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Full Name Aloria
Pronunciation Ah-lore-ee-a
Demonym Alorian
Area Unknown
Population 200,000,000+
Flora and Fauna

Aloria is the name given by the Races of the world for those lands within close bounds, and is often defined as all known lands aside from what exists in the Far East and beyond the Far West. Its lands are endlessly diverse, with varying climates, terrain types, and forms of organic life existing across its surface. There are also many structures and settlements; some massive cities, others small huddled huts, and others no longer lived in as they stand in ruin. Aloria has seen countless people fall and rise over its life, the various Civilizations of Aloria, but none have ever seen the diversity that is today commonplace worldwide. The terrain of Aloria has also shifted constantly throughout history, but for now, it seems that Aloria is here to stay in its current form.


The history of Aloria as a world is shrouded in mystery. Millenia ago, the Seraph lived as the First Civilization. Through some unknown means, or perhaps not of their own doing, the Void Cycle of Aloria began and so now their ruins are all that remain of them materially today. Thus the Void Cycle carried on for millenia, Civilizations rising and falling, until the Altalar and their Allorn Empire. To scholars today, the Altalar were the true successors to the Seraph, delving deep into Magic and developing a society of enormous power. They accomplished great feats, but they too began to slip and the Void Cycle seemed inevitable to continue. But something happened, and this time things were different. The Fifth Void Invasion did not end as all others had, but instead it ended with the Cataclysm, an explosion of magical energy that reverberated through the world and affected millions, and the Wildering, which obliterated the core territories of the Allorn Empire. Terrain was altered on many continents, and Magic was forever changed; great skills and powers locked behind ages and decades of study which had once only required months or mere years. Thus the world entered the new age, as Ailor, once a slave people and a group seen at the fringes of world history exploded into power and population. The Regalian Archipelago nurtured and then unleashed the Regalian Empire onto the world, which has now come to rule a nation arguable greater in territory than the Altalar ever had. Elsewhere, other Races emerged from magical events, beings like the Maraya and Songaskians, new, exotic players on a scene that has rarely seen their kind before. Today, Aloria remains ever changing and, since 300 AC, Aloria has been beset by many fundamental shifts and changes to world power. It is unknown what the end of the current decade will look like, or what it will be like to look back over these chaotic times, but the lands of Aloria will always endure, as it always has.


Aloria encompasses diverse terrain and landforms, with many continents found throughout this section of the world. The Far North is the most northern of these regions, and is both an ice shelf of brutal cold, in the case of the Northern Expanse, but also a land of warm and strange regions in the region of Drowda. Then there is The North Belt, a stretch of land beneath those icy lands less cold and more diverse, possessing dense treelines and hardy Races surviving by raw determination and physical attributes. Northwest of this is Fendarfelle, a wild land of dormant and still active volcanoes which have made the land rich in minerals essential for plant growth. Northeast of The North Belt, in the opposite direction of Fendarfelle, is Essalonia. This mysterious land features perhaps the most diverse climate, from cold-touched pine forests in the north, to temperate savannas in the center of the landmass, and arid deserts in the south. At the “center” of Aloria in the mind of most is Corontium, where the Regalian Archipelago and thus the seat of the Regalian Empire is located, with the whole region representing a variety of climates and terrains. West of this is Daen, homeland of many Races, and the seat of the former world power, the Allorn Empire. It is densely covered in jungles and swamps, but also open plains. Beyond Daen, further west and southwest, is The Far West, the lands of the Dread Empire and other splinter Nelfin societies like the Sundial Altalar, which are shrouded in mystery. South of Corontium is Hadaria, made up of tropical, sun-filled island. South of this place is Sendrass, homeland of the Allar and a land largely covered in giant fauna and flora. Then there is Oldt Era, southeast of Corontium, northeast of Sendrass, and long believed to be the birthplace of the Ailor Race. Temperate forests, mountains and plains exist here, but recent events in world history have made Ceardia largely uninhabitable. Finally, there is Farah’deen, a vast and largely arid land covered in deserts, cracked-earth plains, and ancient ruins from centuries past. Finally, beyond Aloria is The Far East where the Sihai Race resides in a land as diverse as all of Aloria.


Aloria is filled with a wide array of standard, simple plant life but also more exotic and unique greenery. Some are tamed by Humans and other Races, while others run free, are common to everyday life or are so rare and hidden away that they might be considered myths by the uninformed.

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Animals both big and small roam Aloria, in or on the water, air, earth, sand, rocks, and land. Some are strange and alien to the everyday citizen of the world, but others are very familiar and a common site in those urban, populous regions of the world.

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The world of Aloria has been dominated by many super powers over the years but, in recent times, the dynamics between those of the modern era have drastically shifted. First, there is the Regalian Empire, which has seen unprecedented periods of turmoil as it has dealt with magical and material conflicts. Despite this, it remains powerful, and reigns over the most land out of all the Empires in the world. Then, there is the Songaskian Masaya, once the dark sister to Regalia as that nation possessed (and still does) the largest navy while the Masaya possessed the largest armies. Unfortunately, the countless conflicts of the past several years have ravaged the Masaya and they have been knocked down to a second rate power. To the south of both sits the silent, but lightly fidging, Sendrassian Empire. In comparison to previous centuries of silence, the Sendrassian Allar finally seem to be poking their snouts out of their hostile homeland, as their agents have been seen in distant lands while their troops have had sparing clashes with the Allar of Hadaria. Finally, there is the Dread Empire, who now engages in open warfare against enemy forces, whether Regalian or Altalar, found in Daen. Between these major powers rest countless smaller ones, some allies of these major nations, others enemies and a few neutral to the point of helping or accepting all.


  • Aloria’s name is taken from an ancient Altalar term, meaning “A land with depth.”
  • Aloria’s demographic makeup is hard to fully grasp to scholars living today, as many nations improperly count or exclude certain Races from their censuses.

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