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Religions, both new and old, exist all across Aloria and give millions hope, pleasure, and happiness in their daily lives. Some are widely accepted by nations and Races like Unionism, but others are not, or are often restricted to a single Race or people. There are also many cults and offshoots of the greatest or oldest Religions, further adding depth to the colorful landscape. Despite all of that, faith can be a great unifier in Aloria as much of the Regalian Empire can attest, but it can also lead to conflict, as many incidents in the history of the Regalian Empire can relay. For followers of these Religions, the power of these religions is both spiritual, and actual in some cases.

  • Note: These Religions represent all major non-Race specific Religions. If you would like information on the Religion of each individual Race, their Race page has an appropriate section for said information.
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