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|officialname = Black Iron
|officialname = Black Iron
|nicknames = [[Orc]] Iron, Pig Iron
|nicknames = [[Orc]] Iron, Pig Iron
|proficiency = 10 [[Metallurgy Arts]]
|proficiency = Requires 10 in [[Metallurgy Arts]]
|origin = Orcs
|origin = Orcs
|uses = Weapons
|uses = Weapons
|commonertokens = ???
|rarity = Common
|rarity = Common
|accessibility = Commoner
|accessibility = Commoner

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Black Iron
Official Name Black Iron
Common Nicknames Orc Iron, Pig Iron
Proficiency Requires 10 in Metallurgy Arts
Origin Orcs
Uses Weapons
Rarity Common
Accessibility Commoner

Black Iron is a metal alloy originally developed by Orcs and is commonly used in their weapons. The process of creating said alloy, essentially a carbon-influenced piece of Ferr-Iron, is uniquely Orcish, with plenty of dark smoke and ash which works into the metal thus creating its splashes of black but also creating impurities. As a result, the metal is very easily shattered once forged, thus allowing for jagged, deadly blades to be wielded by Orcish tribes on the field of battle. The metal is also well known as the inspiration for Regalian-created Blacksteel.


Black Iron was an invention of the Orcs centuries ago, perhaps from even before the Cataclysm. Their oral myths claim the first Black Iron blades were forged from the black hearts of Orcs slain in the hostile lands of Guldar by the Dark Ungwar. These blades were then used to cut the Orc’s way to the coastline and then onward into the safety of the seas as the Orcs abandoned their toxic-plant covered homeland. This is heavily doubted by many scholars, and instead, it is theorized that the first swords of Black Iron were indeed pulled from the bodies of dead Orcs but that they were originally weapons wielded by the Race which oppressed the Orcs. Over time, without the advanced knowledge of their former masters (after they either killed them all or the Avarr left), the Orcs took to trying to make their own blades or seeking to repair the old ones they still possessed, and failing. What is certain is that by the time they made landfall in Daen, the Orcs had perfected their own creation: a form of slag Ferr-Iron perfect for their brutal form of warfare. Since then, Black Iron has followed the Race wherever they go, though few Races or Cultures beyond their own have made use of the metal, preferring their own refined and better-formed metals in their weapons. Most Orcs similarly have kept using Black Iron as opposed to more sophisticated metals in their weapons, though more important members of their society tend to favor Regalian-forged blades so that they can prove their rank but also maintain their strength.



Black Iron is an alloy of Ferr-Iron created through a high infusion of carbon as the Ferr-Iron is being smelted. The result of this is a brittle and sharp material, with a haphazard pattern of black across the normal grey coloration of Ferr-Iron.

General Uses

Black Iron is used in only one type of object: weapons. Orcish smiths create everything from daggers to broadswords using the material, letting Orcish warriors wield a truly wicked arsenal of weapons. Due to the material’s pension to shatter on impact with another blade or a hard surface, combatants are often peppered with shards of this material when that occurs. When Black Iron blades strike flesh, the jagged nature of the metal produces a horrific saw effect, adding to their fierce reputation.

  • OOC Note: When using a weapon made of Black Iron in-game, use the command /roll 3 for every impact the metal makes. If a three is rolled, then the metal shatters, and the strike fails to hurt the enemy at all.


  • Orcs wrongly believe the metal shatters because of their immense strength and not the natural impurities of the metal. Anyone who disagrees with their opinion on this had better be a long-time friend, or else immediate hostility is likely.
  • The Dark Ungwar Tribe makes the most use out of Black Iron, since they claim to be its creators. Strangely, there may be truth to this, as even those Orcish Tribes that hate them begrudgingly agree that this is true.

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