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Pronunciation Hah-pee-ness.
Origins Beginning of time.
Mother Nature, Mr. Sun.
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The intro is a solid, five sentence paragraph designed to summarize the article and hook the reader into the page as a whole. As a general guide, include the following in an intro paragraph:

  • Hook sentence
  • Describe the subject of the article
  • Offer a little historical context about the subject
  • Give a detail about the subject unrelated to the history
  • State what impact the subject has made, why it is important, or its present day state.


1-2 paragraphs max.


Brief paragraph on their beliefs.


  • Deity 1:
Info on the person.
  • Deity 2:
MORE info on the person.


  • Relic 1:
Info on it. These can be tomes and scriptures, sacred symbols, calendars or other distinct items of interest that either have to do with the religion's past, or have to do with showing solidarity within the religion.
  • Relic 2:
Info on this one.


Introduction to common practices, or things that characterize the worship.

  • Practice 1:
Info on it. Do they dress a certain way? Talk a certain way? Have a certain ritual they do? How do they worship?
  • Practice 2:
Info info info.


Practices, behavior, beliefs, etc. that go against the religion.

  • Taboo 1:
How do they see this? Why is it taboo? And how do they punish or enforce this?
  • Taboo 2:
More taboos.


You won't get the same type of religion. While this article covers the main religion, how to other cultures represent the religion?

  • Culture 1:
Is their dress any different? Symbols? Dialect and accents? Is there anything about this culture that the main culture sees as taboo? Is it a sect? Cult? Or just different people worshipping the same diety?
  • Culture 2:
More info.


  • One
  • Two

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