Recent political blunders saw several minor states break from the Navigation Acts, most notably Èriu-Innis and several Dunden states in Oldtera, the latter which saw a purge of the minority Unionist population of missionaries by the majority Fornoss believers.

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