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Awesome Flower
Official Name Flower Awesome
Common Name Rhea
Classification Flower
Common Use Roleplaying
Origins MassiveCraft
Habitat All of our minds

Using "flora"

Putting the flora box on your page (see left) is super simple. Just type in the following:

{{Info flora
|image           = noimg.png (Delete this line if there's no image)
|officialname    = Offical name of the plant (make sure there's no period)
|commonname      = Common names
|classification  = To classify the plant
|origins         = Where the plant came from
|habitat         = Where it currently can be found
|commonuse       = What the plant is commonly used for
  • The name of the plant will appear at the very top, where it says "Info flora." For reference, it takes the name of the article. If the article is named after the plant, it will display as their name.