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  • ...counterparts. Dubbed the Imperial Hunting Rifle as a placeholder term, the testing prototypes proved expensive to make, leading to the weapons to be seen more ...eaking, with the weapons’ loud noises reported to cause fear even in those testing the weapons. With practical usage nearing its cusp, von Drachenburg once ag
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  • |'''Staff Testing Quest'''
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  • .... Imperial Guards are subjected to constant holy service, mental fortitude testing, and work akin to physical torture to ensure they are absolutely loyal to t
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  • ...dwellings. Furthermore, some Rats are kept as animals for experiments and testing by alchemists and scholars, seeking to understand the ways of the world. Fi
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  • ...tellectuals, reverends, and purists around 306 AC, and brought into formal testing in early 307 AC. Because of its extremely recent development, Puretek has n
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  • |'''Staff Testing Quest'''
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  • cultural expectations, the Allar specifically exist with the notion of testing those boundaries for themselves, and constantly moving them. Allar are able ...gain and try again when they fail. While other alchemists might run out of testing samples or ingredients, the Kyat never do.
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  • more of the exotic culture the rest of the world has to offer, but also testing new ideologies and respecting the intellectual centers of Aloria’s variou to romance, as one-night stands are quite frequent in Eronidas society. Testing the waters and trying different things is a very common practice before set
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