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Feeling a bit peckish?.
I am a very serious person.
I do very serious things.
I think serious thoughts and live a serious life.

The Exciting and Elusive Ryciera

My name is Rhea, though most people hereabouts know me as Ryciera.

There's a lot about Ryciera that you could know. For example, I absolutely love...

  • Writing: When I was very young, my grandfather, a linguist, bought me a dictionary that I absolutely loved. In third grade, I went on a poetry kick. Then in middle school, I thought "Why can't I start doing this more seriously?" And since then have been avidly studying it.
  • Dancing: I started dance sometime in high school with a bit of ballet. Now that I'm taking modern classes, it's hard to catch me without seeing me dancing about wherever I go. Obviously, that doesn't mean much in the online world, but I still feel is very indicative of me.
  • Singing: Always a hobby since as long as I can remember. In high school I decided to beat my stage fright with a few choir classes. After prancing my way through Madrigals as a senior, I somewhat stopped the singing lessons as quickly as I'd started.
  • Drawing: More, doodling. I'm not particularly adept at drawing, and still have a lot to learn. However, I take enjoyment in putting copious amounts of work into the drawings I do, sometimes allowing them to span over months.
  • Storytelling: Above all, I'm very fond of telling stories. The way I dance, the way I sing, the way I draw, and especially the way I write, is often meant to tell a story. I try to put purpose into all the art I create, either to present a story or meaning, and care quite a bit for detail.

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Ryciera takes delight in a variety of things, and as a result, I end up doing a variety of things.


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